Nine months of morning sickness

Morning sickness
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MORNING SICKNESS: A bit of ginger just ain't gonna cut it.

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My husband and I had tried to conceive for over three years so when I finally fell pregnant I was excited - full of hope and the promise of new life inside me. How quickly I realised that pregnancy, regardless of how long-awaited it is, is no walk in the park.

Within days of first falling pregnant I got morning sickness and for the first three months I vomited at every meal, up to seven times a day. I ate whatever would stay down. I hoped and prayed I would be one of the lucky ones whose morning sickness would fade from the twelve-week mark. I tried every trick in the book - ginger, crackers, dried toast - but nothing worked.

The three-month mark came and went and though my morning sickness subsided I was still sick several times during the day. I would eat a 'sacrificial' breakfast of porridge which my husband would cook before I woke up and then, after a few mouthfuls, I would run to the bathroom to violently throw it back up. After that I could hold down most food until dinner when I would be sick again. My darling husband had to cook any meat we were to eat for the entire nine months while I sat outside - the smell of meat cooking, especially mince, would make me vomit.

At seven months my morning sickness picked back up again. I was sick at the smallest amount of food but, as luck would have it, after I had vomited once or twice I would be able to eat the remainder of the meal without vomiting.

My beautiful son arrived at 37.5 weeks weighting a health 7lb 13oz. He hadn't suffered at all from the vomiting. Apart from a small hiatal hernia (hernia by my esophagus) I also recovered fully.

It's been 22 months since my little boy came in to the world and I am considering having another child now. I'm fully aware how hard pregnancy can be and I'm more prepared for next time. I know it's nine months of tough going but the reward at the end far out weighs the struggles during it.

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Morning sickness

Up to 80 per cent of pregnant women get morning sickness - and not just in the mornings.