Morning sickness: How to get through

FEELING BETTER, THANK YOU: Prince William leaves the King Edward VII hospital with his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.
MORNING SICKNESS HELL: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has suffered from acute morning sickness.

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Why waste a bad experience when you can learn from it and help someone else? So here are my tips for surviving bad morning sickness.

If you can't keep down food or water, ask your doctor for Maxolon. This stopped vomiting for me. Also bear in mind if you really get bad, get yourself to A and E as you may need to go on a drip. I did once and I felt so much better.

I also found I had to take sips of water or it all came up, so I would put orange Gastrolyte in a drink bottle and sip at it. It replaces electrolytes and makes you feel better than plain water. It was nicest chilled.

My second tip is if you can, get someone to help with daily tasks. My husband was great and cooked and shopped. As I had four other kids, I paid someone to come and hang out my washing, and to clean my house. I could not physically get off the couch. I once paid my 12-year-old $5 to change my toddler's nappy!

My third tip is find what foods you can have - for me it was cold, cooked apple. I found cold things were nice on my stomach. Ice blocks were good.

Also, do all you can to cheer yourself up - watch comedies on TV or plan what you will do when you feel better. Go to a salon and get them to just wash your hair for you, if you lack energy to do it at home. It's so nice to be fussed over.

Get all the support you can and ignore negative people. If I'm honest I must admit I got severely depressed, as feeling so vile really got to me. I just couldn't get away from it. It was 24/7. This was my fifth child and I found the only supportive people were my doctor and my husband. Even family weren't very kind, and I found this made me feel alone, sick and isolated. It wasn't until the baby was a few months old that I could throw off the depression.

However, it was all so worth it all when you hold your precious baby. My daughter is nine now and such a delight to us. We wouldn't be without her.

Lastly if you know someone going through morning sickness, help them. A supportive word or offer of help cheers up so much.

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Morning sickness

Up to 80 per cent of pregnant women get morning sickness - and not just in the mornings.