Prepare for baby

Prepare for baby


Gender reveal cakes

Gender reveal parties

Let them eat cake... while finding out if you're having a girl or a boy.

Men and pregnancy

Almost everything about pregnancy is geared towards the woman and her baby. But what about the other parent?

From antenatal to the frontline

"I feel like we're going to war," I muttered as we bid farewell to fellow antenatal class participants.

Least popular baby names

Looking for a baby name that's nowhere near the top 10 - or even the top 1000?

Furbabies, meet the real baby

"You won't care about the dogs when you have a baby to take of," others joke (but not joke).


what's in this section?

mcgillicuddy pregnancy announcement

How to say you're pregnant

A couple from the United States decided to announce they were expecting in an ingenious way.

Greer Berry

The hospital visit

I was excited to be in the place where we will (probably) see our little one for the first time.

made with love onesie

20 baby shower gifts

Do you want to wow your friend with an awesome baby shower gift? Check these out.

Greer Berry

The money or the bag?

One of the things I've had a few friends bring up is about investing in a decent nappy bag.

Greer Berry

Organising a baby shower

What do we say to people when they ask what we'd like as gifts for our new family member?


Packing your hospital bag

Before giving birth I read countless lists, ended up overpacking just a little and now know what I'll actually want to pack next time.


Commando Dad

Former British Commando Neil Sinclair has written a parenting book telling dads how to raise their kids with military precision.

Greer Berry

What a newborn really needs

The baby industry is a minefield when it comes to the fine line between 'needs' and 'wants' for first-time mothers.


'Cocooning' your baby

When Jeannie Entin was pregnant, she insisted anyone who planned to visit her newborn baby had to get a whooping cough booster.

Greer Berry

Planning a babymoon

I want to try savour all the things they say you miss when a baby comes along - sleep-ins, time to yourself...


Budgeting for baby

Can you afford the estimated $250,000 it takes to raise a child? Here are some tips on making ends meet.


Useless baby products

Have you wasted money on pointless baby products? Check out these lists of what you do and don't need.

Pregnant belly

Why do pregnant women nest?

If you're worried that you haven't experienced the nesting instinct, don't panic. It can manifest in lots of different ways.


Bumpy reads

There are plenty of pregnancy books around but how many are relevant to NZ mums? Essential Mums readers give their verdicts.


Puppy as parent school

I often hear friends mulling over the pros and cons of getting a dog and how it could be good ''practice'' for parenthood.

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