pregnant woman

Weight pregnancy risk

Pregnant Kiwi women are reluctant to step on the scales, leading to underestimated BMI measurements and misguided clinical care, research shows.

Aspirin cuts pre-eclampsia risk

Women at a high risk of pre-eclampsia should take aspirin after their first trimester, according to new research.

Liam's chance at life

Baby Liam would not be here if his parents had followed a midwife's advice to have an abortion.

Pregnancy stress linked to asthma

Stress during pregnancy appears to be linked to an increased risk of asthma and eczema among children.

Twin-to-twin transfusion

Crystal and Nicholas Springer stared at the screen with their unborn babies' measurements. It said, "Abnormal. Abnormal. Abnormal."


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Smoke bans cuts prems

Banning smoking in public places has helped to cut premature births by 10 per cent, according to new research.


My pregnancy was a tumour

Overwhelmed by exhaustion from day one, Michelle McGrath always had a feeling her pregnancy wasn't normal.

Generic flu

Swine flu hits early in season

Eight people in Hawke's Bay have been admitted to intensive care with swine flu in the past month.

Teina Pora

Pregnant? Don't drink

New evidence shows alcohol's harm to the unborn child may have been understated.

Pregnant belly

Pros and cons of bedrest

Michelle Massucci spent 10 weeks on strict bed rest after going into preterm labour with twins.

jessie bruton

Paralysed after pregnancy

Jessie Bruton started losing feeling in her legs and feet early in her pregnancy. By the time she gave birth she couldn't walk.


A 9 month guilt trip

Pregnant women feel guilt about practically everything. And now comes the news about paracetamol and pregnancy. So what are we supposed to do?

health insurance, pills, medicine

Paracetamol in pregnancy

Taking paracetamol during pregnancy could lead to behavioural problems like ADHD in children.

middlemore hospital strap

Pregnant women 'disrespected'

Husband delivered baby because midwife off gossiping, among claims of poor hospital care.


Binge drinking in pregnancy

More than half of women who binge drink continue to do so during pregnancy, an Australian study has found

Baby foetus

Life skills learnt in utero

During pregnancy, your baby does much more than just grow and develop – she's practicing vital skills to ensure its survival in the big bad world.


Mum dances through pregnancy

Mary Helen Bowers has danced through her pregnancy and encourages all mothers to embrace and celebrate their bodies.

preg party

A booze-free Christmas

Not drinking can be the earliest tip-off to others that you're pregnant. Here are some tips on taking the silly out of the season.


New hope to prevent stillbirths

Researchers have developed a blood test that could help prevent stillbirth.


Foetal alcohol syndrome facts

You may be wondering what harm a glass of bubbles or two might have if you are pregnant. Here are the facts.

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