Pregnant and fighting cancer

Joy turned to devastation for the Gunstons when pregnant Amy was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Refusing the diabetes test

Some mothers-to-be are declining a relatively simple and painless test to check for gestational diabetes.

Autism risk linked to pollution

Children whose mothers were exposed to high levels of fine particulate pollution in late pregnancy have up to twice the risk of developing autism.

Smoking nearly killed my baby

Felicity Holden was smoking 24 weeks into her pregnancy when she went into premature labour.

Drinking while pregnant 'not a crime'

A a child born with severe brain damage because her mother drank excessively while pregnant was not a victim of crime, according to Britain's Court of Appeal.


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tummy ache

PCOS, puberty and diabetes

For girls and women, puberty and pregnancy are times to be on the lookout for diabetes.

preg fitness

Pregnant and working out

You can keep working out during your pregnancy - as long as you folllow some guidelines.


Polyhydramnios: the facts

Polyhydramnios is when the amount of amniotic fluid is excessively high. Here's what to look out for.


Pregnancy complications: Oligohydramnios

Oligohydramnios is when the amount of amniotic fluid is too low in pregnancy. Learn what the symptoms are and how it is treated.

pregnant woman eating

Stop weight-shaming pregnant women

We're all different. Some women's bodies gain a lot of weight when pregnant. Other's don't. Full stop.

Aucklander Denise Astill with her twin daughters Jazmyn and Natasha, 12

Drug nightmare for mums

New Zealand babies are being born with debilitating defects that doctors say are caused by an anti-epilepsy drug.


Paracetamol linked to ADHD

Children whose mothers took a common painkiller during pregnancy are at higher risk of developing behavioural problems, research says.

Loaf of bread

Folic acid movement loses ground

Experts accuse bakers of "failing miserably" to get more folic acid into bread.


Quit smoking rewards 'insulting'

Pregnant Maori and Pasifika women are offered gift vouchers to stop smoking.

Kate Middleton pregnant

Celebrity baby bump pressure

Pregnant Kiwi women comparing their bodies to celebrity mums-to-be are setting themselves unrealistic expectations says a university researcher.

pregnant women talking on phone looking at ultrasound

Does bedrest help or hurt?

Experts are now saying the bedrest during complicated pregnancies could do more harm than good.


Precious cargo

Maria Herrara was willing to do anything to become a mother - including being confined to a hospital bed "head down, bum up" for four months of pregnancy.

Jackie Prichard and Lisa Smith

Alcohol's baby victims

Of all the harmful acts attributed to alcohol, little is known about the "sleeping giant".

Simone Pavile

'I survived placenta percreta'

When writing her birth plan, Simone Pavil included an item most women wouldn’t even think about: what should happen if she was put on life support.


No need for a pregnant pause

If you're a mum-to-be bent on keeping up your workout routine, the trick is to consult your doctor, know your limit and have a plan for each trimester.

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