Where do babies come from? Babylandia

When it comes to telling your children where babies come from, most parenting experts agree that it's best to tell them the truth. Keep it simple and age-suitable, and gradually expand on this knowledge as they get older.

So it's not the best idea to come up with a fanciful story about a place called Babylandia, a magical planet where all babies- including young animals - are born and raised before making their way to their parents on Earth.

But when faced with the prickly question by his young son, that's what the dad in a new commercial does. And his partner seems to encourage the interaction, smiling with relief at his apparent quick-thinking. She apparently has no input into the discussion, either.

So yes, there is a fair bit wrong with this ad. But - and it's a big but - it's cute. Really cute. Who wouldn't love the idea of baby animals and humans all growing together from birth? Then making their journey to their parents, who'll love them so much down on Earth?  

Obviously it's best not to overthink this commercial (which, by the way, is for a car manufacturer, because nothing says 'buy this car' like an ad filled with babies!). But with its prime-time slot - it's one of the major ads to be shown during the Super Bowl half-time show - it's bound to attract a lot of attention anyway.    

Check out the ad and let us know what you think of it below.

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- Essential Baby

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