In defence of bumpies

Are bumpies - bump selfies - really "exhibitionism of the weirdest kind"?


Paracetamol linked to ADHD

Children whose mothers took a common painkiller during pregnancy are at higher risk of developing behavioural problems, research says.

Greer Berry

What to do on maternity leave

I'm quite rapt that I've made it through my first week of maternity leave and so far, no baby!

boy or girl

Delivery room surprises

Out of all the questions asked of mums-to-be, "Do you know what you're having?" would be right up there in popularity.

Morning sickness

Never again

My morning sickness was so bad, I'm not having any more kids.


what's in this section?

Symptoms pregnant waiting

10 pregnancy surprises

There are a few things about pregnancy that people never warned me about - like the excess body hair, the leakage and the lack of sleep.


Morning sickness and toddlers

'My daughter would climb on my back, pull on my ponytail and try to ride me like a horse while I was hunched over the toilet vomiting.'

Stages of pregnancy Stages of pregnancy

Weekly pregnancy guide

Congratulations, you're pregnant! Find out what's in store for you and your growing baby.

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Nutrition pregnant woman eating

Don't eat for two

High on the list of questions from expectant mums is: "What should I eat to keep my baby healthy?"

pregnant woman eating

They are what you eat

What you eat in pregnancy could have long-term health implications for your kids.

Health pregnant women talking on phone looking at ultrasound

Does bedrest help or hurt?

Experts are now saying the bedrest during complicated pregnancies could do more harm than good.

Loaf of bread

Folic acid movement loses ground

Experts accuse bakers of "failing miserably" to get more folic acid into bread.

Prepare for baby Gender reveal cake

Gender reveal parties

Let them eat cake... while finding out if you're having a girl or a boy.

Greer Berry

Men and pregnancy

Almost everything about pregnancy is geared towards the woman and her baby. But what about the other parent?

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symptoms em small pregnancy 2

Morning sickness

Up to 80 per cent of pregnant women get morning sickness - and not just in the mornings.

stages of pregnancy em-small(1)

Weekly pregnancy guide

What's happening to your body and your baby's development.