Time to end the three-month 'rule'?

Should we shroud something as joyous (and potentially heartbreaking) as early pregnancy in secrecy because... it might be awkward?

Greer Berry

Speeding up the inevitable

Whether it's curry, bumpy car rides, or lots of sex, Greer Berry looks at the options to start things rolling.

Birth plan

Do you need a pregnancy contract?

Is a pregnancy contract a wortwhile exercise in protecting your relationship against the trials and tribulations of new parenthood?

pregnant woman eating

Stop weight-shaming pregnant women

We're all different. Some women's bodies gain a lot of weight when pregnant. Other's don't. Full stop.

Morning sickness

Morning sickness, round two

For women who suffered from bad morning sickness in their first pregnancy, can things really be that different the second time around?


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Symptoms pregnant women talking on phone looking at ultrasound

Things I won't miss about pregnancy

While there are certainly things I’ll miss about pregnancy, there are also many things I’ll be glad never to experience again.

Morning sickness

Never again

My morning sickness was so bad, I'm not having any more kids.

Stages of pregnancy Stages of pregnancy

Weekly pregnancy guide

Congratulations, you're pregnant! Find out what's in store for you and your growing baby.

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Nutrition pregnant woman eating

Don't eat for two

High on the list of questions from expectant mums is: "What should I eat to keep my baby healthy?"

pregnant woman eating

They are what you eat

What you eat in pregnancy could have long-term health implications for your kids.

Health pregnant women talking on phone looking at ultrasound

Does bedrest help or hurt?

Experts are now saying the bedrest during complicated pregnancies could do more harm than good.

Aucklander Denise Astill with her twin daughters Jazmyn and Natasha, 12

Drug nightmare for mums

New Zealand babies are being born with debilitating defects that doctors say are caused by an anti-epilepsy drug.

Prepare for baby pregnant

Epi-No or just no?

The Epi-No is a fairly polarising piece of equipment. Some women love it and some hate it. But the biggest question is: does it work?

Greer Berry

Things I'll miss about pregnancy

Despite the harder times, there are definitely things I will miss about being pregnant.

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symptoms em small pregnancy 2

Morning sickness

Up to 80 per cent of pregnant women get morning sickness - and not just in the mornings.

stages of pregnancy em-small(1)

Weekly pregnancy guide

What's happening to your body and your baby's development.