Greer Berry

Busting food myths

When you're pregnant, you become more aware than ever before about your food and drink decisions.


Aspirin cuts pre-eclampsia risk

Women at a high risk of pre-eclampsia should take aspirin after their first trimester, according to new research.


Blogger stands by crazy diet

"I'm proof you don't have to become a whale when you're pregnant."


Liam's chance at life

Baby Liam would not be here if his parents had followed a midwife's advice to have an abortion.

pregnant woman

Weight pregnancy risk

Pregnant Kiwi women are reluctant to step on the scales, leading to underestimated BMI measurements and misguided clinical care, research shows.


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Symptoms pregnant

Third trimester essentials

Tired, heavy, bloated, anxious. The third trimester of pregnancy can drag. Here are a few tips on how to cope.

pregnant woman eating

The second trimester

Your morning sickness might clear up, but your hormones could kick up a notch. Here's what could help you through.

Stages of pregnancy Stages of pregnancy

Weekly pregnancy guide

Congratulations, you're pregnant! Find out what's in store for you and your growing baby.

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Nutrition Caffeine

Caffeine count

How does a short black, a can of Red Bull and a cup of tea compare in the caffeine stakes?

pregnant woman eating

Sugar-free pregnancy?

Do you need to add sugar to the long list of food to avoid during pregnancy?

Health Pregnant

Pregnancy stress linked to asthma

Stress during pregnancy appears to be linked to an increased risk of asthma and eczema among children.


Twin-to-twin transfusion

Crystal and Nicholas Springer stared at the screen with their unborn babies' measurements. It said, "Abnormal. Abnormal. Abnormal."

Prepare for baby Dog

Puppy as parent school

I often hear friends mulling over the pros and cons of getting a dog and how it could be good ''practice'' for parenthood.


The 'fourth trimester'

Yes, I know, pregnancy is only three trimesters, but in my opinion the postpartum period should count too.

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symptoms em small pregnancy 2

Morning sickness

Up to 80 per cent of pregnant women get morning sickness - and not just in the mornings.

stages of pregnancy em-small(1)

Weekly pregnancy guide

What's happening to your body and your baby's development.