Vivid pregnancy dreams

When I was pregnant, my dreams were regular, vivid and scary. And I know I'm not alone.


Pregnancy scans probe

Concerns that pregnant women are receiving more scans than ever has sparked a government investigation.


Sex during pregnancy

I'm an expectant father, and my sex life has completely disappeared. My wife seems to have lost all interest. Are we EVER going to have sex again?

pregnant woman eating

A matter of taste

What women eat while pregnant and breastfeeding might affect their child's taste preferences later life.


Five pregnancy myths

We debunk some of the most common pregnancy myths.


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Symptoms Morning sickness

Morning sickness, round two

For women who suffered from bad morning sickness in their first pregnancy, can things really be that different the second time around?

tummy ache

Early signs of pregnancy

It wasn't a pregnancy test or missed period that told me I was pregnant with my second baby - it was a doner kebab.

Stages of pregnancy Stages of pregnancy

Weekly pregnancy guide

Congratulations, you're pregnant! Find out what's in store for you and your growing baby.

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Nutrition pregnant woman eating

Don't eat for two

High on the list of questions from expectant mums is: "What should I eat to keep my baby healthy?"

Should you eat fish when pregnant?

Excess eating of shark in fish and chips and other meals may damage human health, study shows.


Pregnant and fighting cancer

Joy turned to devastation for the Gunstons when pregnant Amy was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

When disability means perfection

The word "disabled" has become so fraught with negativity that I don't even like to use it at all.

Prepare for baby HOUSEWORK

Nesting instincts

Almost obsessive nesting as you near your due date isn't uncommon – even if you're not usually a particularly clean person.

When disability means perfection

The word "disabled" has become so fraught with negativity that I don't even like to use it at all.

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symptoms em small pregnancy 2

Morning sickness

Up to 80 per cent of pregnant women get morning sickness - and not just in the mornings.

stages of pregnancy em-small(1)

Weekly pregnancy guide

What's happening to your body and your baby's development.