Trying to conceive

Trying to conceive


ivf injection

The truth about IVF

From the moment you walk into the doctor's office to get a referral, your sex life will feel like public fodder.

Three at once

After years of unsuccessful fertility treatment Lauren and Joe Kamnik adopted a baby boy - then their surrogate got pregnant - and so did Lauren.

Unexplained infertility

"So, what we can conclude from all our tests, is that you have what is known as unexplained infertility," explained the doctor. 

Best way to conceive?

If you're trying to get pregnant there are some lifestyle choices that could improve your odds.

Gender swaying

Here are a few popular methods hopeful parents-to-be use to try to get a baby of their preferred gender – and what an expert says about them.


what's in this section?

pregnancy test

Live chat: Fertility issues

Fertility specialist Dr Guy Gudex joins us today to for a live chat. If you're struggling with trying to conceive, this is a great chance to ask questions.


Widowed and pregnant

After seven years of trying to conceive, Kristy Kirchner discovered she was pregnant - just before her husband's funeral.

Melody McCabe

Picking up the pieces

After having her pregnancy hopes crushed last month, Melody McCabe talks about how she picked herself back up for another monitored cycle.

couple talking

Crowdfunding a baby

Desperate to start a family, but lacking the money to pursue fertility treatments, these couples turned to the internet to help fund their baby dreams.

Aminah Hart and Scott Anderson with their daughter Leila

I fell in love with my sperm donor

Not many couples can say they had a baby together before they even met, but that's the truth for Aminah Hart and her partner Scott Anderson.

Sperm and Egg

Egg freezing no guarantee

Freezing a woman's eggs is neither risk-free nor foolproof, a British fertility expert says.

Melody McCabe

The two week wait

Wednesday is D-Day for Melody - a blood test to mark the end of her first two week wait on a monitored cycle.

couple talking

A positive path through IVF

Can having a glass-half-full approach to IVF make a big difference to the experience?

pregnancy test

The reality of infertility

A bunch of brave Kiwi couples are sharing their infertility stories in an effort to help others going through the same thing.

Melody McCabe

On the road to IVF

I wish the reason I haven't blogged for a while was that I was pregnant and waiting to confirm the big news. But alas, that's not the case.


Woman gives birth after birth transplant

A Swedish woman has become the world's first to give birth after having a womb transplant.

Pregnancy test

Fertility specialist live chat

Fertility specialist Guy Gudex answers your questions on trying to conceive and fertility.


Blocked fallopian tubes: the facts

What causes blockages of fallopian tubes and how can they be dealt with?

Melody McCabe

Dealing with pregnant friends

If there is ever an occasion that brings up tough feelings it is attending a baby shower when you are battling infertility.

Sperm, biological clock, fertility

Sperm test: A male perspective

No matter how virile you think you are when it comes to depositing your baby batter in a small plastic cup you will never be impressed with your sample.

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