Trying to conceive

Trying to conceive


mum and toddler

Having kids alone

Jo Hartley meets three women whose longing for a baby was so great they each decided not to wait for a partner.

Accepting your limits

I am learning how important it is to respect and accept my limits, because now I don't have a choice.

Moving past failure

I felt really,really angry last week, but I feel like I have turned a corner, there is something liberating in just giving up.

No cancer-fertility drug link

Despite concerns fertility treatments increase chances of developing breast cancer, a study finds no added risk.

Live chat: Fertility expert

Dr Guy Gudex, a fertility subspecialist and gynaecologist joined us for a live chat to answer your fertility questions.


what's in this section?


Thinking of quitting

The laparoscopy gave us some answers, which I am glad for, but I am also pretty angry. I think it might be time to consider a break from trying.

stretch marks

Too much sun limits folate

If you're trying to conceive, you should slip, slop, slap - as catching too many UV rays can diminish folate levels.

couple holding hands

The lessons learnt

'Hope for the best, expect the worst, take what comes my way' - that is my motto ahead of my laparoscopy.

pregnancy test

Live chat: Fertility expert

Dr Guy Gudex, a fertility subspecialist and gynaecologist joined us today for a live chat to answer your fertility questions.


The no-pants dance

Maintaining the fun and passion when trying to conceive is easier said than done. Here are some tips from a man under pressure.

Baby Berry

Then a miracle happens...

I stretched out my arm, my hand clutching a small white stick bearing two very distinct lines.

couple holding hands

The hard conversation

What will it mean for our relationship if I can't get pregnant and how far are we prepared to go to have a family?


The role of the fur baby

I've noticed a bit of a trend with those who don't have children: we really, really love our animals.

Embryo, IVF

Three-parent IVF plans set out

Britain is a step closer to offering three-parent IVF treatments.

Greer Berry

Parenting and infertility

When you struggle to make a baby, does it change the way you eventually parent?

Mary Coustas

Joy after 20 IVF attempts

After 20 IVF attempts, Australian comedian Mary Coustas is showing off her healthy three-month girl Jamie.

couple holding hands

Battling infertility?

Screentime NZ is looking for couples to take part in a documentary series about infertility.

Greer Berry

Sharing and comparing

When we're in uncharted waters, when we don't know what to do, when we're at a loss, we often turn to others.


Breaking point

I think everyone on the trying to conceive journey has that moment, when it just feels too hard, that it is never going to happen.

Greer Berry

'Stealing' a name

The Perfect Name is sure to appear. Right? But what if someone beats us to it?

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