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Italy overturns donor ban

Italy's constitutional court has overturned a ban on using donor sperm and eggs in fertility treatments.

How eggs and sperm hook up

Forget about the birds and the bees. If you want to learn how babies are made, you need to know about Juno and Izumo.

An unexpected pregnancy

If you definitely didn't want more children, what would you do if you accidentally fell pregnant?

Stress impacts fertility

Stressed out women have more difficulty getting pregnant than women with less stress.

How to get pregnant

Do you know when you're most fertile, or what health issues could impact your fertility? Lots of women don't.


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Embryo, IVF

IVF chances boosted

A new fertility technique could boost prediction of successful IVF pregnancy by as much as 90 per cent.


Vasectomy parties?

'All the girls were getting together to celebrate a new baby, so why shouldn’t all the boys get together when I hang up my boots?'

mum and toddler

Seven reasons to have kids

There's an abundance of stories and blogs outlining the downsides to parenthood. I thought I'd share some of the good bits as well.

Sperm, biological clock, fertility

Call to pay egg donors $3k

Egg donors should be paid up to $3000 to encourage more donations, advisory committee says.

fugate quads

Surprise quadruplets

A women told she was having triplets got the shock of her life when doctors discovered a fourth baby during her c-section.

positive pregnancy test

Accidentally pregnant ... at 40

We most definitely should have known better, but it seems biology can outwit us all.


Rushing into IVF

Couples with unexplained infertility may be being overtreated with IVF.

couple holding hands

Choosing love over kids

As my fertility treatment went on, it became apparent that my partner didn't want kids.

Celeb baby

Forty and pregnant

Forty might be the new thirty in many ways, but not when it comes to fertility. Even if Hollywood celebrities would have you think otherwise.

sperm donors

Sperm-swap nightmare

A disturbed worker at a US fertility clinic is alleged to have swapped his sperm with clients' sperm.

Pregnancy test

Are you trying to get pregnant?

Are you trying, or struggling to conceive? We've got calculators, bloggers, articles and support groups to help you.

Cute Newborn

The midlife baby

Jenny Sinclair didn't plan on becoming a mother again at 47.

Harried mother

'Not all women are maternal'

I have plans for my life that I just don't see a child fitting in to, Jayne Kerr writes.

Contraceptive pill

Male pill a step closer to reality

An Australian scientist has made a discovery that could lead to a male contraceptive pill.


Noah's life 18 years in the making

Freezing his sperm as a 14-year-old cancer patient has enabled Steve Hall to become a parent 18 years later.

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