Who is my egg mother?

A generation of kids is growing up with egg mothers

What is driving increasing numbers of couples overseas for surrogacy - and why should we care?

Pope: Don't breed like rabbits

Catholics should not feel they have to breed "like rabbits" because of the Church's ban on contraception, Pope Francis says.

'Is that baby yours?'

"Is that your baby?" asked the man on the subway. She is my daughter. I gave birth to her. I breastfeed her. But she doesn't have any of my genes.

Best way to conceive?

If you're trying to get pregnant there are some lifestyle choices that could improve your odds.

Semen quality linked to overall health

A man's overall health may be reflected in the quality of the semen he produces, according to a new study.


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Actress wants surrogacy to inspire

Elizabeth Banks hopes to help other women by speaking about surrogacy.

Chemicals may harm men's fertility

A new study suggests that chemicals in sunscreen may impair men's ability to father children, scientists say.


To freeze or not to freeze

Did you know that if you freeze your eggs when you're 40, there's a less than 15 per cent chance the process will result in a live birth?

Bouchut family

An aunty's sacrifice

Surrogacy in NZ is extremely rare, and among families rarer still. But for one sister it was obvious.

egg and sperm

Bosses to pay for fertility treatment

Employee perks are expanding in the US, with two tech giants announcing plans to pay for female workers to freeze their eggs.


Asking your partner to get the snip

The. Snip. Two little words, that seems to inspire so much fear in men. Why?


Woman gives birth after birth transplant

A Swedish woman has become the world's first to give birth after having a womb transplant.


A one in 70 million pregnancy

After struggling for years to fall pregnant with even one baby, Ashley and Tyson Gardner are now expecting four children.

pregnancy test

A different fertility worry

"You’re nowhere near menopausal," my doctor said, and my heart sank. I don't want to live with worry about pregnancy anymore.

young mum

Do younger mums have an easier time?

Three women who took the plunge into motherhood before graduating university.


Why I decided on surrogacy

What does it take to have a baby for somebody else and then give it away?

Monica Stubbs

Forced to consider motherhood

Monica Stubbs was only 23 when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma and had to make a hasty decision.


When to have sex

Timing is everything when it comes to getting pregnant. Get to know your body to understand your fertile times.

A looming legal deadline may spell the death of some people's only chance of having children.

Clock ticking on frozen 'assets'

A looming legal deadline may spell the death of some people's only chance of having children.

Sonia Kruger

Pregnant at 48

Australian TV host Sonia Kruger says she is "thrilled to bits" to be pregnant at 48 years of age.

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