When to have sex

Timing is everything when it comes to getting pregnant. Get to know your body to understand your fertile times.

Do younger mums have an easier time?

Three women who took the plunge into motherhood before graduating university.

Why I decided on surrogacy

What does it take to have a baby for somebody else and then give it away?

Forced to consider motherhood

Monica Stubbs was only 23 when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma and had to make a hasty decision.

Clock ticking on frozen 'assets'

A looming legal deadline may spell the death of some people's only chance of having children.


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Sonia Kruger

Pregnant at 48

Australian TV host Sonia Kruger says she is "thrilled to bits" to be pregnant at 48 years of age.

Biological clock

Egg freezing parties

An egg-freezing party? Is it like a Tupperware party, only instead of talking about the most efficient way to store food, they talk about fertility?

Gaylene Kurth

Surrogacy review urged

Rules around the financial side of surrogacy need an urgent review, advisory committee says.


Commercial surrogacy truth

The truth is, there are a lot of baby Gammys abandoned by parents who paid for perfection.


Take a 'harden up pill'

Kate Hegarty was told her period pain was normal. But it wasn't. It was endometriosis.


The truth about fertility

Does women's fertility 'drop off a cliff' at 35? What are the risks related to delaying pregnancy?

pregnancy test

$14,000 and no baby

Last week we lost our baby. This embryo was the closest we have ever come to being pregnant.


Fertility panic in your 30s

Claire Moulds takes a look at the panic-mongering around women aged 35-plus who have not yet had children.

Greer Berry

What a difference a year makes

For my husband's birthday last year I gave him a sizeable cyst on my left ovary.


From pain to joy

When medical issues meant Julia and Lee Newton couldn't have another child, a friend made them an incredible offer.

pregnant woman

Conceiving naturally after IVF

A surprising number of women who need IVF to get pregnant with their first child fall pregnant again without treatment within two years.


Court orders vasectomy

A US court has given a dad an unusual punishment after he fled the scene of a crash with his son - but is it taking things too far?

Sperm, biological clock, fertility

How to make healthy sperm

For couples struggling with infertility, there are few lifestyle changes men can make to improve the size and shape of their sperm.

Katie Elfar

Pregnant after my husband died

Although Katie Elfar's husband was no longer with her, she says that having a baby using his frozen sperm was the best decision she ever made.

Kate Friedlander

Pregnancy after cancer

Kate Friedlander's life has been transformed by her breast cancer - but in a way she never expected.

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