Meeting my birth mother

My mother chose not to hold or even see me after I was born, as she knew she wouldn't be able to let me go.

Acceptance after adoption

Reader's story

My view that every kid deserves a happy childhood, no matter what, has been hard to live up to.

More 'Philomena' stories

Despite multiple trips overseas and pages of correspondence, Mike Wilson was blocked at every turn in his quest to find his birth mother.

Rocky road to parenthood

When I tell people I underwent fertility treatment in India they look at me as if I am mad.

BK Baby finds birth mum

Woman abandoned in a Burger King bathroom as a newborn gets the hug she waited a lifetime for.


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Julie Davis

Choice paves way for love

Faced with an impossible choice at age 15, giving her baby away leads to 24 years of love.

A baby

Adoption an 'awesome gift'

I thank my birth mother for having the good sense to realise she was not in a position to raise me.

Kids holding hands

A home for life

Sandy and David thought they were done with child rearing, but then they became foster parents.


'How much did she cost?'

You'll be amazed at some of the hurtful, ignorant things people have said to these adopted girls and their mum.

burger king baby

Burger King baby

A woman abandoned at a Burger King as a newborn 27 years ago has turned to the internet to try and track down her birth mother.


Twins find each other online

Two young women on opposite sides of the world have connected on social media and discovered they are twins.


Philomena calls for law change

The woman who inspired the film Philomena has launched a campaign calling for access to adoption records.

Internet comments

Web transforms adoption

The internet has had a 'transformative impact' on the adoption process, but not all of it has been positive.

adoption motherhood parent

The pain of not knowing

Annie Harrington has had mixed emotions about trying to contact her birth mother.

Child abuse

Wishing I was adopted

Adoption was something I wished for when my world was suddenly turned upside-down.


Discarded, unwanted, unneeded

The trauma of being separated from my biological mother continues to haunt me like a darkened cumulus cloud.


No anger at any party

I was adopted as a baby, only a few days old, to my mum and dad. They were always open about the fact my brother and I were adopted.

positive pregnancy test

Not ready to be a parent

I was 17 and half way through my last year of high school and I was pregnant.

father and baby

Tracking down my birth father

When I was 12, I found my birth certificate and some unknown bloke was named as my father.

baby child mother

We couldn't have children

As a young couple we didn't think there would be a problem having children. We were wrong. We chose to go down the adoption path.

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