Melody McCabe

Meditation for fertility

There seems to a direct correlation between the time you have been trying to conceive and the things you are prepared to try to make it happen.

Melody McCabe

A World Cup lesson on infertility

As with anything at the moment that causes me anxiety, it seems to all come back to trying to conceive (TTC).

egg timer

Fertility panic in your 30s

Claire Moulds takes a look at the panic-mongering around women aged 35-plus who have not yet had children.


A surrogacy story

Candace and Chris blogged about their infertility, they tweeted, fundraised and went on reality TV. Then a sister of a friend stepped in.

pregnancy test

I was addicted to pregnancy tests

Jemma O'Connor became fixated with doing pregnancy tests, even after her pregnancy was confirmed with a blood test.


what's in this section?

Trying to conceive Greer Berry

What a difference a year makes

For my husband's birthday last year I gave him a sizeable cyst on my left ovary.

pregnancy test

Live chat: Fertility specialist

Are you thinking about having a baby or having trouble conceiving? Fertility specialist Dr Guy Gudex answers your questions.

Fertility Pregnant

From pain to joy

When medical issues meant Julia and Lee Newton couldn't have another child, a friend made them an incredible offer.

Greer Berry

What a difference a year makes

For my husband's birthday last year I gave him a sizeable cyst on my left ovary.

Adoption Sarah Salmon

Rocky road to parenthood

When I tell people I underwent fertility treatment in India they look at me as if I am mad.


More 'Philomena' stories

Despite multiple trips overseas and pages of correspondence, Mike Wilson was blocked at every turn in his quest to find his birth mother.

Miscarriage Sad woman, depressed, grieving

Coping with a miscarriage

My regular GP wasn't available. Her colleague was cold and clinical, filling in an ultrasound referral while I sobbed, gulping for air like a wounded child.


Miscarriage no 'dirty secret'

This week I had a miscarriage. Every woman deals with it differently, but we are not alone.

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