Post natal

Post natal



The 'fourth trimester'

Yes, I know, pregnancy is only three trimesters, but in my opinion the postpartum period should count too.

Post-birth rituals

Just after Heather's daughter Sarah was born, Heather felt an overwhelming desire to lick her clean.

Managing the motherload

Getting back to the gym too soon after giving birth could be a wee bit embarrassing if you're not careful.

Male postnatal depression

He did the shopping, made decisions and cuddled the baby when his wife was too listless to care. But there was something wrong with Kham too.

Post-baby hair loss

"My hair is falling out!" my friend Liz wailed. "The plughole is full of it, my brush is full of it ... at this rate I won't have any left at all!"


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January Jones

Would you pop a placenta pill?

Repulsive no-no or healthy supplement? The debate is a long way from being settled.

muffin top

Embrace the muffin top

A mother's video message to encourage others to accept their post-baby bodies is becoming a YouTube hit.


Breastfeeding despair

Heard of Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex? Neither had Dilvin Yasa – until it brought her to her knees.


Twitter PND predictor?

Postnatal depression could be predicted by monitoring a woman's Twitter feed, computer scientists say.


Placenta pills give 'bounce'

Taking placenta pills helped one mother cope after her third child was born.


Beating the baby blues

"It is believed that at the baby's birth a 'guilt chip' is inserted into every mother."


Placenta photo frames

A London artist who creates sculptures using earwax, hair, urine and maggots is now working with placenta.


Health tip texts for new mums

Text messages will promote positive eating habits for Auckland's hardest-to-reach new mothers.

Sad woman, depressed, grieving

You can get through this

At times when her son Oscar was a baby, Maddy Mendoza-Orubuloye couldn't look at him. "It's a shocking thing to say, but I hated him."


Why early bonds are vital

It's the moment you imagine during pregnancy - having your newborn baby placed on your chest after delivery. But sadly, things don't always goes to plan.

Sad woman, depressed, grieving

Postnatal depression: supporting a friend

While it's awful watching a friend suffer with depression, there are practical ways to show your support.

tori spelling

Post-baby pics:the truth

Losing baby weight isn't as easy as some celebrities make it seem. Tori Spelling says she was pressured to lie about how she lost her pregnancy weight.

A pregnant woman

The aftermath of a natural birth

The consequences of a vaginal delivery can last a lifetime. They can drastically change how you live and challenge your sense of self.

kristen bell

'I have a muffin top - who cares?'

Words you never thought you'd hear from a new mum in Hollywood.

mum and baby

When love takes time

This life was what I'd wanted, so why didn't I fall in love with my son at first sight?

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