Rachel Griffiths' touch-and-go delivery

Rachel griffiths
ROUGH BIRTH: After a traumatic birth for her third child, actress Rachel Griffiths no longer sweats the small stuff.

Rachel Griffiths has warned of the dangers of home birth after almost losing her youngest daughter, Clementine, now 3, in the delivery suite. Speaking about how grateful she is to have been in hospital, at Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, when the birth of her third child took its near-fatal twist in 2009, Griffiths says she is open to sharing her ''nightmare'' story as a cautionary tale for others.

''I want people who are choosing home births to know that when it goes wrong, time is not your friend,'' she tells InStyle magazine, on shelves on Monday. ''You have seconds, not minutes. There's no time to call an ambulance.''

Griffiths has previously publicly thanked the hospital staff for ''saving my baby''.

The actress has relished the summer reclining on the deck of her northern beaches home with her husband, Andrew Taylor, and three children, Banjo, 9, Adelaide, 7, and Clementine after a decade in LA.

With Clementine wriggling on her lap, the Oscar-nominee reveals the birth incident forced her to take stock, meaning she doesn't sweat the small stuff any more, intent on savouring her new, simpler life.

Far removed from her once-hectic Hollywood lifestyle, Griffiths is enjoying things such as catching up with her mum without the ''pressure of time - pressed between multiple appointments'', as well as the ability to meet girlfriends for a drink after work, ''which I would never do in LA''.

Clearly enjoying her time at home (''I just love being back here''), Griffiths tells the magazine she is savouring the smell of the local landscape and her kids are happier for it. ''We get mummy loving!'' Clementine says.

Griffiths, who now opts for shorter-term projects, also reveals she had to audition for her coming role as former New Idea editor Dulcie Boling in the ABC's Paper Giants: Magazine Wars, and only convinced directors by turning up in a blonde Dulcie bob, blue contact lenses and a girdle.

''[The directors] didn't see me as Dulcie. I didn't hear back from them for a long time,'' she says.

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- Sydney Morning Herald

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