Labour of love: When Murphy's Law strikes birth

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This second baby will be a piece of cake, I thought. My first labour was just four hours and I was determined this was going to be similar.

We were five days overdue with our second child and I was waiting for my midwife visit.  As we were doing the examination we found out I was already 5cm dilated, with me not feeling a thing. Great, I thought, I will have this baby out in no time.

So I called my husband, Chris, to come home from work. We managed to go grocery shopping, toy shopping for a birthday party we had to attend that weekend, and then home to put everything away.

Chris was looking a little off, and also I noticed he was getting a rash up his arms. In about half an hour it was all over his body.

So off to emergency doctors we went, and in the car I had my first contraction. Once we were at the emergency doctors we were quickly taken in to the resus room, as Chris had told them I was in labour and he was having an allergic reaction. They didn't know what to be more concerned about.

So for an hour and a half, I was having contractions, while Chris was on a drip. He was given a shot of pethidine to help with the allergic reaction, but of course that meant he was unable to drive.

When were allowed to go home, I had to drive. We tried to take the quickest route but Murphy's Law meant we hit every single red light we could.

Once we got home (with many tears from me), my contractions went in to high gear with one every two to three minutes, lasting a minute each time. We called the midwife and said we would be going to the maternity unit and to meet us there, to which she responded she would be there in about 30-45 minutes.

Rushed off to the birthing unit, with my own midwife nowhere to be seen, I was appointed two student midwives and a senior midwife. I hopped in to the pool and 10 minutes later our beautiful daughter was here .

A grand total of two hours from start to finish, my husband was so relieved to have been at the birth, and he has strict instructions to not eat out for the week I am due for our next baby May 13, 2013.

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