Cindy Crawford

Hollywood homebirths

Check out which high-profile mums gave birth at home. You might be surprised.

The facts about induction

Here's what you need to know about inductions, including the common reasons for having one, how they are done, and the risks.

Choosing birth partners

Greer Berry is mulling over who she wants in the room when she's in labour.

A birth party

I hadn't wanted a hospital birth or medicine; evidentally, I hadn't wanted privacy, either. I had invited a dozen people to the birth party and most of them came.

Birth trauma

A month after the birth of her daughter Erin Shetler was having nightmares and flashbacks, unable to stop replaying what happened.


We're talking about...

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Newborn baby

Born in the bathroom

One father reflects on his daughter's surprising entrance into the world as a lifelong gift.

Pregnant belly

Inducing a labour

With one in four women facing induction of labour, here are some useful things to know.


Slammed for birth story

When Kirra Givanni wrote about her drug-free birth experience on Facebook, she was torn to shreds by other mums. But why?


Packing your hospital bag

Before giving birth I read countless lists, ended up overpacking just a little and now know what I'll actually want to pack next time.

Pregnant woman

When labour doesn't happen

I can't help feeling I've been a little ripped off. I missed out on something I had always wanted to experience, and now I'll never get the chance.

Swiss ball

Can birth be fun?

"I thought, surely it can't be this cruisy," says Trae Flett who joked her way through her second labour, and even enjoyed a pizza.

heart mum

Giving birth during heart surgery

"The last thing I remember is emergency people coming, and that's it"

Swiss ball

Labour pains

If you were giving birth, what would be your choice: a longer labour with relatively less pain, or a shorter labour with terrible pain?

pregnant yoga

Groove your way through labour

Listening to music during labour can help reduce the perception of pain and bring anxiety levels down. What would you have on your playlist?

pregnant belly

Weight linked to overdue births

Overweight women can fail to respond to signals that trigger labour, explaining why they have higher rates of being induced.

Mario and Liz Shlimon

Here comes the bride ... and baby

This bride wasn't going to let contractions stop her from walking down the aisle.

Daniel McCarthy

Early morning delivery

Daniel McCarthy has jokingly dubbed himself an impromptu midhusband after he delivered his third son in the family bathroom.


8-year-old helps deliver brother

A Florida girl is being hailed a hero after helping deliver her baby brother when her mother unexpectedly went into labour.

Water birth

Swearing during labour

During childbirth I cursed like a sailor; it wasn't just the odd F-Bomb, it was more like an F-Annihilation.


Delayed cord clamping no barrier

Delayed umbilical cord clamping has been shown to benefit babies, but until now the practice had been cumbersome.

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