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Have a happy homebirth

Reader's story

Delivering her son at home made Sarah Cronan feel strong, powerful and, quite simply, euphoric, she writes.

I saved the best for last

Reader's story

I knew my son would be my last baby, and in comparison to his sisters, his birth story is the best.

Birth 'like a movie scene'

Former Home and Away actress Jodi Gordon says the birth of her daughter felt like something out of a movie.

Does birth get easier?

A common perception is that a woman's body will know what to do in a second labour making it easier than the first time.

Dads in the delivery room

"You can't print our real names because people would be shocked. But when our second child is born I'm not going to be there."


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pregnant yoga

Pain-free labour

"It wasn't painful. I didn't even feel the 'ring of fire'. It was crazy. It was beautiful."


Born during police chase

A first-time mother gave birth during a police chase after her partner skipped a red light while rushing to get her to hospital.

Swiss ball

My birth story

I struggled with depression after the caesarean birth of my first child, so wanted to try a VBAC for my second.


Caesarean saved sanity

For me, there was only one birth option that would help keep my physical and mental wellbeing intact.

Luella Bull

Stall the car, the baby's here

With one hand still on the steering wheel, friend helps deliver baby born in front seat.


Giving birth on sled

A US woman gave birth on a sled her husband had used to pull her through snow storm to their car.


Safe birthing in Ethiopia

When Catherine Hamlin arrived in Ethiopia to train midwives, she'd never seen an obstetric fistula case. They became her life's work.

Baby born during earthquake

Quake heralds baby's birth

"It's scary enough having a baby without the ground shaking," says mum after unforgettable arrival.


Born again

'Rebirthing' ceremonies are helping women who were disappointed with childbirth to get the experience they hoped for.


'Sanitising' homebirth

OPINION: An obstetrician gynaecologist hits out at a mum for 'sanitising' her homebirth experience on social media.


Tweeting a home birth

This mum Instagrammed, tweeted and Facebooked her home birth.

onesie birth

A onesie saved my son

A new mum is crediting her onesie pyjamas for saving her newborn's life.

Chloe Rarity

The best present

A Blenheim mother had her Christmas wish fulfilled when her son was born at Wairau Hospital in Blenheim on Christmas night.

Elina Pivac

Mum-to-be left outside

Locked doors at hospital had one mum-to-be fearing she would give birth by a rubbish bin.

Lea-Ann Ellison

Cross fit mum gives birth

Controversial 'crossfit mum' Lea-Ann Ellison has had a healthy baby boy in a natural homebirth.

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