pregnant woman

Why I booked a caesarean

When I fell pregnany I was ecstatic. Then my fear of labour set in. To say I became obsessed is something of an understatement.

Nightmare birth scared woman

Anaesthetist and surgeon censured after woman was in so much pain during a C-section that nurses had to hold down her legs.

What it's like to have a caesarean

What exactly is involved in a caesarean birth? Here's the low down.

Dramatic rise in caesareans

A culture of fear around childbirth is behind the rising rates of caesareans, experts say.

Lawsuit after forced caesarean

An American woman is suing her hospital, claiming she was forced into a caesarean.


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Caesarean saved sanity

For me, there was only one birth option that would help keep my physical and mental wellbeing intact.


Choosing a caesarean

'I didn't think you were the type to have an elective caesarean,' said an acquaintance when I told her of my plans.

Newborn baby

Caesarean rate rise

An explanation is being sought by the MidCentral DHB on the high rates of caesarean sections in the region.

Kiran C-section

I chose a c-section

Right up until the night before I was booked into theatre, I was still weighing up whether to go ahead with the c-section or try for a natural delivery.

Health care worker

Inductions and c-sections

Induction of labour may not increase the risk of caesarean section, according to research.


Clinton tells Chelsea's birth story

Bill Clinton says he had to insist on being allowed into the room when his daughter Chelsea was born 33 years ago.

child on scales

Caesareans tied to obesity

More babies born via caesarean section grow up to be heavy kids and teens than those delivered vaginally, according to a new study.


Don't judge c-sections

For my first child's birth, the theatre was crowded with doctors. He was pulled out of my tummy. It wasn't how nature intended.

Crying newborn

Natural birth safer for prems?

Very premature babies have fewer breathing problems when they're born naturally compared to a caesarean, a new study says.


Police or c-section

A pregnant woman was shocked when her doctor sent an email demanding that she either have a voluntary caesarean or he would call the police.

Stuff Nation

I feel like I 'failed'

After three caesareans, I feel my body failed my babies, and not giving birth naturally somehow makes me less of a woman.

tweet birth

Hospital live-tweets caesarean

Not many people can say their birth was seen by thousands of people around the world, but one baby boy, born in an American hospital yesterday, will be able to one day claim just that.

baby born

C-section goes viral

A photograph showing a baby reaching out of it's mother's womb to grab the finger of the doctor who was delivering her has gone viral.

Baby scales

C-section weight worries

Children born via caesarean section are slightly more likely than babies delivered vaginally to become heavy or obese, according to a new review of studies.

Pregnant woman with clock

Next day release after c-section

Some women who deliver their babies by caesarean section may be able to check out of the hospital the next day without raising their risk of problems, according to a new study.

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