little gems

Custom-made babies

The business of birth is an intriguing process no matter where you are in the world. Soon-to-be father Ian Steward gleans wisdom from a new guide.


Why I booked a caesarean

When I fell pregnany I was ecstatic. Then my fear of labour set in. To say I became obsessed is something of an understatement.

Cindy Crawford

Hollywood homebirths

Check out which high-profile mums gave birth at home. You might be surprised.

Nightmare birth scared woman

Anaesthetist and surgeon censured after woman was in so much pain during a C-section that nurses had to hold down her legs.


Surprise baby

Kim Walsh arrived at her doctor's suffering cramps. Two and a half hours later, she was cradling the baby experts told her she could never have.


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Birth options IVF alternatives

How to choose a birth partner

Do you want your privacy when it comes to giving birth or would you be happy to have family or friends in the room?

Thandie Newton

Newton: Home births felt normal

Thandie Newton found having three home births "normal".

Birth plan Greer Berry

Choosing birth partners

Greer Berry is mulling over who she wants in the room when she's in labour.

Greer Berry

Compiling a birth playlist

I couldn't imagine running without an iPod to drown out the sound of me dying. Will it work for labour?

Labour Greer Berry

Choosing birth partners

Greer Berry is mulling over who she wants in the room when she's in labour.

Katy Chatel

A birth party

I hadn't wanted a hospital birth or medicine; evidentally, I hadn't wanted privacy, either. I had invited a dozen people to the birth party and most of them came.

Caesarean Caesarean

What it's like to have a caesarean

What exactly is involved in a caesarean birth? Here's the low down.

A baby

Dramatic rise in caesareans

A culture of fear around childbirth is behind the rising rates of caesareans, experts say.

Post natal sleep deprivation

When will I feel like myself again?

New mothers repeat: Sleepness nights aren't forever. Pumping isn't forever. Nappies aren't forever.


Looking after yourself as a new mum

Coffee and snacks aren't enough to see you through the hazy newborn days. Check out these easy tips on how to fuel your body properly.

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