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Have a happy homebirth

Reader's story

Delivering her son at home made Sarah Cronan feel strong, powerful and, quite simply, euphoric, she writes.

jennifer love hewitt

'Husband could be a doula'

Jennifer Love Hewitt says her husband was "solid as a rock" in the labour room.

surprise baby

Surprise baby

Jennifer Scollin had no idea she was pregnant until she went into labour.


A young doctor's lesson

"Oh, my God," the resident said. "You tore the cord." The next few minutes were a blur of voices and passing figures

sick baby

I saved the best for last

Reader's story

I knew my son would be my last baby, and in comparison to his sisters, his birth story is the best.


We're talking about...

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Birth options Water birth

Are water births risky?

US doctors are warning against water births, saying they expose babies to risk.


Home vs hospital birth

Home births vs hospital births are always a hot topic and a large new study is stirring the conversation.

Birth plan Dad kissing baby bump

Dads in the delivery room

"You can't print our real names because people would be shocked. But when our second child is born I'm not going to be there."


Birth partners

Who do you want with you when you give birth - just your partner or a bigger support team?

Labour jodi gordon

Birth 'like a movie scene'

Former Home and Away actress Jodi Gordon says the birth of her daughter felt like something out of a movie.


Does birth get easier?

A common perception is that a woman's body will know what to do in a second labour making it easier than the first time.

Caesarean Pregnant

Caesarean saved sanity

For me, there was only one birth option that would help keep my physical and mental wellbeing intact.


Choosing a caesarean

'I didn't think you were the type to have an elective caesarean,' said an acquaintance when I told her of my plans.

Post natal NEWBORN

The 'fourth trimester'

Yes, I know, pregnancy is only three trimesters, but in my opinion the postpartum period should count too.

January Jones

Would you pop a placenta pill?

Repulsive no-no or healthy supplement? The debate is a long way from being settled.

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