Melanie Mckenzie

Rural mum turns entrepreneur

Southland farmer's wife and mother Melanie McKenzie spends her downtime working.

Back-to-work blues?

Back at work and not happy about it? Take a closer look...

Don't tell girls they can have it all

Mothers are 'damaging' their daughters by setting unrealistic expectations by telling them, 'they can have it all,' according to a new study.

From hobby to business

A couple who moved from Paris to Hastings are bringing the old world to the new, one shipping container at a time.

Holding on to your identity

As I took my daughter to school orientation I felt an overwhelming sense of relief I hadn't completely devoted the past decade to child rearing.


what's in this section?

woman laptop

Are flexible hours unfair?

Is letting people work how they want simply a tax on those who do standard hours?

Taking the plunge

When is it time to give up your day job? Interior designer Hayley-Anne Brown is facing that quandary.

Nikki Styles and Kim Young

Balancing babies and business

It's not everyday you see a woman with a newborn baby and preschooler in tow pounding the pavements with a 50l beer keg nestled in her pram.

Deborah Marshall and children

About 'valuing female teachers'

Teachers who get pregnant again while still on maternity leave will be entitled to extra pay.

woman laptop

My kids' warped sense of work

I’ve wrestled with the 'working from home' thing, and have wondered about the impact it will have on my children’s working lives.


The CEO at work and home

Want to have it all? Thanks to new tech tools your dream could become reality.


'They were merciless to me'

Katherine Bashour the pregnant Australian ANZ employee who was disciplined for refusing a pelvic exam, tells her side of the story.

Alana Joe

Don't let your career kill you

A dramatic career change mid-life is not unthinkable, but not every shift goes smoothly.

office worker

Office skills that matter

Want to succeed in the modern workplace? Here are 10 old-fashioned skills you'll need.

Women. Like men. Only cheaper

Aussie multimillionaire Evan Thornley says he 'stuffed up' with remarks at a tech conference about paying women less than men.


Start a business on a shoestring

How do you start a business with pretty much nothing?

Milk, glass of milk

Breastmilk soap

Convinced of breast milk's healing powers, one mother has been using this so-called "liquid gold" to make organic soap.

Mary Poppins

Are you jealous of your child's carer?

Of course we want our children to form bonds with other carers. But what happens when these bonds can cause feelings of guilt and jealousy?

kiran chug

How flexible hours really work

Kiran is two weeks into her new job - here's what she thinks so far about the work/home juggle.


Pursue your part-time passions

Playing with our passions can better our everyday lives: here are five reasons why.

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