Dream comes true for author

If working part time and raising two children wasn't enough, Abby Wilder has self-published her debut novel.

Can habits be positive?

I decided I'd try to change. I set out to do things differently over the course of a week.

Unfinished business

The great battles of feminism may be over, but women still have plenty to fight for in the quest for equality.

Making your work day healthier

It's time to get serious about breaking up the long bouts of uninterrupted sitting.

Leaving bub at 4 weeks old

I feel I have already missed out on the first part of my son's life by working.


what's in this section?

Tumara Hall

Mum was 'paying to work'

New mum Tumara Hall ended up $130-$200 worse off a week when she went back to work.


The business of blogging

Blogs with enough web traffic and the right subject matter have the potential to generate income.

Sister act feature SUNDAY ONLY

The other woman

Three successful New Zealand women explain what female mentorship means to them.

Shanon Simpson

Shannon shares with Anne's Angels

Shannon Simpson set up Anne's Angels to provide care packages for parents with children in hospital.


How to update your CV

I am looking at getting back into the work force after being a stay-at-home mum. I'm worried my CV is out of date.


Start a business with a friend

You and your bestie have a great idea for a business. Should you go for it or is it too much of a risk to your friendship?

Kiran phone

Career conference for mums

Attending a careers conference for mums heading back to the workforce was inspiring for Kiran Chug.


Childcare sacking unjustified

Manager compensated for humiliation and hurt after flawed investigation into claims of mistreating kids, ERA says.


How to attract great clients

I've had a couple of instances recently where I've bumped heads with clients due to mismatched expectations.

busy mum

The mummy wars

A new survey shows what stay-at-home mums and working mums really think of each other.

stressed mum

Home stress vs work stress

A new study has found that many parents find going to work more relaxing than being at home.

Georgie Falloon

Shoe business the perfect fit

Finding shoes for large feet shouldn't be humiliating, says one shoe shop owner.

Rachel Wallace will star as Mary Poppins.

How to choose a nanny

Choosing someone to help me look after my boys so I could return to work has been a long-running, hard decision.

working mum

Working from home

On the surface of it, working from home sounds like a great way to earn a living while balancing family needs - and avoiding traffic.

Sarah Townsend

The sweet smell of success

Natural therapy products concocted in a Remuera kitchen by a mother of two are now in high demand worldwide.

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