Women on the beat

Even when she was knee high to a grasshopper, Sergeant Caroline Martin wanted to be a policewoman.

Line between home and work

For many of us there is little difference between home and work, causing problems for both.

Money not top of the list

Making a lot of money is not the main focus for half of NZ's small business owners.

World's toughest job

Would you answer a job ad for a 135 hour work week for a demanding associate? See what happened when these people did.

Boss can't ignore bullying

OPINION: Bullying is a significant and underestimated risk in modern workplaces. It is a hidden problem but not one that employers can afford to ignore.


what's in this section?


Attracting girls into IT

What’s being done to encourage more New Zealand girls into technology careers?

Thumbs up

Learn to say no

Why can't we say no - and how do we say it without offending anyone or risking our jobs?


CV dilemma

How do I address my maternity leave in my CV? Mention it or just gloss over it?

My Food Bag

Cooking from scratch made easy

Despite the doubters, My Food Bag is going strong and transforming mealtimes in many homes.


Do you need to work?

If you take time off from your career to raise your family are you putting your long-term financial security at risk?


So, how much do you earn?

Do you know how much your co-workers earn? Should you?

matt calman

The working mum

Being at home, I recognise how precious these years are for both the girls and me and I appreciate what my wife is giving up.


Harnessing female enterprise

Women entrepreneurs do business differently from men, and need to know that their way of operating is 'normal'.


Take your business global

Advice to turn your home business into a global success, from an entrepreneur now turning over $3 million a year.

mum and baby

That dreaded question

"What do you do all day?" asked someone who reads my blog.


Payout for maternity leave sacking

Boss said cafe worker couldn't control her emotions because she was pregnant.

working mum

'Employers see mums as a risk'

It is sad that in this day in age being a mum is considered by some as a handicap to doing your job.

Qatar Airways

Banned from marrying, getting pregnant

Qatar Airways, Emirates defend employment policies on female flight attendants.


Maternity leave mentors

For top banker Cecile Houlot-Hillary, the toughest part of her career has been navigating her way through maternity leave.

Ruth Pretty

No such thing as easy money

Caterer Ruth Pretty may have been a borrower but she warns people against lending money out.

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