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Epic work of art

REVIEW: Without question my Film of the Year So Far, Boyhood is a hugely affecting cinematic experience.

Downton to get steamy

According to a 60-second trailer for the new season, 'Downton is catching up with the times'.

Blu-ray review: Cuban Fury

REVIEW: All's fair in love and salsa.

Tough act to follow

Danielle Cormack, like many Kiwi actors, took a leap of faith to Australia. It's a gamble that's paid off.

'Reflecting the truth'

Robert Sarkies has filmed the story of Louise Nicholas, the woman who said she was raped by police.


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Sarah Potts

Life-and-death battle for Sarah

The crusade by Shorty doc Sarah Potts to find a cure for a mystery virus is set to have a positive spin-off.

Cliff Curtis in Dark Horse.

An instant Kiwi classic

As Genesis Potini, Cliff Curtis gives the performance of his career so far.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey trailer out

Something in this Christian Grey's handsomeness hints at cruelty. It's the perfect tease.

Tom and Loz

Block star's online hell

Being called an "infertile fugly wife" by a stranger hurt The Block NZ's Loren Heaphy to the core.

Zach Braff

Still a wandering soul

Zach Braff is the patron saint of those slightly thwarted in their ambitions.

tammy movie

McCarthy switches gears

Melissa McCarthy's new movie Tammy is a dream project with husband Ben Falcone.


Broadchurch best of British

It's nice to see British drama back up there, with the stunningly good Broadchurch bowing out last night.

Fifty Shades of Grey

First frontal of Christian Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey fans are divided over the first frontal photo of Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey

The White Queen

The White Queen

Beautiful costumes, stunning scenery and a fair amount of seducing and scheming might sum up The White Queen.

Shortland St

Shorty Street's new romance

Is love finally in the air for ambulance medic Ula Levi and new dishy doc Garrett Whitley?

Greer Berry

Front row on birthing shows

Watching someone else go through one of the most intense things in their life can be seen as masochistic.

Born in the wild

Born in the Wild

A new reality TV show is taking women into the wilderness to give birth. One Born Every Minute without the gas and air, or beds or baths...


The new face of Morgana

Before joining Neighbours Morgana O’Reilly was used to playing as many as 20 characters in a night.

Grace of Monaco

Kidman didn't stand a chance

Nicole Kidman doesn't fare too well playing Hollywood (and actual) royalty in Grace of Monaco.


Flying the Aussie flag

Broadchurch gives a former Blue Heeler a new chance to shine.

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