Winter wardrobe woes?

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It's been one of the driest summers in New Zealand since 1973, but as the days get longer and cooler, knowing what to wear if you are pregnant can prove a challenge.

We've pulled together some of this winter's maternity-wear options.  From snuggly woollen dresses to bump-flattering trench coats, there are plenty to choose from. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is tough at the best of the times, but a good pair is a winter-time staple.

If you need to stick to quite a tight maternity budget, remember to layer as well, or look for maternity options that will still be stylish and wearable once baby is born.

If you are moving into your next trimester and have already spent lots of money on summer maternity wear, look at layering with a warm long-sleeve merino spencer underneath shorter sleeves, or layer with a jersey you can mix and match with other outfits too.

Depending on how frugal you need to be, consider having a look at Trade Me for preggie clothes deals, they might be second hand, but you could find that pre-loved-perfect-for-you winter coat for the fraction of the price you would pay for it new.

Tell us: What cost savings tips do you have for sticking to a budget when maternity clothes shopping?

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