Cleaning out your closet

When deciding whether to keep an article of clothing, the "what if" monster strikes me hard.

Finding the right bra

One of the easiest ways to enhance your body is to wear a good-fitting bra.

Zoe spills her secrets

Former beauty editor, hilarious author and new mum Zoe Foster-Blake gives us the lowdown on all things beauty.

5 beauty buys for under $10

These beauty scores are cheap as chips but come with better bells and whistles than their pricier counterparts.

Treating rosacea

An estimated one in 10 New Zealanders will develop rosacea at some point their lives.


We're talking about...

what's in this section?


In my beauty bag

The always polished woman behind Egg maternity spills on her biggest beauty mistake and her key products.


Swimsuits sexy at many sizes

Move over Sports Illustrated, here's a swimwear calendar that champions many different body sizes.


Unexpected uses for olive oil

From an at-home ear wax remedy to a natural makeup remover - olive oil really is the ultimate multi-tasker.

hair, hair loss

Post-baby hair loss

"My hair is falling out!" my friend Liz wailed. "The plughole is full of it, my brush is full of it ... at this rate I won't have any left at all!"


The makeover

Here's Kelly before her Gorgeous Me makeover, check out her transformation...


What colours suit you?

You might have found a great outfit, but if the colour is wrong it will do you no favours.


Meet the makeover winner

Meet the winner of Essential Mums' and Gorgeous Me's makeover competition.


Makeover finalists: Vote now!

The finalists in the Essential Mums and Gorgeous Me makeover competition have been chosen, Vote for who you think should win.


Transform yourself: week 5

In week five of our personal makeover series, Lisa Lyford talks personal style - plus, don't miss out on the chance to win a makeover.


Win: A makeover

Essential Mums and Gorgeous Me are looking for a makeover model for May. Could it be you?


Transform yourself: week four

In week four of our six-week personal makeover series, Lisa Lyford shares tips on dressing to suit your body shape.

Kiran phone

The mummy uniform

I've realised I wear a subtle variation on the same clothes every day. It's my 'mummy look' you could say.


Transform yourself: week three

Want some tips to highlight your body's best bits while playing down parts you'd rather people didn't notice?


When to throw out products

The lifespan of your favourite beauty products might surprise you - and not in a good way.


What's your body shape?

In week two of a six-week personal makeover series, Lisa Lyford helps you work out your body shape.

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