dad and baby bump

Pregnancy and relationship rifts

A life-changing event like pregnancy can have a big impact on your relationship ... for better or worse.

Ex going against my wishes

I recently fell out with my father and don't want my kids around him, but my ex is insisting on taking them to my parents on Christmas.

The death of a child

Our daughter passed away recently and my wife and I struggling with grief. Now I'm worried about losing our marriage as well.

Keep your relationship on track

As a new mum, I went from feeling content and happy in my marriage to feeling overworked, bone tired and drained out physically and emotionally.

Will childbirth kill your sex life?

I was there during the bursting of waters and the 17 hours of probing and searching. I was in and out of showers, sworn at and an assistant in epidurals.


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unhappy couple

A marriage deal-breaker?

Marina Kamenev yearns for another baby. Her husband is adamant that one is enough.


Kids don't want me dating

I've been divorced for nearly a year and am thinking about dating again. When I told my kids they got really angry.

His son's reaction isn't 'nonsense'

My new boyfriend's son can't stand that we're together and demands constant attention. We have no alone time and I can't handle it.

Single parent

Sorting out custody

I'm going through a divorce and my ex and I are leaning towards joint custody. A friend says this never works. What should I do?

Wise words after 65 years married

OPINION: What does it really take to have long and healthy marriage?


Why am I so emotional?

Is there a switch that gets turned on at birth that makes us more sensitive and emotional?


Struggling stepmum

I really like my new husband's kids, but they treat me horribly. He tends to take their side. I'm worried our marriage is doomed.

Aminah Hart and Scott Anderson with their daughter Leila

Engagement for sperm donor family

The romantic tale of the single mum who fell in love with her sperm donor continues - with news of an engagement and Hollywood interest.

I'm not the person my husband married

In the six years since we tied the knot, I've changed - and I'm ok with that.

happy couple

Why you need a date night

When we become parents, our relationship with our partner inevitably evolves very quickly. But it's important to keep close - and date nights can help.


Ultimate relationship killers

When it comes to communication, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it that matters.

Birth plan

Do you need a pregnancy contract?

Is a pregnancy contract a wortwhile exercise in protecting your relationship against the trials and tribulations of new parenthood?

football, soccer generic

Dad's girlfriend asked to stay away

My son has asked me not to bring my new girlfriend to watch him play sport as it upsets his mum. My girlfriend isn't happy.

fighting conflict arguing

Don't stay together for the kids

Unhappily partnered parents: Please don't stay together "for the kids."

odl fashioned couple

Rude awakenings

A foray into a good old-fashioned sex education.

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