Family after divorce

My husband and I had known for a few months that we were separating but we hadn't worked out when would be best to tell our kids.

Losing friends

Every time I see my old friend she comments about the state of my house, or the food my children are eating. Our friendship is almost over.

Parenting after divorce

My marriage has just ended. I don't want my kids to be 'children of divorce'. How can I help them through this time?

Too much information

My stepdaughter is constantly telling her mother things that go on in our home. We don't have anything to hide, but I need more privacy.

Friendships under pressure

Friendships can be put to the test once you have kids and are dealing with different parenting styles and kids not getting on.


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In-law inferiority complex

I am uncomfortable with my husband's family, particularly his sister, having a relationship with his ex-wife. It feels like they are choosing her over me.

date night

Ditching date night

'Date night' is mean to invigorate relationships - but wouldn't just hanging out be better?

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Talking with childfree friends

It's so tempting to judge people for all the ways that they aren't you. It feels deliciously validating for a minute or so.


Reviving your sex life

If you're trying to bring back the spark into your sex life post-baby try these tips.

fighting conflict arguing

Is the new girlfriend overstepping?

I think my ex-husband's new girlfriend (of less than three months) is too involved with my kids. My ex disagrees. What do we do?

melody mccabe wedding

My comrade in arms

This isn't the first time our vows for "better and for worse, in sickness and in health" have been tested.


When kids walk in on 'adult time'

Has your child ever interrupted you in the bedroom? Here is how to handle the awkward situation.


Life as a widower and dad

Just after 8pm I was a happily married 33-year-old father. By 9.17pm I was sitting in an ambulance, a widower in shock.

fighting couple

Why is birth control my problem?

My husband and I have two babies. He now wants me to get my tubes tied or go on the pill. I want him to get a vasectomy or use condoms.


What's your love language?

The key to a harmonious relationship? Understanding what ticks each other's boxes.


Keeping your sex life alive

"We panic, generally, when it comes to sex if the kids are home. What if they open the door? What if ... too many what if's really kill the mood."

Tired mum

Loneliness of a stay-at-home mum

As my children started daycare then school, isolation became just a sad fact of my life.

fighting conflict arguing

The aftermath of an affair

I had an affair and my marriage broke up. When can I introduce my new partner to my child?

Greer Berry

Sex during pregnancy

Every woman's pregnancy is different - some lose their libido completely, some turn into total hornbags.


Partner and bestie in one?

It's counterintuitive, but too much familiarity can be bad for intimacy.

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