couple talking

Rekindling a romance

My ex and I got married and divorced very young. We're starting to get close again. We have a daughter. Should we get back together?

Do you need a pregnancy contract?

Is a pregnancy contract a wortwhile exercise in protecting your relationship against the trials and tribulations of new parenthood?

Dad's girlfriend asked to stay away

My son has asked me not to bring my new girlfriend to watch him play sport as it upsets his mum. My girlfriend isn't happy.

Don't stay together for the kids

Unhappily partnered parents: Please don't stay together "for the kids."

Rude awakenings

A foray into a good old-fashioned sex education.


what's in this section?

Cafe friends drinking coffee

Finding your mum tribe

If you're not much of a joiner then finding a mothers group that works for you could prove tricky.

kids at wedding

The 'no children' wedding invite

"It's her wedding, so the day is all about her, not your baby."

Teen tech

Time for a custody change?

My ex and I have shared custody of our kids since we split five years ago, but now my daughter is sick of going back and forth between houses.


Video: Making new mum friends

This hilarious video shows how making new mum friends can be awkward - but reassures that it is possible.

anna guy

Getting away from it all

Anna Guy and her partner have just managed a holiday away from (most of) the kids - no mean feat.

rebecca papprill

Living like a nun

Starting to date as a single mum was a daunting prospect for Rebecca, but she met the love of her life.

family generic

New partner over-stepping

My new partner has a problem with my ex. He doesn't approve of his parenting and looks for excuses for the kids not to see their dad.

Parents and new baby

What's your love language?

It seems so straightforward; parents know how to love their kids, don't they?


3 words ended my marriage

I simply didn't understand it. I drove myself mad replaying it. What had I done wrong?


Dating as a single parent

What is it like as a single parent stepping back out onto the dating scene?

Single parent

Single parenthood

How do the constraints of parenthood affect your transformation as a person when you're suddenly single.


How 'normal' is your sex life?

Children can have a huge impact on the frequency of sex for couples. Here are some tips to revitalise your sex life.

woman on computer

Misery loves Facebook

What happens when someone uses Facebook for ranting about their children ALL THE TIME?


The danger of silent treatment

If you suffer in silence - or because of it - your relationship is more in danger than you realise.


Men not afraid of smarts

Scientists have had us believe that successful, confident educated women have less success in love. Really?

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