Mum's books

Mum's books


natalie cutler welsh and jacqui lockington

'If only they told me'

Warts-and-all parenting book

A new book by two Auckland women aims to lift the lid on how becoming a parent impacts every aspect of your life.

'Radiant pregnancy' and 'sexy labour'

Actress Alicia Silverstone has written a guide to help women attain 'supercharged fertility, a radiant pregnancy, and a sweeter birth'.

Living in Oberwhelmia

My mum friends and I all live in Overwhelmia. But, somehow, we usually find the time to get together and talk about having no time.

Romance reviews

There's just something about royalty and romance that attracts even the most jaded romance reader.

More myths busted

Will listening to Mozart really make your baby smarter? Is 'baby brain' during pregnancy real?


what's in this section?


Myth-busting pregnancy book

"Is it normal to be turned off by sex after giving birth?" is not a question many women feel comfortable asking their doctor.

JK Rowling

JK Rowling pens another thriller

JK Rowling is back with a novel involving a writer whose acid-tipped pen may have led to murder.


Beating the baby blues

"It is believed that at the baby's birth a 'guilt chip' is inserted into every mother."


Face it, you're fat

Sam Pease lost 28 kilos in five months, but first she had to admit that she made herself overweight.

Stressed woman

What ails modern parents?

Three or four years ago the media could not stop talking about how miserable parents were.

Cam Diaz

Cameron's body advice

The ripped actress wants women to stop hating their bodies and start taking care of themselves properly.


Tiger Mom is back

Tiger Mom Amy Chua is back with a new parenting book - this time claiming some cultures make better parents than others.

bold and the beautiful

Soapy romance novels

An Australian publisher has acquired the global rights to bring the lives and loves of the American daytime TV drama The Bold and the Beautiful from the small screen to the page.

The Luminaries

The best books of 2013

Looking to catch up on the best reads of the year? We have summaries of them all right here.


The bad sex awards

The judges of this year's Bad Sex in Fiction award, run by UK's Literary Review, are spoiled for choice.

Chrissie Swan

What I've learnt by 40

A person can learn a lot in 40 years. So, here I give you the things I know for sure after 40 years on this planet.

Bridget Jones

An obit for Bridget Jones fans

Spoilers, if you do not want to know a crucial plot point in the new Bridget Jones book.

Eleanor Catton

New chapter for Catton

Man Booker winner Eleanor Catton could reap huge rewards in wake of record-making literary win.

sense and sensibility

Updating Austen

A raft of bestselling modern authors have updated Jane Austen's classics.

Eleanor Catton

Youngest ever on shortlist

At 27, NZ writer Eleanor Catton has become the youngest author ever to be shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize.

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