Battling the BMI

You can have a healthy BMI but a too-high level of body fat: researchers are out to prove one size doesn’t fit all.

Periods may predict disease risk

Women who get their period before 10 or after 17 may have a higher risk of heart disease, stroke or high blood pressure, according to a new study.

Five reasons you're not losing weight

You're eating healthier food and you're moving more - so why is it still so hard to shift the kilos?

'I tried to kill my baby'

A few seconds during which Amanda tried to smother her son shaped what was to be a debilitating battle against postnatal depression.

Small steps can reduce stress

Are you feeling used up by life's stress, family problems and a demanding job you can't turn off? Try these tips.


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Sweet nothing

After diagnosing herself as a sugar addict, Veronica Schmidt tries to conquer her cravings.

Sad woman, depressed, grieving

Having another child after PND

It's when you start to feel on top of things that you decide you're up to throwing something else impossible into the mix.


Bikini pic goes viral

When a group of teenagers made rude remarks about her body as she walked past them in a bikini at the local beach, Julie Cross refused to cover up.

Exercise can lead to weight gain

There is a predictor of whether exercise will help you lose or gain weight, a new study has found.

Pregnant and fighting cancer

Joy turned to devastation for the Gunstons when pregnant Amy was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Generic pregnant

'My wife is a warrior'

Jodi Browell underwent four months of chemotherapy while pregnant, and a double mastectomy just three weeks after giving birth.

Practising what she preaches

The Dr Libby brand is so strong that, like a supermodel or a rock star, Weaver no longer requires a surname.

Stressed woman

Going through early menopause

When Carla missed her period at 42, she happily suspected she was pregnant with her second child. She was wrong.


Are you at risk of breast cancer?

When Beth Stewart was 36 years old, she felt a pebble-sized lump in her breast.

Why men lose weight easier

There's no gender equality with weight loss. When it comes to offloading extra weight it's biologically easier for men.

vicki cancer

A year without Vicki

Vicki had a three-month-old son when she first felt something wasn't right. She was gone within a year.


Looking after yourself as a new mum

Coffee and snacks aren't enough to see you through the hazy newborn days. Check out these easy tips on how to fuel your body properly.

Swiss ball

Finding a mum-friendly personal trainer

Burping babies vs burpees - yes, new mums and personal trainers live in different worlds. But they can work together - it's just a matter of finding the right match.

tummy ache

The night my ovary burst

I felt pain that challenged even the most intense pain of childbirth.


Top fitness apps

You might spend a lot of time and money at the gym... but countless workouts can be found right there on your phone.

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