Is it wine o'clock yet?

It's the thing that helps many woman get through the trials of motherhood, and the thing that offers light at the end of a long day.

Women needed for cancer trials

More breast cancer patients are being urged to take part in clinical trials after it was revealed that only about 5 per cent are doing so.

Kids appeal for ailing mum

Three Nelson siblings are appealing to the public to help raise $80,000 so their mum can have ongoing specialist treatment in Germany for a rare form of lung-cancer.

Are we eating too much?

We look into what's happening to our plates - and our eating habits.

Desperately seeking sleep

Sleep deprivation can play havoc with your mind, body and soul, but sometimes it's hard to switch off even when you're exhausted.


what's in this section?


Older mums are older ladies

New study shows late-life mothering doubles your odds of living to an unusually old age.

pregnant yoga

Yoga's wee benefits

Yoga can help strengthen your pelvic floor and stop you leaking when you cough or laugh - a problem that's more common than you think.

Kate Friedlander

Pregnancy after cancer

Kate Friedlander's life has been transformed by her breast cancer - but in a way she never expected.


Is your diet shortening your life?

Our need for protein drives us to over-eat, researchers say, and overdoing protein is linked to cancer.


Avoid winter weight gain

Anyone who works in health and fitness knows the occupational hazard that arises at this time of year.


How I keep well

Growing a fashion label while looking after three young children can be stressful.

anna guy

Running on empty

I think sometimes as a mum, we are so busy taking care of everyone else that we forget to look after ourselves.


The Pill changes desires

Women who take oral contraceptives desire different traits in a man than women not on the Pill, according to a new study.


Mastectomy straight after birth

A woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer during pregnancy had a mastectomy just 30 minutes after giving birth.

At 144kg, something clicked

I knew that something had to change or I wasn't going to be around for my kids.


Win: An eye exam

This competition has now closed.

jo mckenzie-mclean

Running amok on the farm

Trainer Terry thought he'd be clever this week - sending me off to train while he got some work done on a bike park fundraiser.


Are you living like a machine?

Do you work non-stop? Are you bereft of proper sleep, meals and exercise? It's time to do something about it.


TV host undergoes mastectomy

US TV personality Samantha Harris has undergone a double mastectomy.

Sad woman, depressed, grieving

First year not the worst

Mental health of mothers might worsen as their child grows older, new research suggests.

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