Natalie Reynolds

Did age slow diagnosis?

Young mum battling cancer after late detection

Young mum, who had been suffering bleeding for five years, believes doctors 'glanced over bowel cancer' due to her youth.

Hope and despair

Last year I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The 'best case scenario' was I would see my eldest daughter graduate primary school.

Losing yourself to motherhood

'All I am now is a mum and a worker (in my job) and the 'me' that was once there is long gone.'

Mum's depression shaped my life

My mother suffered from chronic, lifelong depression, and it affected me and my four siblings every day.

Baby boogie shakes mum's world

Bernetta Billing wants to bring Kangatraining, a dance-based postnatal workout where mothers wear their baby, to New Zealand.


what's in this section?

relaxing bath

Managing personal space

How can we balance our need for personal space with the needs of our children?

Sleeping woman

'I was so tired I crashed the car'

It was early morning when I jumped into the car with my 12-week-old daughter and 2-year-old son. I was exhausted but had promised the great-grandparents a visit.


No need for a pregnant pause

If you're a mum-to-be bent on keeping up your workout routine, the trick is to consult your doctor, know your limit and have a plan for each trimester.

anna guy

Feeling drained

Having a baby is a wonderful thing but it sure can put your whole system out of whack.


Control fat while you sleep

If you crank up the heater too much overnight, you might not be doing your metabolism any favours.

rebecca papprill

Road to recovery

It may seem strange, but Rebecca says she is a recovering solo mum.

Work yoga

How to get fit at your desk

Check out these great apps to help you easily exercise - and get results - while at work.


Mum defends her bikini body

A mum-of-five has hit back at the people who called her body when in a bikini "disgusting".


On the diet-depression link

We know that exercise can improve depression, but could a healthier diet also help tame the black dog?

baby child mother

I'm a mum with cancer

When I got most of my hair cut off recently no one asked why.

antonia kidman

Never, ever ask

Recently, I was on the receiving end of a faux pas and it left me feeling humiliated and flat.


Nine diet-saving food swaps

Commit to these simple health-saving food swaps and see (and feel) results.


Women needed for cancer trials

More breast cancer patients are being urged to take part in clinical trials after it was revealed that only about 5 per cent are doing so.

	 Gasteiger appeal

Kids appeal for ailing mum

Three Nelson siblings are appealing to the public to help raise $80,000 so their mum can have ongoing specialist treatment in Germany for a rare form of lung-cancer.


Are we eating too much?

We look into what's happening to our plates - and our eating habits.

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