Mum's life

Mum's life



When joy takes time

Few things feel worse than being told to feel joy about something that fills you with an altogether different set of emotions.


A single mum's meltdown

Last night Kerri Sackville discovered that no matter how mighty you think you are, you can't do it all on your own.


Bath + mask = bliss

Is there anything more restorative than a steaming hot bath? Try throwing in a spa-worthy face mask too.


Finding your mum tribe

If you're not much of a joiner then finding a mothers group that works for you could prove tricky.

friends, women talking

Is your mind elsewhere?

Our minds now carry large loads and are over-stimulated, but help is at hand.


what's in this section?

Relationships couple talking

Rekindling a romance

My ex and I got married and divorced very young. We're starting to get close again. We have a daughter. Should we get back together?

odl fashioned couple

Rude awakenings

A foray into a good old-fashioned sex education.

Health Elouise Hemming

Grateful for everything good

Elouise Hemming's cancer stayed away just long enough for a short crop of hair to grow back.


Fat shaming mums

The transition to motherhood is one of the biggest changes a woman can go though. The last thing anyone needs is a lecture about they way they look.

TV & movies Tatjana Bozic

A history of heartbreak

The pain of rejection gave Tatjana Bozic the idea for a documentary - asking former lovers what went wrong.


Tim Balme's killer concept

Writer of The Brokenwood Mysteries Tim Balme explains why we all like a bloody good murder.


Start a business on a shoestring

How do you start a business with pretty much nothing?

office worker

Office skills that matter

Want to succeed in the modern workplace? Here are 10 old-fashioned skills you'll need.

Celebrities Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon a multitasking mum

Reese Witherspoon wishes "there were more hours in the day".

Cindy Crawford

Hollywood homebirths

Check out which high-profile mums gave birth at home. You might be surprised.


Makeover follow-up

We catch up with the winner of our makeover competition, to see if the changes have stuck a few months down the track.


A mummy makeover

A busy mum of three, Penny felt like she'd been in a haze for eight years. Then she had this amazing makeover.

Mum's books Mothers Grimm

Mothers Grimm

Remember the story of Hansel and Gretel? Author Danielle Wood transforms the dark woods into a childcare centre in her dark stories about motherhood.

Abby Wilder

Dream comes true for author

If working part time and raising two children wasn't enough, Abby Wilder has self-published her debut novel.

Home strap

Clean your house in 30 minutes

There's a trick to keeping your house spotless and it doesn't involve spending the day with your mop and bucket.

mess, clutter

How to declutter your home

School terms fly by in a flurry of forms, artwork and bill that pile up into mounds that I ignore until my school holidays declutter rampage.

Hobbies herb garden

Handy herbs to plant now

They'll save you money, make your house look good and you don't even need a garden. Win, win.

elaborate hairstyles for twins

Twins' elaborate hairstyles

One mum is going above and beyond with her twins' hair by creating elaborate hairstyles.

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