Mum's life

Mum's life



Pregnancy skincare tips

What we put on our skin is important, no more so than during pregnancy.

antonia kidman

Never, ever ask

Recently, I was on the receiving end of a faux pas and it left me feeling humiliated and flat.


Finding the right bra

One of the easiest ways to enhance your body is to wear a good-fitting bra.

christian grey

Fifty Shades of Grey trailer out

Something in this Christian Grey's handsomeness hints at cruelty. It's the perfect tease.


Dream comes true for author

If working part time and raising two children wasn't enough, Abby Wilder has self-published her debut novel.


what's in this section?

Relationships Divorce

Family after divorce

My husband and I had known for a few months that we were separating but we hadn't worked out when would be best to tell our kids.

Tiger mum Amy Chua

Losing friends

Every time I see my old friend she comments about the state of my house, or the food my children are eating. Our friendship is almost over.

Health Wine glasses

Is it wine o'clock yet?

It's the thing that helps many woman get through the trials of motherhood, and the thing that offers light at the end of a long day.


Nine diet-saving food swaps

Commit to these simple health-saving food swaps and see (and feel) results.

TV & movies tammy movie

McCarthy switches gears

Melissa McCarthy's new movie Tammy is a dream project with husband Ben Falcone.

Tom and Loz

Block star's online hell

Being called an "infertile fugly wife" by a stranger hurt The Block NZ's Loren Heaphy to the core.

Work feminist, rosie the riveter

Unfinished business

The great battles of feminism may be over, but women still have plenty to fight for in the quest for equality.


Making your work day healthier

It's time to get serious about breaking up the long bouts of uninterrupted sitting.

Celebrities Prince George

Prince George takes first steps

A month shy of his first birthday, Prince George toddles off, pursued by his mother.

north west

North West's first steps

Kim Kardashion and Kanye West's daughter, North, has taken her first steps.

Style wardrobe

Cleaning out your closet

When deciding whether to keep an article of clothing, the "what if" monster strikes me hard.

Zoe Foster-Blake

Zoe spills her secrets

Former beauty editor, hilarious author and new mum Zoe Foster-Blake gives us the lowdown on all things beauty.

Mum's books Judy Blume

The return of Judy Blume

If Deenie, Tiger Eyes and Are You There God, It's Me Margaret helped you through your tweens, rejoice - Judy Blume is putting pen to paper again.

Robin Hobb

The mother of dragons

Best-selling fantasy author Robin Hobb writes of dragons, assassins and talking sailing ships, but she can't simply make it up.


The intervention

The other day my mum staged an intervention. Not because of drugs or alcohol - because of my messy house.

anna guy

Having a clear out

It sounds like a free-for-all, but as they say 'One man's trash is another man's treasure' and it's amazing what goes.

Hobbies herb garden

Handy herbs to plant now

They'll save you money, make your house look good and you don't even need a garden. Win, win.


Funniest Pinterest fails

Ever attempted to make something you've seen on Pinterest? Not every thing is as easy as it looks.

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