Mum's life

Mum's life


Boys esteem

His son's reaction isn't 'nonsense'

My new boyfriend's son can't stand that we're together and demands constant attention. We have no alone time and I can't handle it.

Melanie Mckenzie

Rural mum turns entrepreneur

Southland farmer's wife and mother Melanie McKenzie spends her downtime working.

Cate Blanchett

Cate 'intimidated' by other mums

Cate Blanchett may be an international star but admits to being intimidated by the 'mummy mafia'.


Sweet nothing

After diagnosing herself as a sugar addict, Veronica Schmidt tries to conquer her cravings.

angry woman

Small steps can reduce stress

Are you feeling used up by life's stress, family problems and a demanding job you can't turn off? Try these tips.


what's in this section?

Relationships Dad kissing baby bump

Pregnancy and relationship rifts

A life-changing event like pregnancy can have a big impact on your relationship ... for better or worse.

Single parent

Sorting out custody

I'm going through a divorce and my ex and I are leaning towards joint custody. A friend says this never works. What should I do?

TV & movies

DVF: My life in fashion

Diane von Furstenberg doesn't love reality TV but has made a series about her fashion design company.

Fifty Shades gets streamy

Can you handle the new Fifty Shades of Grey trailer?

Health Sad woman, depressed, grieving

Having another child after PND

It's when you start to feel on top of things that you decide you're up to throwing something else impossible into the mix.


Bikini pic goes viral

When a group of teenagers made rude remarks about her body as she walked past them in a bikini at the local beach, Julie Cross refused to cover up.


From hobby to business

A couple who moved from Paris to Hastings are bringing the old world to the new, one shipping container at a time.


Holding on to your identity

As I took my daughter to school orientation I felt an overwhelming sense of relief I hadn't completely devoted the past decade to child rearing.

Celebrities Rachel Bilson

Fairytale baby for Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson has reportedly given birth to a baby girl - and given her a fairytale name.

Grieving mum moves Kate to tears

A tearful Duchess of Cambridge was seen throwing her arms around a grieving mother at the launch of a hospice appeal. 


My life without makeup

When the daily grooming ritual became too much of a burden for Tracey Spicer, she decided to go cold turkey.

Nifty makeup storage hacks

Are your bathroom cabinets overflowing with beauty products that you've amassed?

Mum's books Mothers Grimm

Mothers Grimm

Remember the story of Hansel and Gretel? Author Danielle Wood transforms the dark woods into a childcare centre in her dark stories about motherhood.

Abby Wilder

Dream comes true for author

If working part time and raising two children wasn't enough, Abby Wilder has self-published her debut novel.

Home strap

Clean your house in 30 minutes

There's a trick to keeping your house spotless and it doesn't involve spending the day with your mop and bucket.

Washing laundry

Laundry mistakes most people make

Some of us have dirty laundry to air. Well, in the washing machine at least.


Why hobbies are important

'I was at a friend's place for supper and I realised I didn't have anything to talk about except the children, schools and the price of property."

elaborate hairstyles for twins

Twins' elaborate hairstyles

One mum is going above and beyond with her twins' hair by creating elaborate hairstyles.

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