child playing with puzzle

Building blocks of success

Blocks, puzzles and other hands-on toys teach kids skills that set them up for success later in life, according to research.

The ultimate travel stroller

Product review

If, like me, you've just gone with a cheapie umbrella stroller as your default, you'll be amazed by this reasonably priced travel stroller.

Breaking up with dummy

Weaning your child off the dummy can be a traumatic experience. Here are some tips to help you through.

Kardashians kids' klothes

The Kardashians are looking to ensare a new generation of fans with the release of a collection of kids clothing.

Little shoes

A guide to buying your baby and toddler's first shoes and what the experts recommend.


what's in this section?


Safety recalls and warnings

Here’s a list of baby-and child-related products that have been recalled recently.


Carseats germier than toilets?

Apparently children's carseats actually have twice the amount of potentially dangerous germs found on a household toilet.


Using a buggy board

I was a little apprehensive about getting a buggy board even though I have always loved the idea of them.


Gifts for kids

Yesterday we brought you stocking filler ideas, today we look at gift ideas ranging from $20-$300.

bionic arm

Kids' gifts for under $20

Need some inspiration for low-cost kids' gifts? Check out these ideas that are all $20 or less.

little fashionista

Little fashionistas

These little fashionistas are pretty cute, but one wonders how much tree climbing and running around they do in these fancy clothes.


Meet Quinoa, toddler fashionista

Quinoa is a very well-dressed child who enjoys haute couture and meditation. Want to see her Pinterest board?


Faulty toys a hazard

The recall of 25 faulty toys and leisure goods last year shows why New Zealand needs stricter controls around consumer products, watchdogs say.


Kids and apps

While parents accept their kids will function in a digital age, it is still important to monitor what apps your child is downloading, it could save your credit card balance and protect your child.


Do toddlers need tablets?

What's more appealing to a child than blinking lights, fun sounds and touch screens?


A toy-free Christmas

Santa is not bringing any toys for my kids this Christmas.


My toddler drank drain cleaner

Disaster can strike in a split second, so what do you do if your child swallows a harmful substance?

Top home safety products

Essential Baby
There are times when we’d love to wrap bub in cotton wool and hold them tight to protect them from danger - but alas children love to explore. And when they do, it is essential that you childproof your home.

Button batteries risky

Children face a growing risk from "button" batteries, which can cause electrical or chemical burns if swallowed.

sock str

Not just monkeying around

Two Wellington mums take ordinary socks and turn them into cuddly companions for sick children.

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