Health & nutrition

Health & nutrition


Rylee Taylor

Facebook saves sight

Tara Taylor had no idea posting a photo of her toddler on Facebook would lead to the diagnosis of a serious disease.

Searching for a diagnosis

The only way to diagnose our gluten-intolerant son was to 'torture' him for two months.

Why kids don't like veges

There are perfectly good reasons for why your child will refuse to eat vegetables - but that doesn't mean you have to give up.

Poker through tongue

Mystery remains as to just how he did it

Family has no idea how Ezra, 2, managed to impale his tongue with a fire poker.

When flu strikes

I've had flu once before, so I already know not to underestimate its power. Still, this virus hit us all like a freight train.


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Child having his teeth brushed.

Tooth grinding in toddlers

How damaging is it if your toddler grinds their teeth?

toddler playing

Video: What autism looks like

Spotting the early signs of autism can be hard. This video has been developed to help.


Margot needs a life saver

Vicki and Yasser Martini have launched a global appeal to find a stem cell donor to save their daughter.

Addison Blundell

Introduced to sound

Even toddler tantrums have a positive side for Addison Blundell's parents.


Social events and sick kids

Do you take your kids to a social event if they're a bit under the weather?

300 medic

Label changes improve Pamol safety

Parents can feel more confident they are giving children the right amount of Pamol, thanks to changes in dosage instructions.

Steph Alty's daughter’s suction machine

Guard says sorry after bomb gaffe

Airport guard who mistook disabled toddler's medical equipment for a bomb apologises.


Dandelion grows in baby's ear

Doctors made a shocking discovery when they found a dandelion growing inside 16-month-old's ear canal.  

charlie bailey

Charlie is a Xmas star

For most of his life, Charlie Bailey has been unable to eat, and he has spent a third of his short life in hospital.

Hearing test, baby

Hearing risks remain

Hearing of thousands of young children nationwide remains under threat from undetected problems.

Fynn Botherway

Rare disorder gives 'super powers'

Hawke's Bay 3-year-old Fynn Botherway suffers from such a rare disorder it is yet to be named.


Why are toddlers fussy eaters?

Understanding how your toddlers' taste develops could stop meal times being a daily battle.

evie callander super power baby

Super Power Babies

Evie Callander lived a short life in which she would never walk, talk, or even eat solid food. But she had super powers.


Toddler has stomach stapled

A toddler from Saudi Arabia has become the youngest person in the world to undergo bariatric surgery, after reaching 33kg at age two.


Teaching healthy eating

As a parent it can be incredibly hard to get our kids eating what we know they should eat. So a new study caught my attention.

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