Education & play

Education & play


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Preserving memories

Do you remember much from your early childhood? Do you want your kids to be able to remember more when they are older?

Fussy kids plonked in front of TV

You've got a squalling baby, a long to-do list and a DVD on hand. Presto. A child crying at the top of his lungs is suddenly calm.

Easter fun with little ones

Milin is allergic to eggs, so Kiran has found some inventive and fun ways to celebrate easter with the kids.

BMX twins video goes viral

Identical twins Jake and Theo Riddle have become pint-sized international sensations after their parents posted a video of their BMX skills on YouTube.

TV habits cause alarm

Two-thirds of Kiwi toddlers have their eyes glued to electronic screens for at least part of every day.


We're talking about...

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child playing with puzzle

Building blocks of success

Blocks, puzzles and other hands-on toys teach kids skills that set them up for success later in life, according to research.

Kids mobility

Toys turned into freedom

US researchers have turned ride-on toys into mobility scooters, for a couple of hundred dollars and some DIY tricks.


The boy can scoot

Sometimes lots of little things make you realise how fast your children are growing up and sometimes it's one big thing.

Milin Chug

Messy play

Recently I've come to love making a mess with my son. Choosing an age appropriate activity, however, is key.

Milin and Jasmin

Teaching children to play

There are many things my kids are good at, but where they really outdo themselves is at playtime.


CD books for Kiwi kids

If you're tired of reading the same book over and over again, think about investing in some CD books. Here are our favourite Kiwi ones.


The boy can sing

The sweet little voice of my two year old singing an increasing repertoire of songs has become the soundtrack to my life.

william tye

A tiny Tiger on the tee

Three-year-old Kiwi is judged among the best golf players for his age in the world.

skateboarding baby

Skateboarding toddler

Videos of 2-year-old Kiwi skateboarding have become a worldwide sensation despite safety concerns.

Miss K fish

Gone fishing

Four-year-old Miss K is going fishing with her granddad Don, and to say she's excited is something of an understatement.


Girl 'sings' to deaf parents

This little girl's parents are deaf, so when her class did their Christmas concert, she made sure they understood what was going on.


2-year-old v Channing Tatum

He's adorable, he's got a killer "trick shot" with a basketball, and he's two. Meet Trick Shot Titus.


10 gifts your toddler can make

With a little help from you, these Christmas gifts are so easy that even your toddler will be able to make them.


The first report card

Milin isn't two years old yet, but he's already had his first parents' evening and his first report card.

Milin water

My water baby

Milin and his dad have been going for swimming lessons and Milin is loving every minute.

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