Education & play

Education & play


toddler playing

Playing with your kids

Not everyone truly enjoys 'playing with their kids', and many parents feel like they don't do it enough.

Kindy girl

I've been searching for an activity Miss A can do to mix with other kids, then Miss K's teacher said I could bring her along to kindy.


One dad took the element of surprise too far when he shaved off his bushy beard during a game of peek-a-boo.

A Thomas obsession

This is the first time Milin's become so enthralled by a story that the merchandise that goes with it has become a big part of his life

Big days out

If you're planning a day out with a toddler and a baby you need to be organised. Here are Kiran Chug's top tips.


We're talking about...

what's in this section?

Child computer

What's on screen matters

We all know the kids and screen time debate, but researchers say it needs to shift to content.


Instagram's Princess

Meet the 2-year-old giving the Kardashians a run for their money in the selfie stakes.

toddler impersonation

Monkey see, monkey do

Little Ellis has noticed his pregnant mum walking a bit different. His impersonation is hilarious.

Milin and Jasmin

Should kids be bored?

Is it good to let children get bored, or is it better to amuse them for every minute?

Milin and Jasmin

Time to read

Looking around Milin and Jasmin's rooms, it's hard not to notice the piles of books, but my kids have had quite different reading journeys.

tech-savvy toddler

TV over books for Kiwi toddlers

Kiwi kids raised with a bedtime story are increasingly of a bygone generation, as research shows a third of 2-year-olds are not read to daily.

Kiran - for blog use only

Dragons, monsters and dinosaurs

A friendly dragon keeps waking Milin up from his daytime naps. He's always gone by the time I get there.

Milin soccer

World Cup fever

Milin doesn't understand much about what's going on but he knows it's going to involve lots of football.


Becoming a soccer mum

Milin has started football. I want to nurture his love for sport, and I think a team environment will be really good for him.

your baby can read

A good childcare worker

When my daughter's favourite daycare teacher left I spent the car ride home sobbing.


The new toy

Milin has a new love in his life. It's 10 feet wide and taller than all the trees in our garden.


Imaginative play

It started with Milin bringing me cups of make-believe tea. Then it was cutting the imaginary grass in our living room.

ipad with kids

Fussy kids plonked in front of TV

You've got a squalling baby, a long to-do list and a DVD on hand. Presto. A child crying at the top of his lungs is suddenly calm.

Easter egg

Easter fun with little ones

Milin is allergic to eggs, so Kiran has found some inventive and fun ways to celebrate easter with the kids.

mum and toddler

Preserving memories

Do you remember much from your early childhood? Do you want your kids to be able to remember more when they are older?

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