Teaching a toddler to sleep in

Parents share their tips on getting their early risers to sleep in, even for just a little bit longer.

Child-proof your Christmas tree

Here's a game plan to keep your toddler from pulling the Christmas tree down, or from hurling ornaments across the room.

The nappy incident

Miss A is quite an infuriating kid to tell off. She seems to enjoy it and will even do something naughty so she can tell herself off.

Getting her grump on

You're never left wondering for long what Miss A is thinking or how she is feeling.

Emotional viewing

This video of a compassionate little girl crying as she watches a movie about a lost penguin is adorable.


what's in this section?

toddler tantrums

How to deal with a tantrum

When your child is packing a tantrum, take a deep breath and try not to focus on how it makes you feel.


Why 'no kids' policies are absurd

I have a confession to make: I'm one of those bloody mothers who takes her bloody children to cafes.


The ultimate warrior

Miss A reminds me of the WWF wrestlers as she climbs up onto the corner of the couch and launches herself onto Miss K below.

toddler sleep

Letting a toddler sleep in our bed

Our two-year-old gets hysterical to the point of vomiting if we don't let her sleep in our bed. What should we do?

confused toddler

The casualties of toddlerhood

My three-year-old has discovered the toilet. And no, not in a "we're toilet-trained" kind of way.


Lessons from my toddler

I think I've wasted a bit too much energy in the last year or so picking battles with Milin which haven't really been necessary.


When your child prefers one parent

It's common for toddlers to show a preference for either parent, and it will pass. Here are some ways to deal with it in the meantime.


Toddler tantrums

Every now and then Milin has the ability to throw his toys out of the cot. Literally, figuratively, and in spectacular style.


Afraid of the dark

Bedtime should be a time when kids feel safe and secure, but as kids' imaginations start to grow, so do their fears.

miss a, awatea

Moments of mischief

How do children know how to do take the utmost advantage of a parent's distraction?

Miss A, Awatea

Our social butterfly

Lately Miss A seems to prefer to be with other people rather than her dear old parents. Is this the opposite of separation anxiety?


A day of mischief

Miss A It seemed to be trying for the world record of naughty acts in a single day. If there is such a record she's gone very close to setting a new one.

miss a, awatea

The power of one

Miss A has developed a penchant for wearing one sock and one item of footwear around the house at all times.

miss k

The day trip

Miss K and Miss A have an eventful time while on a day trip to Akaroa.

nathaniel and leon jonassen

Twins avoid bedtime

This video of two-year-old twins Nathaniel and Leon avoiding bedtime defines terrible twos.

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