Taming the tantrum

Nothing joins parents in unity more than the tantrum. Here are eight things you need to know to tackle them.

Help - my toddler is pulling out her hair

After our son was born our 2-year-old daughter starting pulling her hair out, sometimes in handfuls. The doctor said to ignore it, but I can't.

I failed the sippy cup test

Celebrity UK nanny Emma Jenner has listed five ways in which modern day parents are failing. I don't get a passing grade.

From toddler to terror

We didn't see it coming. Our little girl was a delight - but now my adorable angel has turned into a terror.

The art of pretend giving

Miss A gives something up on the proviso that it comes back almost immediately. It's like an extreme version of a short-term loan.


what's in this section?

Miss A, Awatea

Making a point

Miss A's favourite mode of communication at the moment is pointing - and so far it's getting her what she wants.


Talking to toddlers

What I say and what my toddler hears seem to be completely different things. Here's my attempt to decode the language barrier.


Breaking up with dummy

Weaning your child off the dummy can be a traumatic experience. Here are some tips to help you through.


Pushing the boundaries

As much as I try to understand why Milin's suddenly pushing the boundaries, I'm struggling.


Your parenting toolbox

You and your partner need to make sure you're on the same page when it comes to discipline.


The terrible twos

Family, friends and strangers warned us: Just wait until your son turns two.


Toddlers have it tough

From cutting toast in the wrong shape, to getting the words to Wheels on the Bus wrong. Here are the things you do that really peeve your toddlers.

Honest toddler

Toddler logic

Toddler logic is sometimes flawless, have a look at these gems.

Melt down

Reasons my kid is crying

Paul Pembroke copped some criticism last year for his Tumblr account 'why my son cries', but now other parents are joining in.

ipad kids

'I'd never let my kids do that'

See what's on the no-go lists for these four experts when it comes to raising their kids.


Daycare meltdowns

Child psychologist Fran Vertue has some tips on getting back into the daycare routine after a holiday.


Dealing with a clingy child

The way parents handle clinginess can have a big impact on how long it lasts and how bad it becomes.

sad child

Teaching children to say sorry

Saying sorry ... Of all the storms in all the teacups, this quarrel has to be among the greatest.


Playing with poo

Unfortunately, it's pretty common for toddlers to play with the contents of their nappies.


Driven to distraction

Recent research has revealed that having children in the car is more distracting than chatting on a mobile phone.

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