Milin and Jasmin

Eating out with children

I think asking parents to stay away from cafes and restaurants is unfair - I could spend my entire life at home if I didn't go out for fear of the kids playing up.

Kiran family

Parenting and teamwork

If teamwork is important to marriage, it's crucial to parenting.

kiran chug

Parenting lessons not learnt

Kiran has learnt a lot since becoming a mother, but there is a long list of lessons she hasn't.

child on computer

What's on screen matters

We all know the kids and screen time debate, but researchers say it needs to shift to content.

miss A

Cuddly girl

Miss A has been slow to reveal her softer side, but the transition to cuddly girl is complete.


what's in this section?

Development toddler

Toddler milestones

It is important to realise that a child’s developmental progress does vary greatly, and is not a race.


Toddlers: 13 to 15 months

It's all happening now... your little baby is becoming a toddler. Read on for some helpful advice on some of the changes you can expect in the next three months. What an exciting year you have ahead.

Caring for toddler kiran chug

Becoming a working mum

I'm only in my first week back at work and I've realised how important it is to be organised.

kids at wedding

Kids and weddings

Kiran took the kids to a wedding and it got her thinking about little ones and big social events.

Health & nutrition Rylee Taylor

Facebook saves sight

Tara Taylor had no idea posting a photo of her toddler on Facebook would lead to the diagnosis of a serious disease.


Taking toddlers to the dentist

I remember being told by my Plunket nurse to take Milin to the dentist before his second birthday. I don't really have an excuse why I didn't.

Education & play Pixiecurtis

Instagram's Princess

Meet the 2-year-old giving the Kardashians a run for their money in the selfie stakes.

toddler impersonation

Monkey see, monkey do

Little Ellis has noticed his pregnant mum walking a bit different. His impersonation is hilarious.

Behaviour dummy

Ditching the dummy

When is a child too old for a dummy? My daughter who is 2, still uses one and cries when I take it away. If she is too old, how to I get her to stop?

miss k

The day trip

Miss K and Miss A have an eventful time while on a day trip to Akaroa.

Products child playing with puzzle

Building blocks of success

Blocks, puzzles and other hands-on toys teach kids skills that set them up for success later in life, according to research.


The ultimate travel stroller

If, like me, you've just gone with a cheapie umbrella stroller as your default, you'll be amazed by this reasonably priced travel stroller.

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