Health & nutrition

Health & nutrition



Surgery stuff-up

An alleged botch-up of a routine procedure that left a girl, 4, screaming in pain is under investigation.

Thriving after years of pain

Reader's story

Robyn's son used to come out in hives or scream in pain as he tried to eat. It took years to work out why.

Dealing with deadly allergies

Within minutes of eating a tiny square of chocolate, my daughter swelled up, she became limp and struggled to breathe.

Donor dad helps Louie get healthy

Three years after donating his liver to his young son, Deon Charles considers him cured.

When your child is a fussy eater

Sometimes putting on a show is the only way to get kids' to eat.


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Madison and Alana

A step closer to transplant

Madiee Merrick has been waiting more than a year in the UK for surgery that will save her life.


Preschooler obesity factors examined

Attention is turning to preschoolers in the effort to combat childhood obesity.

miss k blog use only

A health scare

One minute Miss K was complaining about a sore stomach, the next she was lying in hospital with doctors talking about surgery.


Seeing clearly in hindsight

When Miss K got her new glasses it opened up a new world of sight to her - but it hasn't been a totally smooth transition.


Sharing cancer with strangers

Danielle Phillips is the parent of a child with cancer in the age of social media. She's chosen to share her child's journey online.

eddie halstead-stevens

'Miracle cure' hope

No further NZ cancer treatment available for smart, chatty, cheeky three-year-old.

Tube feeding 'traumatising'

Any child's birthday is a big deal, but Inara's third is especially significant. Finally, she can eat the cake.


Seeing clearly

From the moment Miss K put on her glasses she's been able to see the world around her in much greater detail.

Simpson family

Allergies tough on family

Four-year-old Cody's allergy to lamb, potato, eggs and dairy means the Simpson family have to do things differently.

Eden Nagle

It was never 'never'

Michelle and Tim Nagle didn't expect the response the got when they posted a video of their four-year-old taking her first steps.

child eating vegetables

Should kids clean their plates?

Should you force your child to finish everything on their plate if they are a fussy eater? Is it worth the fight?


I can't see it Daddy!

Miss K's recent pre-school check-up at the health clinic was going swimmingly - until the eye test.

Ella Paget

Colour vision deficiency

Suddenly my son's lack of interest in colour made sense. He loved drawing and creating, but adding colour to anything was lost on him.


The appetite police

Violet is in kindergarten and already people, even complete strangers, are judging her food choices

Super heroes

Heroes for a day

For one day of the year these window washers transform into superheroes to brighten up the lives of sick kids.

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