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Health & nutrition



Milan given a shot

Radical surgery to remove part of Milan Ellis's brain could have left her blind or paralysed.

Playground norovirus

At least 70 fall ill after a "faecal incident" on a playground slide sparks a norovirus outbreak.

Little Toby - big dilemma

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Toby Dale is a mini version of his 3-year-old identical twin brother Finn.

Posh nosh for tots

Mac and cheese and Marmite sandwiches don't cut it at many childcare centres these days - think quinoa, wild rice and pulled pork instead.

Ban on gimmicks sought

Give-away toys and cartoon characters on junk food should be banned, scientists say.


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Kids ward concerns

Audit orders action on a litany of hygiene issues at Wellington Hospital, with the children's ward among the worst areas.

Cameron Bartle

Three heart ops

Watching her son take his first step was the best present Rachael Bartle could have wished for.

Louise Walsh with son Oscar

Plucky Oscar's sight fight

Parents successfully fought for radical operation that saved their son's sight.

Flynn Brodie with his mother Jo at their Titahi Bay home

Flynn defies the odds

As little as a torn toenail can land him in hospital, but all Flynn Brodie cares about is being cool.


Learning to eat at age four

Leah Southard has been hooked up to a feeding tube her whole life - now she can eat, the transition is proving painful.


Bigger bowls, more waste

Kids who are given larger bowls of food are more than likely to overeat or waste the excess food, according to a new study.


Mother fined over lunch

A mother has been fined by her daycare because the homemade leftovers she sent for her children's lunch didn't include grains.

Chickenpox, chicken pox, sick child, toddler

Chicken pox parties

Although we might recall chickenpox as a small but annoying blip on our childhood radar, it can be dangerous.


Diagnosing ADHD

Why is it still so hard to diagnose ADHD? And why is there so much emotional baggage associated with treating it?

child eating vegetables

Games help kids accept veges

Using games and stickers can tempt children to try new vegetables, a new study shows.

Lana Greenfield

Vaccinations should curb outbreak

Health authorities are rushing to put a lid on a hepatitis A epidemic that has gripped Ashburton preschools.

Tall girl

Early body image concerns

I didn't expect to be confronted with this issue so early in my daughter's life. After all, she is only four.

Molly Milroy

Trial saves girl from brain damage

A trial dose of a groundbreaking new gel saved Molly Milroy from brain damage, her mother says.

Blake Solomon

Life's a bumpy ride

Bouncing on a trampoline could kill Blake Solomon who is only four years old.

Conaire Leslie

Allergy burden looms

Hoping kids will simply "grow out of" allergies is no longer good enough, experts say.

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