Education & play

Education & play


Easter eggs

Easter craft ideas

There's more fun to be had at Easter than just eating as much chocolate as possible. Check out these craft ideas for kids.

Drawing improves writing

Children who draw before they learn to write produce better writing.

Abestos at kindergarten

A parent at a Porirua kindergarten was shocked to discover children there were playing near asbestos.

Kids writing in capitals: not useful

Parents teaching their pre-school children to write capital letters may be causing problems in the long run.

'It relieves the guilt'

Busy parents wanting to keep track of their children's learning at one preschool can do so from the office.


what's in this section?


Bedtime maths

This bedtime book is unlike other picture books - it has maths problems instead of story lines. And kids think it's fun.


A very fashionable 4-year-old

From J-Law's Globes dress to Lupita's red cape, this young style guru crafts masterpieces.

child genius

Child genius

At just three years old Alexis Martin is a card-carrying member of Mensa.

miss a blog use only

Fairy dresses and princess culture

Is it ever too early for a fairy dress? For Matt it started just before Miss K turned three.


Playground etiquette

Do you get frustrated by other parents at playgrounds? Maybe they should follow these rules.


World's best playgrounds

From tyre parks to building your own adventure, there are some epic playgrounds out there.

Swimming baby

It only takes a moment

The chatting adults standing in water up to their waists nearby, hadn't seen or heard my son slip under the water.


Sharing lesson in art

Artist Mica Angela Hendricks learnt an important lesson when her four-year-old daughter reminded her to share.


The Christmas Elf

The Christmas elf is great at keeping kids in line over Christmas, but is it a tradition for all kids? The creator of the Elf on the shelf weighs in.

Magical Marine Gardens

Is Marine Gardens and playground in Raumati the best playground in New Zealand?

school lunch

Teacher steals kids' lunches

Concern grows after string of serious misconduct cases at education providers in the past five years.


The show must Wiggle on

Emma Watkins is one of the newbies in The Wiggles line up currently touring New Zealand, but is actually an old hand.

ipad with kids

Best apps for kids

We've rounded up the best apps for keeping your kids engaged while providing valuable educational or creative content.

Katy Perry

Preschoolers' hits

There are very few songs on the radio today that you would be happy to have your preschooler sing along to but there are a few exceptions.


Watch: Tiny tap dancer

This outrageously cute four year-old tap dancer in her preschool tap recital couldn't contain her dancing feet.

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