Resisting routines

Our morning/dinner/bedtime is a hot mess of horrors.

Kids do it better

There are many things I've noticed my children can do better than me.

Building confidence

Miss K has been going through a wee stage of being reluctant to give things a crack.

The big boy bed

Milin's transition from cot to cot-bed isn't going well. Bedtime is now a battleground.

Please stay little

We all struggle with getting older, but few would take it as badly as Sadie Miller, 5.


We're talking about...

what's in this section?

miss K comm games

Working hard to achieve

Miss K's cartoon watching might be on hold for the Comm Games, but they show the value of hard work.

toilet training

Outsourcing toilet training

Would you pay someone $2000 to toilet train your child? Apparently it's a thing now.


The talk

While my wife and I are more than content with our family of four, our 4-year-old Miss K is having second thoughts.

Kids playfighting with dad

When testosterone kicks in

Did you wake up one day to find your beautiful and sweet little boy had been replaced by a loud, shouting, wrestling and super energised little terror?

miss k blog use only

A brush with fame

My eldest girl Miss K has just announced enthusiastically that she wants to be famous when she grows up.


Power of positive role models

We have a teenage boy babysitter - a decision which has been met with some rather surprising responses.

Child sleeping

Stopping co-sleeping

My 4-year-old sleeps with us. How can I get him to sleep in his own bed?


What's wrong with the word vagina?

Growing up, the words vagina and penis were never uttered in my household. Instead we used the euphemisms dink and crotch.

miss k blog use only

Life's big questions

"Daddy, how did the first person get into life?" my wee girl Miss K asked yesterday. "If there was no one, and no mummy then how did the first person get born?"

child sleeping

Too much sleep?

We're worried about our 3-year-old's sleeping patterns. Is there such a thing as too much sleep for young children?


Convos with my three-year-old

In the season premiere of Convos with my 3-year-old the dad and daughter are discussing bums- specifically, bum cracks.


Milestones I can't wait for

Watching your kids learn to walk and talk is great, but what I'm most looking forward to is the day my son can dress himself.

Miss K fashion

Making new friends

Kids of Miss K's age see friendship as a tradable commodity - not freely shared between many.


Teaching social skills

Here are the social skills all kids need to learn, and how you can teach them.


Confusing cartoons

Do you think watching Mickey Mouse and his friends chatting hinders the way your kids learn about animals? Some researchers do.

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