Teaching social skills

Here are the social skills all kids need to learn, and how you can teach them.

Making new friends

Kids of Miss K's age see friendship as a tradable commodity - not freely shared between many.

Confusing cartoons

Do you think watching Mickey Mouse and his friends chatting hinders the way your kids learn about animals? Some researchers do.

Toilet training battle

My 3 1/2 -year-old refuses to be toilet trained. It has become a real battle. What can I do?

Special memorial sandbox

A mum's tribute to her newborn baby and special memorial for her eldest son has gone viral and touched the lives of thousands.


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TV kids

Caving in harms kids

You've probably given in to your kids when they've begged for more TV time. This research might make you think again.

kiran chug

Bossy ban isn't enough

I agree gendered language is unhelpful, but really once it is being used, the damage has already been done.

family dinner

Routine may help development

Kids who sing, tell stories and eat dinner with their families tend to be better adjusted socially than kids who don't have such routines.

naughty child

Do you treat your kids the same?

I'm raising my fourth and final child. I'm intrigued by the changes in my own parenting style over the past decade.

missk - blog use only

Earning a living

Miss K, at four, is no longer doing chores for the love of it. She's a professional and earning her own money.

child genius

Child genius

At just three years old Alexis Martin is a card-carrying member of Mensa.

Dress up

Fashion freedom

I'm regularly embarrassed by my daughter's hideous and inappropriate clothing combinations - but I don't interfere.

sibling rivalry

Siblings affect development

How older children interact with their siblings is tied to the younger children's development, researchers say.

friendship drama

Best friend dramas

"She's not your best friend, she's my best friend!" - was the first thing my four-year old heard upon entering her new classroom.

Miss K

Changing bed times

We had a parental conference and decided that it was time to push bedtime out to 7.15pm.

toilet training

Dealing with bedwetting

Bedwetting in younger kids is to be expected, but as they grow older it can cause a whole lot of trouble and embarrassment.

Talking to kids

Understanding your child

Kids are all different, so a 'one size fits all' approach to parenting is likely to fail.

Boys esteem

Boys' body image

My four-year-old son raced into the bathroom one morning and asked me two questions that stunned me into silence: "Mum do I look good in this? Do I look fat?"

 	 Boy giving girl flowers

Can love be taught?

Given that relationships are such a huge aspect of life, can parents help children understand love from a young age?

Sleeping girl (supplied)

Naps nurture growing brains

Preschooler memories greatly improved by regular napping, study finds.

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