Resisting routines

Our morning/dinner/bedtime is a hot mess of horrors.

Lying sign of 'healthy development'

Punishing kids for lying will only make them lie more, a study finds.

Breaking with routine

When Miss K departed from the script and told me to leave her at the kindy gate so she could put her bag up by herself it really threw me a curve ball.

Grand plans

Sometimes it's hard to manage expectations of how things work in the real world when you have a child with an active imagination.

Lessons I've learned

Before each of my children turned one year old, I instinctively knew that something wasn't right with their speech and language.


We're talking about...

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sad child

When your child is obsessed with death

It's one of life’s unquestionable certainties, but death is a tricky subject for kids to understand and parents to explain.


When your child starts swearing

I vaguely remember my son's first crawl, his first steps, and the first time he said "mama." But I really remember the first time he swore.

Christmas stress

Say thank you

Showering your kids with gifts at Christmas is easy to do but don't expect any thanks.

Too much pressure?

The chaos that unfolded at this end of year dance concert made Kerri Sackville question whether we put too much pressure on very young kids.

Teddy Bear

Losing a favourite bear

We were green and uninitiated, perhaps a little naive when it came to the favourite toy responsibility.

toilet training

Best age to start toilet training

It is a decision that can be fraught with worry, and, like nappies, there is no 'one size fits all'.

toddler playing

Learning from the experts

Early childhood professionals make it all look easy, but they have many tricks up their sleeves to help raise happy, well-balanced children.


Kids do it better

There are many things I've noticed my children can do better than me.

miss K

Building confidence

Miss K has been going through a wee stage of being reluctant to give things a crack.

Child sleeping

The big boy bed

Milin's transition from cot to cot-bed isn't going well. Bedtime is now a battleground.

Sadie Miller

Please stay little

We all struggle with getting older, but few would take it as badly as Sadie Miller, 5.

miss K comm games

Working hard to achieve

Miss K's cartoon watching might be on hold for the Comm Games, but they show the value of hard work.

toilet training

Outsourcing toilet training

Would you pay someone $2000 to toilet train your child? Apparently it's a thing now.


The talk

While my wife and I are more than content with our family of four, our 4-year-old Miss K is having second thoughts.

Kids playfighting with dad

When testosterone kicks in

Did you wake up one day to find your beautiful and sweet little boy had been replaced by a loud, shouting, wrestling and super energised little terror?

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