child doing dishes

The power of effective praise

The way you praise your kids can have a big impact on their self-esteem and motivation.

The 'ticket system' of discipline

A ticket system gives kids a limited number of chances per day, if they misbehave beyond those chances they are punished.

Jealous of baby sister

We have a 4-year-old and a 3-month-old. The 4-year-old is throwing major tantrums - hitting us and throwing things. What do we do?

Dad shames little boy

Rob Devine made his four-year-old son stand stand on the side of the road holding a sign saying, "I hit girls."

The 'crap parent' label

An Australian pyschologist believes we are raising a generation of spoilt brats, because we just can't say no.


what's in this section?


Who ate all the doughnuts?

Despite the evidence on her chin, Emma Meaux claims she absolutely did not eat one of the missing doughnuts.

Raising a threenager

My son has recently graduated from the terrible twos (which thankfully weren't so terrible) to threenagehood.

Grumpy girl

Acting up before starting school

I feel as if my four-year-old daughter is deliberately pushing her luck, testing the boundaries and challenging the status quo.

preschool makeup

10 weird things little kids do

From nose picking through to licking supermarket trollies, little kids find the strangest things fun.

grumpy girl

My kids are spoilt

I don't mean the bratty, Veruca Salt, "GIVE IT TO ME NOW" kind of spoilt.


Why do children fight?

My children won't stop fighting with each other, and it feels like the house is going to blow up.

naughty child

Kids not listening

The happy toddler who wanted to be just like you now seems to say "no" for the joy of it.

aila wang

Minimalist clothing for kids

What came first - the simple-chic children's clothing or the demand for it?


When kids swear

"Oh, bugger!" exclaimed my three-year-old son. I knew then my husband and I needed to have a talk.


Sick of repeating yourself?

Are you tired of your kids not listening to you? Here's how to get them to do what you want the first time you ask.

sad boy

When kids steal

Even good kids give into temptation sometimes. So what is the best way to deal with light-fingered kids?


Bedtime yoga for kids

Is yoga for kids the answer to a better bedtime routine?

crying toddler

My preschooler is a biter

My son has been biting kids at daycare. I'm so embarrassed - how can I get him to stop?

toilet training

Natural born liars

I just caught my son out in a lie, the first I've ever noticed - he's three and a half.


Is my friend out of line?

A friend of mine disciplines my daughter in ways I do not agree with. My daughter is only 3, and my friend expects her to always be perfect.

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