Bedtime yoga for kids

Is yoga for kids the answer to a better bedtime routine?

When kids swear

"Oh, bugger!" exclaimed my three-year-old son. I knew then my husband and I needed to have a talk.

Sick of repeating yourself?

Are you tired of your kids not listening to you? Here's how to get them to do what you want the first time you ask.

When kids steal

Even good kids give into temptation sometimes. So what is the best way to deal with light-fingered kids?

My preschooler is a biter

Advice panel

My son has been biting kids at daycare. I'm so embarrassed - how can I get him to stop?


what's in this section?

toilet training

Natural born liars

I just caught my son out in a lie, the first I've ever noticed - he's three and a half.


Is my friend out of line?

A friend of mine disciplines my daughter in ways I do not agree with. My daughter is only 3, and my friend expects her to always be perfect.

Grumpy girl

The price of bribery

"If you put your shoes back on and come downstairs for the photos I will buy you the biggest doll I can find."

Miss K bike

One more please

Pity the poor fool who answers "Just one more please" with: "no, that was the last one".


The ultimate debater

This little guy may only be three but he has arguing down to a fine art.

Kids fighting

Disciplining someone else's child

When someone else jumps in to discipline my boys I feel that my parenting is being attacked.

missk - blog use only

Dealing with anxiety

Everyone gets nervous about stuff and a four-year-old is no different.

Ms K bday

The fourth birthday

The main difference between 3-year-old and a 4-year-old is you get a bit more feedback and it's not all good.

Kids clothes

Kids who dress themselves

Kids can pretty much get away with wearing what they want, but the fashion police might have an issue with these ensembles.

baxter - for blog use only

Supermarket wars

Just the thought of hauling your child through the supermarket sends shivers down your spine? Yeah, me too.

sad boy

Why kids whine

Most parents would probably agree that whining is one of the most irritating sounds known to mankind.

Jackson Blitch

Absolute heartache

Music has the ability to move the soul and pull at the heart strings. Watch this little guy really feel the music.


Fury of a four-year-old

Baxter has turned into the kind of macho, blokey, aggro character that I've always run away from.

miss a - for blog use only

The big fall

It had to happen sooner or later. But to see Miss A bouncing across the kitchen floor was quite a shock.


I shout too much

I shout at my kids. It probably doesn't happen every day, but it does happen on a fairly regular basis. 

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