Toilet training

Best age to start toilet training

It is a decision that can be fraught with worry, and, like nappies, there is no 'one size fits all'.


Why I won't buy a Frozen costume

My daughter attended four Frozen parties over winter this year - at first I didn't realise there was an unspoken dress code.

Louie Charles

Donor dad helps Louie get healthy

Three years after donating his liver to his young son, Deon Charles considers him cured.

toddler playing

Learning from the experts

Early childhood professionals make it all look easy, but they have many tricks up their sleeves to help raise happy, well-balanced children.

child doing dishes

Why kids should help with chores

Even though doing things yourself around the house may be faster, giving kids chores can teach them valuable life lessons.


what's in this section?

Development Tantrum

Resisting routines

Our morning/dinner/bedtime is a hot mess of horrors.


Kids do it better

There are many things I've noticed my children can do better than me.

Health & nutrition Madison and Alana

A step closer to transplant

Madiee Merrick has been waiting more than a year in the UK for surgery that will save her life.


When your child is a fussy eater

Sometimes putting on a show is the only way to get kids' to eat.

Education & play DISNEY PRINCESS

Stop hating princesses

To those people who consider fairy tale princesses to be bad role models, I'd like you to consider these 10 points...

birthday cake

10 stages of kids' birthday parties

One thing they leave out of the baby manuals is just how much time you'll spend at these parties when you become a parent.


Raising a threenager

My son has recently graduated from the terrible twos (which thankfully weren't so terrible) to threenagehood.


Dad shames little boy

Rob Devine made his four-year-old son stand stand on the side of the road holding a sign saying, "I hit girls."

Activities BCD trace

Letter trace - A, B, C, D, E

Get the little ones to practice writing the alphabet capital letters - starting with A B C D E.


Letter trace: F, G, H, I, J

Get the little ones to practice writing the alphabet capital and lower case letters - with F G H I J.

Products miss k little shop

Little shop of horrors

Okay New World, you had your fun. Miss K is excited that Little Shop is back.


Chemo Barbie for sick kids

Thanks to a campaign by a mum and her brave daughter, Matell has agreed to keep making Ella, a bald doll to help kids going through chemo.

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