miss K comm games

Working hard to achieve

Miss K's cartoon watching might be on hold for the Comm Games, but they show the value of hard work.

matt calman

Putting on a show

Miss K and Miss A put on an exclusive living room performance of Frozen.

child on scales

Preschooler obesity factors examined

Attention is turning to preschoolers in the effort to combat childhood obesity.


Do your kids have too many toys?

When parents buy toy after toy, the clutter makes it difficult for children to find what they are looking for or play productively

Madison and Alana

A step closer to transplant

Madiee Merrick has been waiting more than a year in the UK for surgery that will save her life.


what's in this section?

Development Kids playfighting with dad

When testosterone kicks in

Did you wake up one day to find your beautiful and sweet little boy had been replaced by a loud, shouting, wrestling and super energised little terror?

toilet training

Outsourcing toilet training

Would you pay someone $2000 to toilet train your child? Apparently it's a thing now.

Health & nutrition miss k blog use only

A health scare

One minute Miss K was complaining about a sore stomach, the next she was lying in hospital with doctors talking about surgery.


Seeing clearly in hindsight

When Miss K got her new glasses it opened up a new world of sight to her - but it hasn't been a totally smooth transition.

Education & play DISNEY PRINCESS

Stop hating princesses

To those people who consider fairy tale princesses to be bad role models, I'd like you to consider these 10 points...


Is my child gifted?

My three-year-old is super bright, in fact I suspect she's gifted. Is she too young to get assessed?

Behaviour Yoga

Bedtime yoga for kids

Is yoga for kids the answer to a better bedtime routine?


When kids swear

"Oh, bugger!" exclaimed my three-year-old son. I knew then my husband and I needed to have a talk.

Activities BCD trace

Letter trace - A, B, C, D, E

Get the little ones to practice writing the alphabet capital letters - starting with A B C D E.


Letter trace: F, G, H, I, J

Get the little ones to practice writing the alphabet capital and lower case letters - with F G H I J.


Chemo Barbie for sick kids

Thanks to a campaign by a mum and her brave daughter, Matell has agreed to keep making Ella, a bald doll to help kids going through chemo.


Barbie is leaning in

The doll has dabbled in more than 150 careers, but now, with her smartphone and tablet in hand, Entrepreneur Barbie is leaning in.

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