Super heroes

Heroes for a day

For one day of the year these window washers transform into superheroes to brighten up the lives of sick kids.

Easter eggs

Easter craft ideas

There's more fun to be had at Easter than just eating as much chocolate as possible. Check out these craft ideas for kids.


Milan given a shot

Radical surgery to remove part of Milan Ellis's brain could have left her blind or paralysed.

bedtime stories

Drawing improves writing

Children who draw before they learn to write produce better writing.

Miss K fashion

Making new friends

Kids of Miss K's age see friendship as a tradable commodity - not freely shared between many.


what's in this section?

Development Tantrum

Teaching social skills

Here are the social skills all kids need to learn, and how you can teach them.


Confusing cartoons

Do you think watching Mickey Mouse and his friends chatting hinders the way your kids learn about animals? Some researchers do.

Health & nutrition Norovirus

Playground norovirus

At least 70 fall ill after a "faecal incident" on a playground slide sparks a norovirus outbreak.


Little Toby - big dilemma

© Fairfax NZ News
Toby Dale is a mini version of his 3-year-old identical twin brother Finn.

Education & play asbestos

Abestos at kindergarten

A parent at a Porirua kindergarten was shocked to discover children there were playing near asbestos.

Classroom, students, pupils, teaching, school

Kids writing in capitals: not useful

Parents teaching their pre-school children to write capital letters may be causing problems in the long run.

Behaviour Grumpy girl

The price of bribery

"If you put your shoes back on and come downstairs for the photos I will buy you the biggest doll I can find."

Miss K bike

One more please

Pity the poor fool who answers "Just one more please" with: "no, that was the last one".

Activities BCD trace

Letter trace - A, B, C, D, E

Get the little ones to practice writing the alphabet capital letters - starting with A B C D E.


Letter trace: F, G, H, I, J

Get the little ones to practice writing the alphabet capital and lower case letters - with F G H I J.

Products Kardashian sisters

Kardashians kids' klothes

The Kardashians are looking to ensare a new generation of fans with the release of a collection of kids clothing.


Barbie and standards of beauty

People seem convinced Barbie instils in her preschool fans a false and remarkably detailed standard of beauty.

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