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Sesame St meets Downton Abbey

Riding on the coattails of their own musical success, Sesame Street have made a string of spoofs for kids based on popular adult TV shows.

The latest spoof is of Downton Abbey, following on from take-offs of Mad Men, True Blood and Boardwalk Empire.


The makers of Sesame Street have not lost their minds but have managed to rework these shows for a much younger audience with an entertaining and educational result.

We're sure you will enjoy them - maybe even more than your children.

Upside Downton Abbey

Breakfast is a topsy-turvy affair for the members of Upside Downton Abbey.

 Grouch BO presents: True Mud

Don't worry Sesame Street'sTrue Mud, has nothing to do with vampires and everything to do with learning how to rhyme words with mud. 

EMC: The Emotional Movie Channel presents: Mad Men.

Set in a New York advertising agency, Don Draper and his team work through a list of rhyming emotions for a Honey Bear campaign, while performing some cute and comical physical responses to match their emotions. 

If you enjoyed the above you can find more entertaining Sesame Street TV parodies below.

Including 30 Rocks and Birdwalk Empire. If you can't see the videos on your browser, view them on You Tube.

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