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Confusing cartoons

Do you think watching Mickey Mouse and his friends chatting hinders the way your kids learn about animals? Some researchers do.

Can you spot the Pixar Easter eggs?

Pixar has crammed a considerable number of hidden gems into their films.

Birds of a feather in Rio

Rio 2 sees the return of Flight of the Conchords' Jemaine Clement as a cockatoo and again relies on music from Brazil and abroad to soar, writes Eric Kelsey.

TV habits cause alarm

Two-thirds of Kiwi toddlers have their eyes glued to electronic screens for at least part of every day.

Fun in the afternoons

What Eve Palmer enjoys about her new role at The 4.30 Show.


what's in this section?

Harry Potter

Harry Potter spinoff

Glumbumbles, hippogriffs and the billywig could feature in three Harry Potter spin-off movies.

eve palmer mike lee

Home truths

They screw up their lines and goof around, so the presenters of The 4.30 Show like to forget they are watched by thousands around the country.

doc mcstuffin

What the kids are watching

I grew up with kids' shows where characters got hit with hammers, run over and blown up. Times have changed.


Live action Little Mermaid

Sofia Coppola is reportedly being lined up to direct a live action version of the Little Mermaid.

The 100

Sci-fi teen survivors

Described as a Lost-Lord of the Flies-Battlestar Galactica-Dawson's Creek mashup.


Growing up Duggar

They're part of a popular reality TV show that follows their big family, but the Duggar girls live by old-fashioned values.

Paddington Bear

New Paddington Bear movie

The teaser trailer for Paddington the movie is here and we are given our first glimpse of the lovable bear that stole the hearts of generations.


Frozen slammed for 'gay agenda'

A pair of right-wing Christian commentators have slammed the "evil" themes of Disney's hit movie Frozen, despite not having seen it.


Your best childhood movies

Which films defined your childhood? Karen Hardy lists her top 25 and they range from Rocky to Footloose.


Young stars under pressure

Who's got it together, who's not coping and who's teetering on the edge?


Parental sing-a-long

Subjected to constant replays of Disney's Frozen, this mum and dad's hilarious video shows how the lyrics really can get stuck in your head.

Grandpa Rabbit

Peppa Pig 'mucky language'

Beloved cartoon character Peppa Pig has come under fire for teaching children mucky language.


New Annie trailer released

The first trailer for the new Annie film has arrived and it is working its musical magic on us already.

Angelina Jolie

Scary Jolie

Finding a child who wasn't too scared to play opposite Angelina Jolie in her latest role wasn't easy. So she cast her daughter.

potter taylor swift

Never, ever, ever

A new viral movie-mash-up has the cast of Harry Potter voicing Taylor Swift's song 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.'

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