Diagon Alley

Welcome to Diagon Alley

The new Harry Potter attraction at Universal Orlando has opened to crowds of fans.

The School of Life

Globetrotting with kids is all one big ed-venture for these intrepid families.

Holidaying without the kids

Travelling with kids isn't quite as relaxing as it is without them but could you leave them at home or would the guilt be too much?

San Fran with the kids

The city by the bay is best seen from land and water, with the help of locals and good transport.

Holiday ordeals send warning

Three huge travel claims show just why travelling overseas without insurance is so risky.


We're talking about...

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Mt Ruapehu skiing

Spending freeze

Minimise T-bar tantrums by getting good value on the slopes this winter.

Pet Travel Strap

Packing the pooch, too

Taking your pet on holiday needn't be a hassle - but some parts of NZ are more welcoming.

Kiran - for blog use only

Our first package holiday

After years of independent travel and swearing we'd never go on a package holiday we changed our minds.

Antonia Kidman

Kidman's Singapore top 10

Mum of six Antonia Kidman has called the Lion City home for four years how, here's her top 10 spots.

Kids flying

Lessons on travelling with kids

Here are 10 things I've learnt that make travelling with kids just a little bit easier.

kiran chug

Holidays with the grandparents

We're heading off for a holiday in the sun, not just us and the kids but my parents and sister as well.

Kiran phone

Travelling with tots

Next week, our little family will get on a plane. We've not braved air travel since we arrived in London just over a year ago.

Greer Berry

Planning a babymoon

I want to try savour all the things they say you miss when a baby comes along - sleep-ins, time to yourself...

Scott Gold's Japan

A mystical world

Watch Sumo matches, onsens, master chefs, monkeys, brilliant architecture bullet trains and city lights.


The happiest place on Earth?

Are we the only parents on earth whose child hates Disneyland?

Family goals

The camping convert

When my husband suggested that we take our children camping for the weekend I was not filled with wild enthusiasm.

Bali Strap

Paradise or dangerous dump?

To Bali, or not to Bali? We have a love/hate relationship with the island.

House swap

Home away from home

Thousands of people are swapping their homes for a free holiday abroad.

airport passenger waiting

Booking an emergency flight

When you have to travel because of a loved one's death, don't expect too much sympathy from airlines.

Baxter home

Settling home

The best thing about the year was that we didn't ever have to be anywhere. We didn't have to worry about getting by.

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