A convert to cruising

I've avoided cruising like the plague - or rotavirus, as the case may be.

Paradise or dangerous dump?

To Bali, or not to Bali? We have a love/hate relationship with the island.

Home away from home

Thousands of people are swapping their homes for a free holiday abroad.

Booking an emergency flight

When you have to travel because of a loved one's death, don't expect too much sympathy from airlines.

Settling home

An OE for almost four

The best thing about the year was that we didn't ever have to be anywhere. We didn't have to worry about getting by.


We're talking about...

what's in this section?

baxter - for blog use only

Home again

Exactly 365 days after Harriet, Baxter and I set off on a long adventure around the globe, we flew back into Wellington.

Child w iPad

Digital distractions for kids

Thankfully, there are plenty of apps to keep the kids occupied on long road trips.

baxter - for blog use only

The little liability

How do you like it when other people tell off your kids? I've discovered I hate it.

oe for three

An OE for four

Getting pregnant while on a family world tour has presented a few challenges for Harriet and Tom.


Knocked up

So I'm pregnant. We found out on the side of a mountain in Mexico.

kiran chug

The pain of broken routines

Holidays aren't that relaxing when you're messing with little kids' routines.

Baxter America

Roadtrippin' across the States

We're nearly finished our year of family travel, the approaching finale is a couple of weeks in California.

Snow Storm

The snow storm

Racing an ice storm across America has been a rather dramatic beginning to our three weeks of US road tripping.

Couple laptop

The best time to book is...

Is it best to book well in advance or wait till the last minute to get the best price when heading overseas?

Baxter and Tom

New York winter

New York is just so easy to like, even when it's freezing.

baxter - for blog use only

Supermarket wars

Just the thought of hauling your child through the supermarket sends shivers down your spine? Yeah, me too.


House swap horror

A house swap between a British family and an Australian family descended into threats, insults on social media and calls to the police.

Baxter lucas

The countdown is on

The end of the trip is nigh. What will it be like having to start building our lives back up all over again?


Kids and adults

Is it fair to judge a person on how they react to your child? I've been thinking about this a bit lately.


One for the birds

Take a guided tour through Wellington's innovative bird sanctuary.

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