School's radio station a hit

Teacher has been recognised by Microsoft for radio venture that kids are lining up to work on.

Why my Facebook is a baby-free zone

I won't be posting pictures of my baby on Facebook. There are pros and cons to this policy.

Tablets 'hold students back'

Increased smart device use at schools is hampering pupils' computer skills development, industry experts say.

Bath photos 'inappropriate'

Model Rhys Uhlich has hit out at Facebook after a photo of his young family in the bath was deemed inappropriate.

School on alert after threats

A girl targeted by an online predator raises alarm bells about social media use at a Waitara school.


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Teen computer

Online life and real-life problems

Teen's online behaviours may create real-life problems like relationship abuse and negative thoughts on body image, according to two new studies.

Why kids should learn to code

The three Rs may soon have a C next to them as the move toward teaching coding in New Zealand schools gathers pace.

Getting pics from phone to frame

With just a few swipes you can share your photos with friends and family, but there is joy in printing a photo.


The CEO at work and home

Want to have it all? Thanks to new tech tools your dream could become reality.

Phones capture moments best

OPINION: I love taking photos, especially capturing my family's life as it unfolds.


Keep your kids safe on social media

Experts share their advice on how to keep your kids safe on social media sites.


App review: Emlings

I refuse to buy any games or apps online when there are so many cool ones out there for free.

Tampon game destigmatises

Two New York school girls have created a video game that features tampons instead of weapons.

Big idea for families

One company reckons it's time for tablets to bring families together rather than isolate them. So they've gone big.

Child with tablet

Child safe Google

Reports suggest Google is preparing to launch child-centric versions of some of its services.

Pinning and pooping

Sometimes the only place to quietly scroll Facebook or Pinterest is in the bathroom.

baby domain name

Baby name domains

Website domain availability is apparently the new way to choose your child's name.

smart phone mobile

Too much screen time?

Experts are warning parents not to become hypocrites when it comes to screen time.

Teenage girl talking on the phone

Teens adept at hiding online lives

Too many parents falsely believe they are the technology leaders in their family.


Just what the teacher ordered

One dad thought he'd need to buy one laptop for his six kids to share - instead he leased four.

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