ipad kid

Raising a couch potato?

Experts say we should limit our kids' screen time or risk raising socially stunted couch potatoes.

A Walk-what?

When a bunch of kids were confronted with a Walkman they couldn't believe this weird black box played music.

Apple offers refund

Apple is now offering refunds to customers on in-app purchases they weren't aware their children were making.

Five-year-old finds Xbox flaw

Microsoft has received help discovering a security flaw on its Xbox One game console from an unlikely source: a five-year-old boy.

Teen gamers needed for study

Massey University masters student is testing gamers to see if there is a link between video games and aggressive behaviour.


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Perils of posting baby photos

A picture of a naked toddler posted by a proud parent on Facebook gets 3000 "likes" from strangers.


Consoles a weight loss tool?

Consoles and computer games may help reduce obesity in children, says surprising new research.

St Mark’s Church Preschoo

'It relieves the guilt'

Busy parents wanting to keep track of their children's learning at one preschool can do so from the office.


Wi-fi safe in schools

Wi-fi not a health risk to pupils or staff, with exposure many thousands of times lower than relevant standard, Health Ministry says.

price compare app

Price compare app launched

Consumers can now scan items in shops and compare them to prices at The Warehouse.

TV kids

Caving in harms kids

You've probably given in to your kids when they've begged for more TV time. This research might make you think again.

smart phone mobile

Mobiles distract parents

Forget the effects of the digital playground on children, a new study has found parents are more likely to ignore their kids while using a smart device.

Child w iPad

Digital distractions for kids

Thankfully, there are plenty of apps to keep the kids occupied on long road trips.

Why kids should learn to code

Computer science should be taught to children as young as five, says toy robotics start-up.

old school phone

That's a phone?

Prepare to feel old as you watch these kids get completely flummoxed by an old-school phone.

Selfies a head lice heaven

Spike in teens with head lice attributed to head-to-head contact of selfies by health expert.

Teen tech

Don't stalk your kids online

An American academic argues that parents need to loosen the reins when it comes to their kids' online lives.

Parents revive battle

Group to appeal a settlement with Facebook over the use of children's images in ads.

INFANTGRAM: Is it really the parents fault your Facebook feed is flooded with newborn pics?

Sick of Facebook babies?

New study suggests that a Facebook algorithm, not new parents, may be to blame.

Cyber bullying

Push to keep kids safe online

"World-leading" resource to educate children on internet privacy and safety launched.

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