Digital classrooms

Are all these shiny iPads and laptops actually improving our children's education?

Too much screen time?

Experts are warning parents not to become hypocrites when it comes to screen time.

Teens adept at hiding online lives

Too many parents falsely believe they are the technology leaders in their family.

Just what the teacher ordered

One dad thought he'd need to buy one laptop for his six kids to share - instead he leased four.

The 15 photos new parents share

From the first scan photo to the baby covered in cake at their first birthday party, there are 15 photos most parents seem to share.


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TV kids

Raising kids in a 'low media' home

Can you imagine a life without TV or computers? Some parents are opting for a low-tech, screen-free life for their kids.

Dumber by the day online

Countless hours spent online could be making us dumber, a new study has found.

miss k blog use only

Keeping records

At the moment I'm in the middle of trawling through about 10,000 family photos so I can make photo books for Miss A and Miss K.

Who teaches kids net safety?

NZ teachers want parents to take more responsibility for teaching children about online safety, study shows.

Bullying vid

Bullied teen to meet net giant

A homeschooled Hutt teen's anti-bullying video has got the attention of Google bosses.

Playful advance in toy market

Kiwi educational games company Junior Learning is making a play in the highly competitive US toy market.


What's wrong with this picture?

One mother never thought an innocent snap could be considered 'explicit' material on social media.

Blurred lines on social media

Friending your child on Facebook means you can keep an eye on them - but it also gives them access to your online world.

To share or not to share

Fitzgerald Swanson is barely 6 months old, yet he has his own private Twitter and Instagram accounts.

BOSS LEVEL: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month.

All-girl schooling key

Girls keen on technology can get a major boost towards their careers by studying alongside other girls.

How to encrypt everything

Suddenly, we are all acutely aware of how exposed our data is to the prying eyes of spies and hackers alike.

Kiwis spy on partners

New Zealanders are more likely to snoop on their partners' browser history than to monitor their kids.

Teens on Tinder

Teenagers, as young as 15, are using a popular smartphone app to arrange casual sexual encounters.


Connected from birth

As app developers and gadget makers compete to corner the youth market, there's debate over the promises and pitfalls of being connected so young.

Teaching kids about piracy

CEO of Australian animation company wants to teach children that movie downloading is akin to shoplifting.

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