How to make Lego sandwiches

lego sandwich
LEGO SANDWICH: Bound to be a lunchbox pleaser.

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These easy-peasy sandwiches are the perfect lunchbox surprise for Lego lovers everywhere.

  • 2 slices bread cut into 4 x 7cm rectangles (crusts removed)
  • 1 slice bread cut into 6 x 1cm circles
  • Filling of choice:
  • Chicken & Mayo
  • Tuna & Cream Cheese
  • Ham and Cheese
  • Cheese and cucumber


Spread your filling of choice onto one of the rectangles and place the second on top to form a "finger".

Using cream cheese/butter or similar to 'glue' the circles discs on top of the bread in two rows to form the Lego press stud.

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