Health & nutrition

Health & nutrition



Potential peanut allergy cure

Australian researchers have found a possible cure for people with potentially fatal peanut allergies.

Life as a former 'fat kid'

The low self-esteem that comes from being an overweight child can stay with a person for life.

I'm not eating that

I try to make healthy, tasty food but my kids only eat white food - plain pasta, white rice. How can I get them to expand their menu?

Healthy foods we'll eat in 2015

Kale's good, but cauliflower's hot: some of the foods grabbing the limelight this year are oldies, but goodies.

Creating good food habits

If you've dropped the ball on instilling good eating habits in your kids, it's not too late to make a few changes.


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Milk, glass of milk

How much milk is too much?

Is your preschooler drinking too much milk each day?

fussy eater

Dealing with picky eaters

Kids who are picky eaters can struggle with a holiday table of unfamiliar foods. Here are some strategies from therapists to help you out.

Ongoing effects of childhood cancer

Children who overcome cancer often struggle with "late effects" of their treatments that may not appear until decades after they are grown.

Illnesses take toll on family

Life for Rebecca Thompson is a blur of hospital visits and sleepless nights.

Child obesity rates climbing

New Zealand's child obesity rates continue to climb while rates in other developed countries have flattened or decreased, obesity experts say.


Six commandments of healthy eating

As parents we have a huge influence on our kids' attitude towards food. Here are some tips to get your family on the right track.

toilet training

Parents influence kids' constipation

Could your parenting style be causing your kids to 'block up'? A new study thinks so.

Room makeovers for sick kids

A new project to redecorate the bedrooms of sick young people is under way, with hopes it will spread nationwide.

Deal keeps pupils off lollies

You wouldn't think dairies would be the ones keeping kids away from lollies, but they are in Hamilton.

Healthy living needs support

Best way to tackle obesity is with good nutrition messages in schools, Christchurch dietitian says.

Toddler sparks measles alert

A national health alert has been triggered after a Taranaki child aboard an international flight later developed measles.

 Simone Colwill, with illustrator Jasmine Ting,

'Mums get cancer- that's just life'

A 25 night stay at hospital gave Simone Colwill the idea to write a book to help kids cope with an ill parent.

The key to genetic obesity?

Wondering whether genes are contributing to your weight struggle? Your gut bacteria could be the answer.

Dr Google will see you now

Google is experimenting with a feature that provides live advice to searchers looking for information on some medical conditions.

Fizzy soft drink

Soft drink warnings deter teens

A warning sign highlighting how far you would have to walk to burn off the calories in a soft drink has dramatically deterred teens.

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