Health & nutrition

Health & nutrition



Food waste a disgrace

There is such a glut of cheap food available in New Zealand that we're cavalier about wasting it.

Head full of nits

Adult life is full of petty humiliations.

Unhealthy food ads target kids

Kids' magazines expose youngsters to unhealthy food marketing, potentially contributing to childhood obesity.

The trouble with booze

Matt is already thinking ahead to the stuff his girls will encounter when teenagers.

10 flu vaccine facts to know

Had the flu vaccine, but still sick? Here are 10 flu mysteries explained...


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matt calman

Grumpy dad

Matt Calman says this has been one of the grumpiest years of his life.

Heart Foundation appeal

Heart tick still a life saver

Kiwis would gain an extra 0.7kg each year were it not for the Heart Foundation's tick.


Happiness is inherited

When parents carve space in their lives for happiness, it gives their kids permission to do the same


You're eating what?

Arsenic, insect bodies or even wood - the ten weirdest additives and ingredients found in everyday foods.

Raw food backlash

Are strict dietary restrictions for kids doing them more harm than good?

Jade and Jessika Guest

Splitting for daughter's sake

A Northland family is being torn apart in their bid to give their six-year-old daughter cannabis oil.


Sharing cancer with strangers

Danielle Phillips is the parent of a child with cancer in the age of social media. She's chosen to share her child's journey online.

Needle, injection, blood test, medical, immunisation, innoculation

Measles infections soar

Parents are being urged to vaccinate their children amid fears of a measles outbreak spreading.

Crockpot vegetable gumbo.

Save cash with your crockpot

The cost savings slow cookers offer make them a must-have item for any aspiring Budget Buster.

kiran chug

Banning sugary drinks

What do your little ones drink with their meals? Is it milk, water, juice - or even something more exotic like home-blended smoothies?

Exposing allergic kids to peanuts

Would you knowingly give your severely allergic child peanuts? US researchers are piloting a programme aimed at 'desensitising' allergic kids.

Ministry of Health logo

Dumb ways to . . . end up in hospital

Lawnmowers are more dangerous than guns, and your bed is downright treacherous.

Needle, injection, blood test, medical, immunisation, innoculation

Lack of immunisation blamed

A measles outbreak in Hamilton may have been caused by parents neglecting to immunise their children.

Nicholas family

Obesity 'killing us'

Doctors are calling for a soda tax, ad restrictions and ditching fish and chips to battle the bulge.

Cancer testing, medical testing, laboratory

Low bowel cancer awareness

Bowel cancer is the country's second-most deadly cancer and many people could be living with it.

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