Health & nutrition

Health & nutrition


kids running

Teaching kids to love exercise

The best way to have fit and healthy kids, is to be a fit and healthy adult.

Dr Google will see you now

Google is experimenting with a feature that provides live advice to searchers looking for information on some medical conditions.

Soft drink warnings deter teens

A warning sign highlighting how far you would have to walk to burn off the calories in a soft drink has dramatically deterred teens.

Could broccoli fight autism?

A chemical found in broccoli and other vegetables may improve the symptoms of autism in young men, according to a new study.

Reasons to cook with your kids

Taking the time to cook with kids can provide a connection point for families and develop a healthy attitude towards food.


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Sue Chetwin, Consumer NZ

'Healthy' snack bars fail test

Snack bars which are promoted as being healthy and convenient are predominantly high in sugar and saturated fats, Consumer NZ says.

Anna Guy

Junk food lessons

Our kids would eat junk food every day all day if we let them. And it's probably almost cheaper to buy the junk than the good stuff.


Telling your child you have cancer

A parent going through cancer is a terrifying thing for a child. Here's some advice from parents and experts on how to help them cope.

child eating vegetables

Talking vegetarianism

At some point your kids might start to really think about where their food is coming from and want to exercise some choices in what they're eating.


When kids have cancer

From broken marriages to strained sibling relationships, even the most durable relationships may splinter when childhood cancer rears its ugly head.


Shining a light on child obesity

With most parents unable to tell if a child is overweight, should anyone else be raising the issue?

Curried lentils and kumara.

Good eating without going broke

Flatters and young marrieds often ask me how they can keep their weekly food bill in check. Here are 10 ideas.

miss a, awatea

Tears and trepidation

Miss A is collecting the bumps, bruises and scars of early childhood and learning that you can't trust everyone, including me.


How to reduce stress

Keeping on top of things around the home could be one small way to keep your stress in check too.


Head full of nits

Adult life is full of petty humiliations.

Child eating

Unhealthy food ads target kids

Kids' magazines expose youngsters to unhealthy food marketing, potentially contributing to childhood obesity.

Person drinking alcohol, binge drinking, beer

The trouble with booze

Matt is already thinking ahead to the stuff his girls will encounter when teenagers.

10 flu vaccine facts to know

10 flu vaccine facts to know

Had the flu vaccine, but still sick? Here are 10 flu mysteries explained...

matt calman

Grumpy dad

Matt Calman says this has been one of the grumpiest years of his life.

Heart Foundation appeal

Heart tick still a life saver

Kiwis would gain an extra 0.7kg each year were it not for the Heart Foundation's tick.

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