Health & nutrition

Health & nutrition


Sugar free

This family gave up sugar

Can you imagine cutting sugar out of the whole family's diet? This family did and survived.

5 tips for optimal energy

Simply getting the right balance of nutrients can improve your energy levels.

Giving meals as gifts

Making a meal as a gift not only shows you care, it's nice and practical. Here are some tips on the best ways to go about it.

Health check your breakfast

Breakfast, it's often said, is the most important meal of the day. It's also the one we tend to give the least thought.

Family the secret

The secret to teenage happiness evades most parents.


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Kiran family

Getting active with kids

It might seem hard to get active with your kids, but Kiran wonders if anyone can afford not to, for their health and their children's.

matt calman

Soldiering on when sick

I dread being sick. It can be hard enough looking after two kids when you're in peak condition.

Raw milk

Raw milk devotees unfazed

An outbreak of campylobacter in a batch of raw milk is not keeping fans of the product away.

Generic flu

Swine flu hits early in season

Eight people in Hawke's Bay have been admitted to intensive care with swine flu in the past month.


How clean is your kitchen?

From tea towels to chopping boards and pantyhose, banish the bugs with these tips.


New measles scare on flights

Passengers on three more flights may have been exposed to measles, health authorities say.


Feeding six for under $20

Move over Jamie Oliver, Jas McPhee's the real deal: her whanau once lived off instant noodles and toast.


Are we too clean?

A cleaner way of living has improved our health in some ways - but is it also messing with our immune systems?

healthy food

Healthy eating myths busted

The claim that it's cheaper to stuff your face with takeaways than to cook healthy meals is simply wrong.


Measles epidemic spreading

More cases of measles anticipated after 20 students were struck down at an Auckland school.

Fat child, child obesity

'Big Food' is a 'big problem'

Drastic government intervention is needed to stave off a diabetes crisis, health advocates warn.


Using Doctor Google

After a desperate mum posted a video of her baby having a seizure on Facebook, one of her friends provided the diagnosis that had eluded doctors.


Tax fizz, save lives

A tax on sugary drinks could save lives and reduce NZ's obesity burden, new research shows.


Ban on smoking in cars with kids

Smoking will soon be banned in cars carrying children in Britain, in a bid to reduce the effects of passive smoking.


Sugar's lunchbox trap

A Fairfax investigation into lunch box contents has shed light on some unexpected sugary culprits.

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