Jackie Norman

Thrift becoming on trend

Thrift has come a long way in the past 12 years, Simple Savings' Jackie Norman tells Rob Stock.

Revolutionary school payments

Forget cash in an envelope: a revolutionary payments platform lets schools run online ''shops''.

Eat yourself wealthy

Cutting back on meat - at least once a week - may just save your financial bacon.

Save by shopping around

Home-loan borrowers could save a significant amount on their mortgages by shopping around, Canstar says.

When pocket money backfires

Since getting pocket money, my kid won't lift a finger without pay. Help!


what's in this section?


Buyer beware on Facebook

All over the social networking site, buying, selling and trading groups are popping up like mushrooms.

Nz dollar money coins

Kids' spend and save jars

As a busy mother-of-two, I've been thinking for some time now about how best to introduce the weekly pocket money.

insurance 300x200

Navigating insurance changes

One woman's journey through the quirks of sum insured online calculators.

Salary top-ups

Money lessons for kids

These five money lessons could help your kids turn into adults who aren't stressed by money.

Piggybank piggy bank

Teens and pocket money

We're re-evaluating my teen daughter's allowance. Should it cover her clothes? I want to teach her independence.

Brianna Illes-Hall

Working for allowances

Many parents are encouraging a strong work ethic by refusing to hand over money for nothing, new research shows.

Houses sold, property

Should you buy?

A house might be a borderline investment, but that doesn't mean it's a bad purchase.

surgery strap

Do you need these insurances?

The only reason for you to take insurance is to pass on risk that you cannot afford to someone else.


Crowdsourcing to stay at home

One dad launched a crowdsourcing campaign asking strangers to help him stay home with his baby. Here's how it went.

Wellington houses, generic, homes

A bad investment?

Kiwis are up to their eyeballs in debt for an investment that on paper breaks all the golden rules.

Piggy bank, money

Raising financially literate kids

How can we raise a generation to budget wisely, save plenty and live within their means?

Online shopping cart

The ease of online shopping

ANNA PEARSON - © Fairfax NZ News
Kiwis are increasingly ordering their groceries online. Some wear dressing gowns. Others have children sitting on their laps.

coins money new zealand kiwi

From poor to working poor

Working for families? Well, it doesn't work for us with three kids and a whopping childcare bill.

termite home

Love conquers termites

The public and GJ Gardner have come to the aid of a Te Aroha couple whose home was riddled with termites.


Your financial fate

We've laid out the path to prosperity, all the way from the cradle to the grave.

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