Kill your mortgage faster

Want to repay your mortgage faster? Of course, you do.

Managing your mortgage

If people discussing whether to fix or float their mortgage makes you feel dumb, you are not alone.

Get a better grasp of KiwiSaver

Not all of us are great extracting our information from printed material. Fortunately, there is another way.

Learning the value of a dollar

My children grew up thinking money grows on trees. But my eldest has finally learned to appreciate a dollar - thanks to her new job.

Disparity over finance literacy

NZ students' understanding of finance is linked to whether they are rich or poor, an OCED report suggests.


what's in this section?


Win: An art pack

Share your best money tips and be in to win a great art pack for your kids.

Crockpot vegetable gumbo.

Save cash with your crockpot

The cost savings slow cookers offer make them a must-have item for any aspiring Budget Buster.

School uniforms

Cutting the cost of teens

"I wish I had been to a budget adviser when my first kid started high school," says Paul, a father of three.

Halle Tapatu, financial literacy

Money lessons

Schoolchildren around the country are getting to grips with what money is and how to use it.

financial literacy

Launch a financially savvy adult

What if, despite your best efforts, your adult children can't sustain themselves financially?

Cash, money

Get over the overdraft

They might have been a lot of help as a student, but they are no longer your best friend.

Happy happiness Smiling Laughing

Be happy, grow rich

"I have everything I need." That's quite a statement. Could you say the same?

Esau Taniela

Celebrating the living wage

For two parking wardens, an extra $4 an hour means spending more time with their daughters.

Supermarket trolleys

Save at the supermarket

It's scary how many budgeting clients go without food so that they can pay their other bills.


Beware of insurance traps

Many an insurance policy has been torn up by an insurer because of ''non-disclosure''.

piggy bank no money

Talking about money woes

When things are tight financially how much should you burden your kids with?

dollar coin

Tackle home loan hikes

With floating interest rates of 8 per cent on the horizon, take control of your home loan costs.


Beware of loan sharks

You really need to know this before turning to high-interest loans.

Natalie Gousmett

Parents' leave 'under par'

Government's announcement on paid parental leave "a good start, but not nearly enough".

Wallet, cash

Means testing parental leave?

Some high-powered NZ women say paid parental leave should be means-tested to help the poor.

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