Time to be smart with money

'Tis the season for fresh starts, and unveiling the fabulous new you; happy, healthy, and wealthy.

Freedom, power and motivation

We didn't just want to teach our kids how to "handle money, we wanted them to learn impulse-control, planning, and the ability to say no to themselves.

'Angel' pays off lay-bys

A woman has been dubbed a "layaway angel" after she paid the outstanding balance on every open lay-by at her local toy store.

A time of giving

Christmas is a time for showing children how they can make a difference, even by the smallest act of kindness.

Cutting Christmas costs

Carmel Olsen and her family are facing a tight Christmas this year after years of upheaval and stress.


what's in this section?

Child health cripples poor

Tyler Lagrada's asthma attacks can cost his family up to $400 a time.

Have a stress-free Christmas

Resist the pressure to provide a picture-perfect occasion on December 25.

christmas presents

Take the silly spending out of the season

It's easty to blow your budget as the festive cheer takes hold. Here's how to keep control of your Christmas spending.

Many ways to save money

The metal detector is almost as tall as Odin Jansen, but at 6 years old, he knows how to use it.

Cheapest supermarket revealed

Pak’nSave may lack 'top shelf' items but leads on price for budget buys among supermarkets.

Adrienne Jonas-Gooch

Are you underinsured?

Underinsured properties nationwide could leave homeowners facing a hefty bill after disaster.

piggy bank, savings

Sort your family finances

Worried about pocket money or budgets? Do your kids think money grows on trees? We've got money experts from Sorted here to answer your questions.

Greg Kyle-Coles

Living week to week

Kiwis are poorly equipped for a financial emergency with one in three having less than $1000 stashed away.

NZ money, cash

Time the best investment

Talking to kids is a subtle art; it's not about telling them what to do, it's about telling them stories.

Polly Gillespie

Fame doesn't mean fortune

She lives in the glitz of showbusiness but is still learning about money.

Stuff possessions

Are you hostage to 'stuff'?

Confession time: I own too much stuff. I bet you do, too.


Holiday budget blues

How to hold onto the purse strings when the kids are on vacation.

good food, vegetables

Budgeting not pie in the sky

Healthy eating might seem prohibitively expensive - but it is possible to do it on a shoestring budget.

Generic money

Looking after your money

Finances may not be as cute as a newborn, but with many women’s working arrangements changing post-baby, monetary matters need attention too.


Mortgage mistakes to avoid

Hot deals and low interest rates are enticing, but watch out for pitfalls before you sign on the dotted line.

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