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Christmas gift ideas for gran

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She is always there for the family and loves making a fuss of everyone else over Christmas and for birthdays, but when you ask her what she would like for Christmas, it's usually the same answer "I don't need anything".

It can be difficult to find something that gran will use and enjoy usually practically minded, she probably won't be too sure about her kids "wasting their money" on things.

Fortunately there are some great gifts out there that gran will use and enjoy, but don't be afraid of getting creative with the kids and make something for gran that she will really cherish.

Smart gift ideas

We asked a few retailers what they thought their bestsellers would be this Christmas and this is what they came back with:

For the kitchen: From aprons to biscuit tins to cookie jars and cook books, gran will love something bright and cheerful for the kitchen.

Her favourite show: If gran enjoys Downton Abbey, why not get her the box set? Whatever her favourite show she will enjoy rewatching it, without the ads.

For the garden: Sunhat, watering can, or seedlings, if she enjoys spending time in the garden. The bonus is, it's something she can do with the grandkids as well.

For her study: Writing paper, calendars, or diaries are a great idea.

Something special: A special keepsake, photo frame, or gift set will be treasured by gran.

Think outside the Christmas box

Hone in on hobbies: Scrapbooking, knitting, sewing or baking, whatever gran's hobby is, you can always make up a gift for her. Get a box the kids can decorate and buy a range of things for her hobby. If it's for scrapbooking, you could include some stickers, paper and an album.

Sneak something special: Does gran have a box of photos sitting in a box somewhere? Why not take them out and put them in a beautiful album for her. You could even have some framed for her. It will not only brighten up her home, but she will really appreciate the extra mile you went for her.

Investigate: Why not add something extra special to a photo album and get the kids to pretend to be "mini-historians". Make a collage of any photos you have, where you were, what your favourite treat was that your mum would make you for Christmas, the story of when they were born, what gran did, their special memories and their favourite treat gran makes for them. Put the story in a scrap book and let the kids decorate it. Not only will it keep them busy for a while, but they will learn something about you and gran in the process. This is something gran will love to look through.

Time- a special gift: If gran loves gardening, why not put together a gardening hamper with seeds and get the kids to be "gran's little helpers" for the day. Take a camera along and take some photos of them gardening with gran. Not only will they learn about gardening, but they will create some special memories and have some quality time together. Get the photos framed, or make a special scrap book for mother's day. Every time they visit, they will be able to see how their handiwork has grown.

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Tell us: What special gift do you make for gran for Chistmas?

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