Family dynamics

Family dynamics



It isn't fair

Do you treat all your kids the same? Kerri Sackville tells us why she doesn't and why you shouldn't feel bad about it.

Loving the small age gap

The small age gap had been planned, but we hadn't thought of what life would actually be like with two kids under two.

Siblings - the best of friends

Jasmin is now eight months old, and from the day she came home from hospital her big brother has been smitten.

Large age gaps

There's actually a lot to love about having a large age gap between children.

A home for life

Reader's story

Sandy and David thought they were done with child rearing, but then they became foster parents.


what's in this section?


Spoiling the grandkids

If you're struggling with grandparents who indulge your kids, it can help to see things from your parents' perspective.

fighting conflict arguing

Arguing about the kids

What do you do if you and your partner have different ideas about how to bring up your children?


Best behaviour

My kids behave almost impeccably for their grandparents. Why aren't they as well behaved for me?


Sibling jealousy

This time last year our family felt under siege, by one of our own kids. It was a difficult time and we handled it badly.

Father son

Like father like son

These dads and offspring really are a chip of the old block.


Tough love

Difficult relatives are easy to manage when they're in your extended family; but what if it's a parent or sibling?

Tired mum

Dear kids...

"It is with deep regret that I pen this letter stating my intention to take industrial action as your stay-at-home mother..."


Video: Not having kids

What would be the side effects of not having kids? Have a look at this video that pokes fun at family-friendly US commercials.

Matt Calman

'I want Daddy'

Matt's wife has gone back to work, and even after just two weeks, it has had an impact on the Calman house.


Do you know your place?

Do you think your birth order has affected your personality?

Theo and Beau

Best mates

Buddies Theo and Beau are back, with more photos of their boy/puppy friendship.


What's your parenting style?

Categorising parenting styles is, in my view, incredibly unhelpful. It's divisive, exclusive and pointless.

Then and now

Then and now

These brothers recreated their favourite childhood photos and the results are hilarious.


Boy's best friends

A Russian mum decided to document the friendships of her two sons and their pets, a dog, cat, duckling and rabbit.


Surrogate grandparents

Instead of realising that they were an asset, I would moan about having to go to my grandparents.

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