Family dynamics

Family dynamics



'Mum, who do you like best?'

The quest for four little words drives my children to the brink of nearly every one of their self-made disasters. 'I like you best.'

The extended family

Watching the girls play with their cousins got me thinking about my role as an uncle.

Stepmum has had enough

My husband's ex wants us to have their kids more often. I feel I am doing as much as I can, so I have refused. Am I being unreasonable?

My parents criticise how I parent

My parents recently moved in with us. They've started criticising how I parent my children. How can I get them to stop?

How to parent post-divorce

I'm a newly divorced single father. I'm worried the divorce is going to mess my kids up for life. What can I do?


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mum and toddler

Seven joys of single parenthood

Single parenthood is hard. Everyone knows that. But there is an upside to single parenthood, and it is both joyful, and uniquely rewarding.

missk - blog use only

The importance of grandparents

There is definitely potential to take advantage of what could be dubbed the Grandparental Babysitting Society.

miss K and miss A

A settled patch

In the last few months the girls have developed a really nice relationship. There's been a gradual reduction in them competing for their parents' attention.


Don't ask

The fact is that I am 35, I have one child of nearly four and I have had two miscarriages in our attempt to make a sibling for him.


'My kid' vs 'his kid'

My boyfriend complains that my son is causing his daughter to behave badly, and it's causing us huge problems.

anna guy

Family time

Anna loves having her family visit and last week she had some much needed sister time.


A grandparent by any other name

Some grandparents just don't feel ready to get the Granny or Grandpa label - so are opting for more creative names instead.

miss K and miss A

Is it a man's world?

I'm wondering how our family structure, with me at home and my wife pursuing her career, will influence my daughters.

anna guy

We all have our moments

After stressing about her kids fighting, Anna took a look around the park and saw other parents under pressure too.

Newborn baby

'You're outnumbered now'

Since the birth of my second daughter six weeks ago, I've had a steady stream of pity come my way.


Men at work

Georgia Cassimatis speaks to three fathers who've taken on the role of stay at home parent. 

mum and kid watching tv

Why I love the school holidays

People shake their heads in disbelief when I tell them I love the school holidays. Here is why I cherish the moments they offer.

Teenage girl talking on the phone

Too much information

My stepdaughter is constantly telling her mother things that go on in our home. We don't have anything to hide, but I need more privacy.


When I knew my family was complete

It's funny how in a few short years you can change from desperately hoping you conceive to desperately hoping you don't.


Parenting through sibling wars

If you kids are fighting constantly should you step in to help them sort things out or steer clear and let them work things out themselves?

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