Peggy and Archie Reed

What our kids are reading

A survey of Kiwi children's reading habits has uncovered some intriguing results.

NZ books fit for a king

George to get copies of NZ Post Book Award picture book finalists this year - and every year.

A shaggy dog story

The truth of Margaret Mahy's posthumously published story is even stranger than its fiction.

Growing up Duggar

They're part of a popular reality TV show that follows their big family, but the Duggar girls live by old-fashioned values.

Of romance and mystery

Bestselling author Natalie King has turned her pen from lovers' clinches to a mystery for young adults.


We're talking about...

what's in this section?


Feeding six for under $20

Move over Jamie Oliver, Jas McPhee's the real deal: her whanau once lived off instant noodles and toast.

lonely planet busy places

Books for young adventurers

Lonely Planet is aiming to grab adventurers at a young age, with a new series of books aimed at readers five and up.

Don't puke on your dad

'Don't Puke On Your Dad'

Win a copy of a parenting book with a difference, where new dad Toby Morris tracks the first year of fatherhood in cartoon form.


Bedtime maths

This bedtime book is unlike other picture books - it has maths problems instead of story lines. And kids think it's fun.


CD books for Kiwi kids

If you're tired of reading the same book over and over again, think about investing in some CD books. Here are our favourite Kiwi ones.


Must-read young adult books

Here are nine young adult books that should be on your must-read list.

JK Rowling

Rowling doubts romance

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has second thoughts about Ron Weasley's relationship with Hermione Granger.

inspirational women

A book of role models

Eliza Sarlos has created a book full of inspirational female role models.

Peter Facinelli

Twilight star pens comic book

Peter Facinelli is in complete awe over being an official comic book creator.


The princess and the Kiwi

A real-life princess, a pony and heartbreak are the key ingredients of New Zealand author Stacy Gregg's latest bestseller The Princess and the Foal.


McDonald's publishing kids' books

Fast food giant McDonald's is set to become one of America's largest publishers of children's books.


Family live e-book fairytale

When Bevan Findlay gifted his wife a tablet computer he had no idea it would solve their financial difficulties.


Secrets of a happy family

Want to know how to have a happy family? One dad found the answers everywhere but in parenting books.


Taking risks with Andy Griffiths

A willingness to take risks with gross-out humour has made the children's author a hero to younger readers - and a villain to some parents.

matt calman

Reading to your kids

It doesn’t matter how much of a fool you make of yourself when reading to your kids. They love the voices, and being read to in an animated way.

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