super power baby book

Super power babies

Families came to celebrate their super-powered children and the book honouring them.

Knock-knock bestsellers

It sounds like the usual setup for a knock-knock joke: Who is the best-selling author on all of this holiday season? Rob Elliott. Rob Elliott who?

Tween writes book for fussy eaters

A new book encouraging kids to explore different tastes was written by a girl who is just finishing primary school.

'Mums get cancer- that's just life'

A 25 night stay at hospital gave Simone Colwill the idea to write a book to help kids cope with an ill parent.

What I've learnt from kids' books

When Lindy Alexander started reading to her young son she never expected she would be the one being educated.


We're talking about...

what's in this section?


Is this the next Harry Potter?

A competition in England has unearthed what could be the next Harry Potter - story about a circus girl turned detective.

fault in our stars

The Fault In Our Stars banned

The author of the hit young adult novel has issued a snide response to news his book has been banned from middle schools in California.

Bruce Laybourn

Robot brings family closer

Years after an international abduction, Bruce Laybourn's family is healing, helped along by a robot.

Nicky Hager

Lessons of Dirty Politics

What does Nicky Hager's book, Dirty Politics, have to do with parenting?

My Parents open carry

Gun-lobby book for kids

A"wholesome" picture book aims to show children the benefits of having parents who openly carry handguns.

Harry Potter

Lessons from Harry

Reading Harry Potter books may make kids more tolerant towards gays, immigrants and refugees.

matt calman miss A

Literary habits of kids

Reading books has been a daily staple for Miss K, however Miss A has more of a love/hate relationship.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter returns in new story

JK Rowling has posted a new Harry Potter story online, that features her hero at a school reunion, approaching 34 and showing a few grey hairs.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Life as a ghost writer

Who wrote the young adult novel recently released by Kendall and Kylie Jenner? (Hint: it wasn't the reality starlets).

Vasanti Unka’s The Boring Book  c

Nothing boring about this book

New Zealand's top children's book this year comes with an awkward name - The Boring Book.

book sale

How to get your son reading

My 12-year-old son doesn't read for pleasure any more. Do you have any suggestions on what might fire up his imagination (in an age-appropriate way!).


Reading classics to kids

I read Treasure Island to my kids. They were terrified but engrossed. They loved the boldness of it. The fear of it.


Commando Dad

Former British Commando Neil Sinclair has written a parenting book telling dads how to raise their kids with military precision.

Junior reviewers

Picture books: We ask the experts

When it comes to judging the best picture books in the country, we have asked the true experts.

woman reading

Bonding through books

I sobbed until my chest hurt when I finished the book. I then gave it to my stepdaughter - I needed someone to share the story with me.

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