Family life

Family life


Take the silly spending out of the season

It's easty to blow your budget as the festive cheer takes hold. Here's how to keep control of your Christmas spending.

miss k, miss a, awatea

The golden moments

Parenthood brings with it so many beautiful moments that balance out the moments of stress and challenge

Single parent

Sorting out custody

I'm going through a divorce and my ex and I are leaning towards joint custody. A friend says this never works. What should I do?


Online life and real-life problems

Teen's online behaviours may create real-life problems like relationship abuse and negative thoughts on body image, according to two new studies.


Healthy living needs support

Best way to tackle obesity is with good nutrition messages in schools, Christchurch dietitian says.


what's in this section?


Many ways to save money

The metal detector is almost as tall as Odin Jansen, but at 6 years old, he knows how to use it.

Cheapest supermarket revealed

Pakā€™nSave may lack 'top shelf' items but leads on price for budget buys among supermarkets.

Health & nutrition

Deal keeps pupils off lollies

You wouldn't think dairies would be the ones keeping kids away from lollies, but they are in Hamilton.

Toddler sparks measles alert

A national health alert has been triggered after a Taranaki child aboard an international flight later developed measles.

TV & movies

Toy Story 4 in the pipeline

Woody, Buzz and the gang will be coming to a cinema near you once again.

Gabriella Goat sues Peppa Pig

A woman with the same name as a Peppa Pig character wants NZ$157,000 compensation for ridicule.


Getting pics from phone to frame

With just a few swipes you can share your photos with friends and family, but there is joy in printing a photo.


The CEO at work and home

Want to have it all? Thanks to new tech tools your dream could become reality.


Top 10 Christmas markets

There are hundreds of these festive gatherings each year, but here are a list of 10 to get you started.


Singles refused entry to park

A theme park in London has come under fire after refusing entry to single people in case they are paedophiles.


Pear and raspberry muffins

Muffins are a mainstay of school lunches, easy to make at the weekend for the coming week. Get the kids involved in baking.

Chicken lettuce cups

Chicken lettuce cups

This is an easy meal you can prepare quickly when you come in from activities with the kids after school.

Books Rachel Callander

Super power babies

Families came to celebrate their super-powered children and the book honouring them.

 Simone Colwill, with illustrator Jasmine Ting,

'Mums get cancer- that's just life'

A 25 night stay at hospital gave Simone Colwill the idea to write a book to help kids cope with an ill parent.

Family dynamics Grandparents_Strap

Unsure step-grandparent

My son has just remarried and now has four stepkids. I'm having trouble accepting his new family. Where do I start?


Struggling stepmum

I really like my new husband's kids, but they treat me horribly. He tends to take their side. I'm worried our marriage is doomed.

Ask an expert cv

How to update your CV

I am looking at getting back into the work force after being a stay-at-home mum. I'm worried my CV is out of date.


Exercise after caesarean

I want to get back into exercise (after a c-section), what are some good 'first-steps'?

Anna Guy

About Anna Guy

Anna Guy is a busy mum of five - four school-aged kids and a baby. She shares anecdotes and experiences from her days running around after her brood.

anna guy

The spirit of Christmas

This year I want to get the kids thinking more about how good it feels to give presents not that it's ALL just about receiving them.

Melody McCabe

About Melody McCabe

Melody McCabe and her husband have been trying to conceive for over a year. In this blog she shares the highs and lows of struggling with fertility issues and trying to conceive, as she embarks on fertility treatments in the quest for a family.

Melody McCabe

Picking up the pieces

After having her pregnancy hopes crushed last month, Melody McCabe talks about how she picked herself back up for another monitored cycle.

Greer Berry

About Greer Berry

After facing serious fertility issues Greer and her husband were surprised by their 'miracle baby' - a bouncing baby boy.

Greer Berry

My must-have baby items

During these past few weeks, I've come to rely on some certain key items to get through my day

Matt Calman

About Matt Calman

Matt Calman is a work-from-home dad to two girls - toddler Miss A and preschooler Miss K. Matt shares his insights and experiences of raising two girls, with two very different personalities.


How many sleeps?

Miss K is blinded by Christmas fever, and I'm trying not to get caught up by it too.

Kiran Chug MILIN

Starting toilet training

Potty training is just around the corner in our house, and it's one of the phases of parenting I have least looked forward to.

Kiran phone

So, this is goodbye

Over the past two years I feel like I've gotten to know you. I've taken advice from comments and got into debates with you.

Family Time Grandparents_Strap

A Grand love

To have a grandchild and hear their laughter is to have a glimpse of eternity, the bond between grandparent and grandchild lasts a lifetime.

Mother and baby

No easy parenting answers

Being the world's best parent is easy, until you have kids, Juliet Beetham discovered.

Columns Milin and Jasmin

Birthday bashes

Isn't that just what motherhood is I wondered? Always feeling guilty about something? Even at your birthday lunch?

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