Family life

Family life


shepherds pie

Mini shepherds pies

Try these healthy, little pies for an easy family dinner.


Macaroni, bolognese and cheese

This kid-friendly comfort meal can be easily pulled together with the help of a few leftovers.

Sugar free

This family gave up sugar

Can you imagine cutting sugar out of the whole family's diet? This family did and survived.

Puppy as parent school

I often hear friends mulling over the pros and cons of getting a dog and how it could be good ''practice'' for parenthood.

ipad kid

Apple offers refund

Apple is now offering refunds to customers on in-app purchases they weren't aware their children were making.


what's in this section?

Finances Jackie Norman

Thrift becoming on trend

Thrift has come a long way in the past 12 years, Simple Savings' Jackie Norman tells Rob Stock.

School uniforms

Revolutionary school payments

Forget cash in an envelope: a revolutionary payments platform lets schools run online ''shops''.

Health & nutrition Breakfast

5 tips for optimal energy

Simply getting the right balance of nutrients can improve your energy levels.

woman cooking

Giving meals as gifts

Making a meal as a gift not only shows you care, it's nice and practical. Here are some tips on the best ways to go about it.

TV & movies DISNEY

Confusing cartoons

Do you think watching Mickey Mouse and his friends chatting hinders the way your kids learn about animals? Some researchers do.

Technology kids technology

Raising a couch potato?

Experts say we should limit our kids' screen time or risk raising socially stunted couch potatoes.

Five-year-old finds Xbox flaw

Microsoft has received help discovering a security flaw on its Xbox One game console from an unlikely source: a five-year-old boy.

Travel Cruise

A convert to cruising

I've avoided cruising like the plague - or rotavirus, as the case may be.

Bali Strap

Paradise or dangerous dump?

To Bali, or not to Bali? We have a love/hate relationship with the island.

Books Tale of a Tail

A shaggy dog story

The truth of Margaret Mahy's posthumously published story is even stranger than its fiction.

NZ Post books for George

NZ books fit for a king

George to get copies of NZ Post Book Award picture book finalists this year - and every year.

Recipes roast veges

Bacon-roasted vegetables

This delicious roast vegetable and bacon number is destined to become a classic winter dish at your place.

Chicken and broccoli stir fry

A delicious and healthy chicken stir fry.

Family dynamics SIBLING RIVALRY

It isn't fair

Do you treat all your kids the same? Kerri Sackville tells us why she doesn't and why you shouldn't feel bad about it.

Age gap

Loving the small age gap

The small age gap had been planned, but we hadn't thought of what life would actually be like with two kids under two.

Ask an expert spring veges

Vegetarian tween

My 10-year-old has decided to become a vegetarian. What should I be looking out for in her diet?


CV dilemma

How do I address my maternity leave in my CV? Mention it or just gloss over it?

Anna Guy anna guy

Running low on time

If I thought I didn't have enough time in the day before, I know I definitely don't now.

anna guy

A cruisy baby

When the kids were asked what they thought of their baby sister, they said "we don't even notice she's around, she's so quiet!"

Melody McCabe couple holding hands

Moving past failure

I felt really,really angry last week, but I feel like I have turned a corner, there is something liberating in just giving up.


Thinking of quitting

The laparoscopy gave us some answers, which I am glad for, but I am also pretty angry. I think it might be time to consider a break from trying.

Greer Berry Greer Berry

Calling the midwife

Barely five weeks pregnant, friends said to get in quick with nailing down the midwife we wanted.

Greer Berry

Busting food myths

When you're pregnant, you become more aware than ever before about your food and drink decisions.


My cuddle bear

Miss A is in a lovely phase at the moment and I'm being showered in cuddles.

Miss K fashion

Making new friends

Kids of Miss K's age see friendship as a tradable commodity - not freely shared between many.

Kiran Chug kiran chug

Needing more sleep

I've never been a good sleeper, but I think I had my last good night's sleep about three years ago.

Kiran phone

The mummy uniform

I've realised I wear a subtle variation on the same clothes every day. It's my 'mummy look' you could say.

Family Time Grandparents_Strap

A Grand love

To have a grandchild and hear their laughter is to have a glimpse of eternity, the bond between grandparent and grandchild lasts a lifetime.

Baxter rock

Weary travellers

When they were good, we loved those weeks of mayhem and when they were bad – well, we had Baxter to show us how it’s done.

Columns Milin and Jasmin

Birthday bashes

Isn't that just what motherhood is I wondered? Always feeling guilty about something? Even at your birthday lunch?

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