Family life

Family life


Who'd you call in an emergency?

The thing about emergencies is that you can’t predict the circumstances. But it helps to have a plan in place.

A world without TV

When our TV broke down during the week there was a bit of mild panic in the air.

When your kids are nothing like you

Do you look at your offspring some days and wonder if you've gotten someone else's kids by mistake?

How I learnt to relax about routines

After many routine-led, tough years, we've realised that parenting isn't about being perfect and we're learning to go with the flow.


Are you underinsured?

Underinsured properties nationwide could leave homeowners facing a hefty bill after disaster.


what's in this section?

Finances piggy bank, savings

Sort your family finances

Worried about pocket money or budgets? Do your kids think money grows on trees? We've got money experts from Sorted here to answer your questions.

Greg Kyle-Coles

Living week to week

Kiwis are poorly equipped for a financial emergency with one in three having less than $1000 stashed away.

Health & nutrition kids running

Teaching kids to love exercise

The best way to have fit and healthy kids, is to be a fit and healthy adult.

Dr Google will see you now

Google is experimenting with a feature that provides live advice to searchers looking for information on some medical conditions.

TV & movies planes fire and rescue

Planes: Fire and Rescue

REVIEW: Overall, Planes: Fire and Rescue is one trip to the movies worth taking these school holidays.

jk rowling

JK Rowling's Twitter riddle

JK Rowling has sent the Muggle world into a frenzy with just 12 words.

Technology EMLINGS

App review: Emlings

I refuse to buy any games or apps online when there are so many cool ones out there for free.


The CEO at work and home

Want to have it all? Thanks to new tech tools your dream could become reality.


Would you let your child do this?

Fred Sirevag was taking in Norway's view when he saw a baby crawling along the edge of a 600m cliff.

What to do in Paris with children

Believe it or not, Paris is a great city for kids.

Books Rachel Callander

Super power babies

Families came to celebrate their super-powered children and the book honouring them.


Is this the next Harry Potter?

A competition in England has unearthed what could be the next Harry Potter - story about a circus girl turned detective.


Pear and raspberry muffins

Muffins are a mainstay of school lunches, easy to make at the weekend for the coming week. Get the kids involved in baking.

chia breakfast cups

Chia breakfast cups

These delicious chia pots can be made the night before and be ready to grab, throw on some yoghurt and berries and eat on the go.

Family dynamics SIBLING RIVALRY

'Mum, who do you like best?'

The quest for four little words drives my children to the brink of nearly every one of their self-made disasters. 'I like you best.'


My dodgiest parenting moments

If my kids grow up expecting me - or any other person - to get everything right, then they've got a lot of disappointment coming their way.

Anna Guy anna guy

Running low on time

If I thought I didn't have enough time in the day before, I know I definitely don't now.

anna guy

Teething troubles

Does anyone have any good tips for soothing teething babies? Anna Guy is open to suggestions.

Ask an expert cv

How to update your CV

I am looking at getting back into the work force after being a stay-at-home mum. I'm worried my CV is out of date.


Exercise after caesarean

I want to get back into exercise (after a c-section), what are some good 'first-steps'?

Melody McCabe overshare

Flawed infertility logic

A recent TV piece about a couple's battle with infertility attracted some of the worst, ignorant attitudes those battling with infertility face.

Melody McCabe

On the road to IVF

I wish the reason I haven't blogged for a while was that I was pregnant and waiting to confirm the big news. But alas, that's not the case.

Greer Berry Greer Berry

What a difference a year makes

For my husband's birthday last year I gave him a sizeable cyst on my left ovary.

Greer Berry

First week of motherhood

There are so many things that I've learnt, discovered, failed at and laughed at in this past week as a mother.

Matt Calman miss k blog use only

Getting back on the bike

It took a while, but Miss K has finally taken off on her pedal bike.

miss a, awatea

The first sentence

Miss A has uttered her first proper sentence and it goes down in history as: "I done a poo."

Kiran Chug MILIN

Starting toilet training

Potty training is just around the corner in our house, and it's one of the phases of parenting I have least looked forward to.

Kiran phone

So, this is goodbye

Over the past two years I feel like I've gotten to know you. I've taken advice from comments and got into debates with you.

Family Time Grandparents_Strap

A Grand love

To have a grandchild and hear their laughter is to have a glimpse of eternity, the bond between grandparent and grandchild lasts a lifetime.

Mother and baby

No easy parenting answers

Being the world's best parent is easy, until you have kids, Juliet Beetham discovered.

Columns Milin and Jasmin

Birthday bashes

Isn't that just what motherhood is I wondered? Always feeling guilty about something? Even at your birthday lunch?

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