Family life

Family life



My parents criticise how I parent

My parents recently moved in with us. They've started criticising how I parent my children. How can I get them to stop?

mum and baby

How to choose a guardian

My husband and I have been meaning to draw up a will for close to six years now, but every time we start a dialogue, it gets shut down within minutes. "Oh, actually I forgot I had a cake in the oven!" I'll mutter as I amble towards the kitchen (I don't bake). "Erm, there was this thing..." he'll volley back before staging a disappearing trick.

Kiran - for blog use only

So, this is goodbye

Over the past two years I feel like I've gotten to know you. I've taken advice from comments and got into debates with you.

ipad with kids

Limiting screen time

Do you need some tips in how to wean your kids off TV of the iPad?


App review: Emlings

I refuse to buy any games or apps online when there are so many cool ones out there for free.


what's in this section?

Finances good food, vegetables

Budgeting not pie in the sky

Healthy eating might seem prohibitively expensive - but it is possible to do it on a shoestring budget.

Polly Gillespie

Fame doesn't mean fortune

She lives in the glitz of showbusiness but is still learning about money.

Health & nutrition child eating vegetables

Talking vegetarianism

At some point your kids might start to really think about where their food is coming from and want to exercise some choices in what they're eating.

Anna Guy

Junk food lessons

Our kids would eat junk food every day all day if we let them. And it's probably almost cheaper to buy the junk than the good stuff.

TV & movies planes fire and rescue

Planes: Fire and Rescue

REVIEW: Overall, Planes: Fire and Rescue is one trip to the movies worth taking these school holidays.

KJ Apa playing Kane Jenkins

Soap addresses tough issue

Extra staff will be brought in to crisis helplines this week as Shortland Street tackles a youth suicide storyline.

Technology Facebook

Keep your kids safe on social media

Experts share their advice on how to keep your kids safe on social media sites.

Tampon game destigmatises

Two New York school girls have created a video game that features tampons instead of weapons.


Would you let your child do this?

Fred Sirevag was taking in Norway's view when he saw a baby crawling along the edge of a 600m cliff.

Swiss family relocators

The Zipfel family moved to Switzerland to be closer to relatives and the opportunities of Europe.

Books Rachel Callander

Super power babies

Families came to celebrate their super-powered children and the book honouring them.

fault in our stars

The Fault In Our Stars banned

The author of the hit young adult novel has issued a snide response to news his book has been banned from middle schools in California.


Pear and raspberry muffins

Muffins are a mainstay of school lunches, easy to make at the weekend for the coming week. Get the kids involved in baking.


Recipe: French toast

Bread is an important staple food for growing children. Vary the types for this recipe by using rye, wholegrain or even fruit bread.

Family dynamics goldie hawn and kate hudson

Mother daughter relationships

Are you the perfect daughter, the one who speaks to her mother every day,or the flawed version who forgets her birthday?


How to parent post-divorce

I'm a newly divorced single father. I'm worried the divorce is going to mess my kids up for life. What can I do?

Ask an expert cv

How to update your CV

I am looking at getting back into the work force after being a stay-at-home mum. I'm worried my CV is out of date.


Exercise after caesarean

I want to get back into exercise (after a c-section), what are some good 'first-steps'?

Anna Guy anna guy

Running low on time

If I thought I didn't have enough time in the day before, I know I definitely don't now.

anna guy

The onesie craze

Have you ever heard of a "onesie"? I would call probably call them an "all in one" and I thought they were only for babies until recently...

Melody McCabe overshare

Flawed infertility logic

A recent TV piece about a couple's battle with infertility attracted some of the worst, ignorant attitudes those battling with infertility face.

Melody McCabe

Dealing with pregnant friends

If there is ever an occasion that brings up tough feelings it is attending a baby shower when you are battling infertility.

Greer Berry Greer Berry

What a difference a year makes

For my husband's birthday last year I gave him a sizeable cyst on my left ovary.

Greer Berry

What to do on maternity leave

I'm quite rapt that I've made it through my first week of maternity leave and so far, no baby!


Growing up - but never leaving home

"I'm going to live her with you guys for ever and ever. Well, at least until I get a husband. I'll need one of those to pay for everything," Miss K announced.

miss a, awatea

Kindy girl

I've been searching for an activity Miss A can do to mix with other kids, then Miss K's teacher said I could bring her along to kindy.

Kiran Chug MILIN

Starting toilet training

Potty training is just around the corner in our house, and it's one of the phases of parenting I have least looked forward to.


Lessons from my toddler

I think I've wasted a bit too much energy in the last year or so picking battles with Milin which haven't really been necessary.

Family Time Grandparents_Strap

A Grand love

To have a grandchild and hear their laughter is to have a glimpse of eternity, the bond between grandparent and grandchild lasts a lifetime.

Baxter rock

Weary travellers

When they were good, we loved those weeks of mayhem and when they were bad – well, we had Baxter to show us how it’s done.

Columns Milin and Jasmin

Birthday bashes

Isn't that just what motherhood is I wondered? Always feeling guilty about something? Even at your birthday lunch?

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