Family life

Family life


Anna guy

Taking things easy

I've learnt after burning myself out that is actually ok just to say 'this week it's really hard work'.


Good eating without going broke

Flatters and young marrieds often ask me how they can keep their weekly food bill in check. Here are 10 ideas.


Don't ask

The fact is that I am 35, I have one child of nearly four and I have had two miscarriages in our attempt to make a sibling for him.


'My kid' vs 'his kid'

My boyfriend complains that my son is causing his daughter to behave badly, and it's causing us huge problems.


Shining a light on child obesity

With most parents unable to tell if a child is overweight, should anyone else be raising the issue?


what's in this section?

Finances Baby food

Keep baby costs down

The ''baby industry'' exploits parents - you don't need to pay through the nose for food and healthcare.

piggy banks

The best age to get kids saving

Kids are more willing and able to learn good money habits than parents think.

Health & nutrition miss a, awatea

Tears and trepidation

Miss A is collecting the bumps, bruises and scars of early childhood and learning that you can't trust everyone, including me.


How to reduce stress

Keeping on top of things around the home could be one small way to keep your stress in check too.

TV & movies Cate Blanchett

Blanchett to star in Jungle Book

Cate Blanchett has joined the cast of the upcoming adventure tale Jungle Book: Origins.

If I Stay

Review: If I Stay

This young adult movie suffered from an overdose of tragedy.


Big idea for families

One company reckons it's time for tablets to bring families together rather than isolate them. So they've gone big.

Child with tablet

Child safe Google

Reports suggest Google is preparing to launch child-centric versions of some of its services.

Travel family

Islands for a family getaway

The Islands are famous as honeymoon spots and luxury getaways, but what if you're going with family?

kid on plane

Airline fails

Here are five airline fails when it comes to kids.

Books Rachel Callander

Super power babies

Families came to celebrate their super-powered children and the book honouring them.

Nicky Hager

Lessons of Dirty Politics

What does Nicky Hager's book, Dirty Politics, have to do with parenting?


Food Tube: Jamie Oliver's apprentice becomes the master

Kerryann Dunlop was a lippy teenager hoping to win a spot as his apprentice when she first met Jamie Oliver, now he's just released a cookbook for her.

apple balls

Apple energy balls

These nut and gluten free snacks are easy to make and perfect for kids' lunches.

Family dynamics goldie hawn and kate hudson

Mother daughter relationships

Are you the perfect daughter, the one who speaks to her mother every day,or the flawed version who forgets her birthday?

anna guy

Family time

Anna loves having her family visit and last week she had some much needed sister time.

Anna Guy anna guy

Running low on time

If I thought I didn't have enough time in the day before, I know I definitely don't now.

anna guy

Feeling drained

Having a baby is a wonderful thing but it sure can put your whole system out of whack.

Ask an expert cv

How to update your CV

I am looking at getting back into the work force after being a stay-at-home mum. I'm worried my CV is out of date.


Exercise after caesarean

I want to get back into exercise (after a c-section), what are some good 'first-steps'?

Melody McCabe overshare

Flawed infertility logic

A recent TV piece about a couple's battle with infertility attracted some of the worst, ignorant attitudes those battling with infertility face.

Sperm, biological clock, fertility

Sperm test: A male perspective

No matter how virile you think you are when it comes to depositing your baby batter in a small plastic cup you will never be impressed with your sample.

Greer Berry Greer Berry

What a difference a year makes

For my husband's birthday last year I gave him a sizeable cyst on my left ovary.

Greer Berry

From antenatal to the frontline

"I feel like we're going to war," I muttered as we bid farewell to fellow antenatal class participants.

Matt Calman Miss A, Awatea

Our social butterfly

Lately Miss A seems to prefer to be with other people rather than her dear old parents. Is this the opposite of separation anxiety?


A day of mischief

Miss A It seemed to be trying for the world record of naughty acts in a single day. If there is such a record she's gone very close to setting a new one.

Kiran Chug MILIN

Starting toilet training

Potty training is just around the corner in our house, and it's one of the phases of parenting I have least looked forward to.

jasmin chug

On the move

While most babies crawl at around nine months, Jasmin is 13 months old. She's faced some challenges but has worked hard to get mobile.

Family Time Grandparents_Strap

A Grand love

To have a grandchild and hear their laughter is to have a glimpse of eternity, the bond between grandparent and grandchild lasts a lifetime.

Baxter rock

Weary travellers

When they were good, we loved those weeks of mayhem and when they were bad – well, we had Baxter to show us how it’s done.

Columns Milin and Jasmin

Birthday bashes

Isn't that just what motherhood is I wondered? Always feeling guilty about something? Even at your birthday lunch?

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