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Familiarise yourself with Essential Mums’ terms and conditions and forum rules and be careful about what you post. You’ll be liable for any defamatory statements you make, which could cost you thousands of dollars.

So, for example, you can’t talk about court cases, you can’t slag off people or services, you can’t ‘name and shame’ someone because you don’t agree with the way they parent or because you suspect they are up to no good, if you don’t like your midwife or your child’s teacher or school – you can’t name them on the site.


If you see a comment on the site that you think is offensive or defamatory, please flag it as this will bring it to our moderators’ attention.

We want to create a supportive community for New Zealand mums to connect with each other and to share their experiences. We’re not interested in trolls, flame wars or personal attacks. We reserve the right to block you if you stir for the sake of stirring, or are offensive or defamatory. Try your best to keep the community a friendly and supportive forum.

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