Health & nutrition

Health & nutrition


Jaycee Devoe

A 12-year-old yogi

Jaysea Devoe is very zen, befitting her job as a yoga instructor - and she's just 12 years old.

Triplets box on

Three pint-sized triplets have taken up boxing and it's not the first time they've had to put up a fight.

Disease or abuse?

Linda and Lou Pelletier took their daughter to hospital last year to see a specialist. That didn't happen - instead they lost custody of her.

Teen's shave raises nearly $20k

Alice Taylor lost her long locks yesterday to raise money to combat cancer, which has cut a swathe through her family.

Banned from school ...

... for having an eating disorder. Was that the right thing to do?


We're talking about...

what's in this section?


Smoking impacts brains

Teens who smoke heavily could be changing the structure of their brains according to a new study.

Selfies a head lice heaven

Spike in teens with head lice attributed to head-to-head contact of selfies by health expert.

Sad woman

Eating disorder pain

People think your child should 'just get over it', that it's a vanity issue, that a bit of tough love will fix everything.


You are beautiful

This powerful, award-winning short film gives a teen perspective on eating disorders.


Photos capture boy's imagination

Lukas has muscular dystrophy and although his movement is limited his imagination is lively...

Grace Yeats

Swfit grants wish

Things are finally looking up for one ill girl - she's finally home and she's met her pop idol.

Courtenay Shavaughan Rushton

Family grieves 'spirited angel'

"Unbelievably difficult" for Ashburton family as teen dies from rare disease.


Child euthanasia debated

Belgian lawmakers will vote on a bill to give extremely sick children the right to euthanasia.

Cate Chapin

Teen's unexplained illness

Cate Chapin was misdiagnosed with the flu, anorexia and conjunctivitis before an ophthalmologist found the problem.


Hospital takes custody of teen

A medical mystery has led to a custody battle between a hospital and the parents of a sick teen.

health insurance, pills, medicine

Teen's steroid lesson

When a teen boy dabbled in steroids he expected his doctor to be able to make the physical consequences simply disappear.


Weight loss tea risk to teens

Teenagers are becoming seriously ill after taking laxative teas being pushed on them by powerful marketing through social media websites.


Trauma and weight gain

Children who have gone through trying times are more likely to be overweight by age 15, a new study suggests.

Fight for Christchurch

Father and son battle on

As a dad steps into boxing ring for charity event, his young son wages a battle of his own.

mother daughter talking

Timing the sex talk

The first time my son asked how babies get in a mummy's tummy I said 'by magic'. Next time my answers will need to be more reliant on the truth.

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