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Health & nutrition



'Silent killer' took daughter

After losing their daughter, two parents want other families to be aware of how deadly meningococcal disease can be.

Do more to help addicted teens

DHBs have achieved a national target aimed at getting drug-addicted teens the help they need.

A mum's fight to save her daughter

It's natural for parents to want to wrap their kids in cotton wool, but for one couple it was the only thing they could do to save their daughter's life.

School lunches 'harm kids'

Our school canteens are still selling foods high in saturated fat, sugar and sodium.

Lumps turned life upside down

Chinayd O'Sullivan thought her neck was in knots, but reality was much worse.


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Fat child, child obesity

Obesity and early puberty

Scientists have discovered a new link between childhood obesity and early puberty.


My teenage weight battle

When I was a teenager, my weight started to creep out of control. I struggled to maintain it, much to the concern of my slim parents.

Paige Gallien

Cannabis 'the only option'

Desperate mothers and fathers growing their own cannabis or importing oil to treat their seriously ill children.

hector harris

Free GP visits welcomed

Solo mum of two "rapt" she will soon be able to take both her sons to the doctor for free.

Geoff Sewell

Triumph over autism diagnosis

For years, pop-opera superstar Geoff Sewell's voice brought only pain to his autistic daughter Sienna.


Worst than a panic attack

A teen's experience of schizophrenia-like symptoms were frightening, but she didn't have a psychotic episode, she had encephalitis.

fat strap generic

Dangers of fat shaming

Calling a girl "too fat" may increase her chances of being obese in the future, new research suggests.

Tessa Gallo

Misdiagnosed bipolar

One day, Tessa Gallo was a typical 12-year-old, the next she was as frantic as a caged animal. Then she stopped talking.

stephens story

Final thumbs up

A teenager charting his fight against cancer has farewelled his thousands of Facebook followers with a final thumbs up.

family eating

Exploring the culinary arts

We can't seem to get our son remotely interested in cooking. How do we get him interested in learning how to cook for himself?

Max, Mia and Oliver O’Donoghue

Triplets box on

Three pint-sized triplets have taken up boxing and it's not the first time they've had to put up a fight.

Jaycea devoe

A 12-year-old yogi

Jaysea Devoe is very zen, befitting her job as a yoga instructor - and she's just 12 years old.


Disease or abuse?

Linda and Lou Pelletier took their daughter to hospital last year to see a specialist. That didn't happen - instead they lost custody of her.

Alice Taylor

Teen's shave raises nearly $20k

Alice Taylor lost her long locks yesterday to raise money to combat cancer, which has cut a swathe through her family.


Banned from school ...

... for having an eating disorder. Was that the right thing to do?

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